Jessie Garnet
Jessie Garnet
June 14th
Running, games, challenges, jump roping, winning, Ice Cream.
Spoilsports, being underestimated.
Favorite Food

Jessie is a 19 year old fox living in Emerald Town. She is the first and best friend of Crystal The Fox and the leader of Team Garnet, which holds 4 members instead of the classic Sonic Heroes styled 3. It's more of a club than a team, Jessie's attempt at creating her own version of "The Gang". However, it didn't work out very well as two of her members-meaning half of her team-live in Green Flower City, quite a ways from Emerald town. Thus causing Team Garnet to fall apart. Because of this, she is trying to convince her parents to move down to Green Flower City and get her other teammate who lives on her side of the split to move as well.

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Jessie Sprite
Jessie has purple fur with thick white patches of fur on her muzzle which stick out on the sides, resembling whiskers, and a patch of white fur on her chest going down to her stomach. She has thinner white fur on the end of her tail and inside of her ears. Her eyes are a crimson red color. She has messy purple hair, her bangs in disarray. She has 3 dark purple line marks on her forehead, but aren't always noticeable due to her messy hair. Her outfits may vary, but her favorite attire includes a red shirt with black sleeves, black shorts and long knee-high black socks with blue stripes, a red belt with a metal ring, black gloves with no fingertips, black shoes, and a brown bandana around her neck.


It is pretty evident that Jessie is what you would call a "Tomboy". She is always full of energy and competitive
Jessie Sprite3
spirit. She enjoys sports, and is often seen racing, playing soccer or tennis. She also likes to spar or fight for real. Or as she likes to look at it, "beat the crap outta someone." (Although she doesn't really fight as often as she would like.) Cocky, hot-blooded and stubborn, She formed Team Garnet so that she could go around and win any competition in a team and share her glory with her friends as they triumph everything. She wanted to lead them down the fast track to fame. Unfortunately, the idea failed quickly. Even she knows that, but her stubburn side won't let her give up the team. She also tends to be rather bossy some times, taking her position as "Leader" to the heart.

Strengths and Powers

Jessie Sprite2
Jessie has no known powers. It is unknown if she has a super form either, as she has only once held even a single chaos emerald in her hands. She is, however, skilled in a lot of different things. She is moderately fast, she is pretty strong physically, and she has good leadership. She's also good at a lot of sports. She is currently taking gym classes to keep in shape. In a fight, she isn't entirely experienced, but she knows how to land a few good blows. She's worked on a few moves here and there, but she doesn't have very much fighting experience.

General Info

Jessie The Fox2

Jessie currently lives in Emerald Town. She knows good and well that "All the action is happening down there in Green Flower City". Her best friend, Crystal, lives there. They live far apart but always keep in touch. Even though she misses out on all the action, she still has a few friends to hang out with in Emerald town. Particularly James Hunter the Fox, another good friend. She's been trying to convince both her parents and James' parents to move to Green Flower City so that they all can complete her club: Team Garnet. However, she's had little to no luck.

In the few times she's been to Green Flower City, she always holds club meetings at Crystal's house, usually in a treehouse in her back yard made specifically for Team Garnet. They often discuss what the team should do next, usually aiming to join in some big event happening. More often than not their discussions get derailed by unrelated subjects or outside interferences, resulting in them not doing anything.

That's not to say that they haven't joined any events down in the city. They went to Camp Crystal, though James stayed behind that time. In Splice The Hedgehog, it's possible to fight them in an optional tournament in the Blitz Pit. Crystal will even side with them if you leave her out of the party.


Jessie was introduced as a character long after she was originally created, and made her debut even later. She
Com jessie by xsonikkux-d468x8k-1-

Jessie drawn by XSonikkuX

was created around the same time Crystal The Fox was created. She was intended to be Crystal's original best friend and a character who was pretty much "In the Gang". However, a design for her never did come up. It wasn't until she was introduced as a character when she got her first design. She later got a new design where she has messy hair. Her personality has barely changed at all. Neither has her role as Crystal's best friend. However, being "In The Gang" is far from what she is now. She lives in a completely different city and only appears occasionally. She did try, though. And she tried to create her own version of "The Gang". But it did not work out quite as well as she would have hoped.

Nevertheless, The character has not strayed too far from her original role.



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Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame): Appears with Team Garnet as an optional boss in the Blitz Pit.

Relationships with Other Characters

Family Members

Jessie lives with her parents and is an only child. Her parents never actually appeared in any RP, but they are there.


Jessie's made a lot of friends, however, they're all in Green Flower City for the most part. Not many of them are in her town.

(FC's by same creator)

Violet The Hedgehog

Seeing how she's one of Crystal's best friends, Jessie thinks that she's a great person. They have a bit in common, and can relate on a lot of things. She encourages her to keep trying to make Team Violet a success.

Smash The Echidna

She met Smash a bit later. She secretly looks up to him as a bit of a fan, seeing how he's so much stronger than she is. And he was able to lead all his friends to solve several problems. She envies him since she couldn't keep her own group of 4 people together.

Thunder The Hedgehog

She's on okay terms with Thunder. She likes to hear about his sailing trips every now and then.

Lightning The Hedgehog

Lightning amuses her, and likes his goofy personality. However, they don't talk much just the two of them.

Electric The Hedgehog

She's on okay terms with Electric. She mainly see's him when he's bringing his little brother, Zap, to visit.

Zap The Hedgehog

She's one of the few people who Zap opens up to. She likes him, but thinks that he's somewhat of a wimp since he's rather timid and shy. Though she hasn't seen him when he tries to show his brave side.

Kyle The Hedgehog

She doesn't know him too well personally. She doesn't know his origins, so she's often confused as to why he talks to much differently and formally than everyone else.

Keela The Hedgehog

She doesn't know her much at all.

Crystal The Fox

Crystal was her first and is her main and best friend. The two contrast each other in personality, but they somehow get along greatly.

Gizmo The Cat

She wants to get to know him a bit more since she knows that his chao friend mated Krysi, and he and Crystal take turns taking care of the baby cat chao.

Amber The Cat

She had to work together with her before, but still doesn't know too much about her.

(Other Fancharacters)

Speedy The Hedgehog

She thinks of Speedy as an immature goofball who's easy to tease. Which is rather true, actually. She doesn't always take the chance to pick on him, especially since Shade is always beating her to it, so she just leaves him alone.

Lily The Hedgehog

She doesn't even know who the heck Lily is. She thinks that she's some crazy girl following everyone being weird.

Hyper The Hedgehog

She never did get to know him well personally, but she does know that he's had a hard life and kinda feels sorry for him.

Tab The Cat

She never did speak with her personally. She seems a bit too serious for her.

Shade The Dark Chao

Jessie never actually got to talk to him, but she thinks that he could be a great friend if she could. If, of course, she doesn't give off a bad first impression.


Jessie doesn't have any enemies to take note of.

Fun Facts

  • Jessie loves Ice Cream, and often gets a very strong craving for them. You could almost bribe her with it.
  • Jessie wants to become an official fighter at the Blitz Pit.
  • Jessie is secretly a fan of Smash, and, while in private, tries to mimic his "Urrghii".
  • Jessie was originally supposed to make her first appearance as a team leader in a camp, one quite similar to Camp Crystal.

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