Jesse Rift is a character set to appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a young human boy hailing from Ocean Point Village who is a huge fan of the Storm Fighters, which got him into trouble with Dr. Starline when the doctor visited the village. As of On the Run, he is currently living at the Storming Base. He is currently the second human living there.


Jesse is a young, pale-skinned human boy around twelve years of age with brown hair and eyes. He wears a red baseball cap, a red t-shirt like his stepfather's, and beige cargo shorts. He is also noticeably shorter than Simon Komm, who is in his early 20s.


Jesse is a huge fan of the Storm Fighters, to the point he knows their history by heart. However, this means he is a risk-taker, as he snuck out of his house to listen in on Starline when the doctor came to his village, which got him in trouble.


Jesse was born in Ocean Point Village, and was only a few months old when it was destroyed. His biological father was killed in the attack, and his mother Mary Rift narrowly escaped with him with the crowd of villagers. Mary hid in Red Gate City with him, and a fox villager named Skytail helped her raise him. At an unknown point in time, the two later got married, making Skytail Jesse's stepfather. Some time after the War for the Worlds, Jesse had grown into a young boy in his early teens, and was a huge fan of the Storm Fighters. He often ran around the village, imitating warrior training with his friends. This got him into trouble with Dr. Starline when he came to the village. He tried to spy on Starline, but got caught and kidnapped. Starline's plans for the boy are unknown, but he was rescued before they could ever come into fruition.



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