Jessica the Fox is a 17-year-old blonde-haired glamorous yellow fox who is friends with Jake the Hedgehog


and Rose the Hedgehog and comes from a very rich family. Unfortunately, underneath her sunny demeanor lies a sour backstabber which comes between her friendships with both Rose and Jake. She is voiced by actress Alexandra Breckenridge.


Jessica was born from a very rich family and despite being rich, was friendly to every one who was either rich or poor. She maintained a close friendship with both Jake and Rose considering them both her 'rocks'. However when they became teenagers and Rose was getting bullied, Jessica stayed by her even she was straying and befriending snobby girls girls closer in status to herself and spreading rumors about Rose behind her back. Rose would hear about these nasty rumors but would never confront Jessica about it due to belief in their strong friendship. On the day Rose attempted to ask Jake out, Jake was already seeing someone else, another girl by the name of Rose. However, coincidentally, Jessica disappeared and went out of town the last couple of weeks. Desperate for help, Rose eventually sought the help of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends and they all helped Rose and Jake in their 'Catfish' love triangle dilemma.

Tricking the 'Catfisher' into coming to their location, she followed but not before sending a text to Rose telling her to meet up at the park as well. Jessica shows up and everyone is confused. Rose shows up and is just as confused as well.

Eventually, Jessica cracks under the team's pressure for her to confess and tells them everything: that she was the one 'Catfishing' Jake as 'the other Rose' as well as blowing off Rose in order to spend more time with snobby rich girls more closer to her status and she was the spreading nasty rumors about Rose behind her back. Hurt, Rose yells at Jessica, asking her how could she do something like this. Jessica tries to be sympathic and apologizing to Jake and Rose but everybody is having none of it and demand the truth. Finally, Jessica sighs and slowly takes off her sunny happy mask to reveals the true sour self beneath her and admits that even though she was friends with both Jake and Rose, she was always jealous of Rose and when she attempted to ask Jake out, he turned her down and that made her angry. Then when she found out Rose had a crush on Jake, she decided to use that to her advantage and pose online as a difference 'sexier' Rose to woo Jake over and turn him and everyone against Rose. She also admits that if her 'Catfishing' scheme went awry, she would make sure somehow that Rose would take the fall for everything Jessica done. After this confession, everyone including Jake is shocked and angry and Rose is in tears at this point but Jessica wouldn't care even though she insists she's sorry. Everyone tells her to leave and she does so without even giving Jake or Rose or Sonic and his team a proper apology.

After that, Sonic and his crew followed after her while some stayed behind to console Rose. Following Jessica home to her mansion, unbeknownst to Jessica, Sonic and his gang tells her parents what she's done and when Jessica returns downstairs, her parents are understandably upset over what their daughter had done and gave her an ultimatum: either she'd apologize to Jake and Rose or terminate her social media accounts. Jessica just chooses the second option and returns upstairs to her room. She never talked to wither Jake or Rose after what she done to them.

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