Jess the Hedgehog
Harness Ice (Smaller)
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Jessy, Jessyroo, The Blue Blaster, The Ice Queen
Northern Arctic Hedgehog
Sonic X Advanced
Light weight, hyper-friction-resistant speed shoes, smooth blue fingerless gloves, purple hair ring, golden rings on the limbs.
None to speak of in Sonic`s world.
Romantic Interest
Beat the Hedgehog (boyfriend)
Running, chocolate, winning, fighting, training, learning new moves, singing, playing video games, music, BENTLEY JONES!!!
Losing, doing nothing/staying still, peadophiles, criminals, traitors, failing at a game, being interrupted when singing/listening to music, douchebags, being underestimated, being told what to do, GODMODDERS, men in white coats
Superspeed, Teleportation, cryokinesis, aurakinesis, Super durability (to an extent), Super stamina (to an extent), Spindash, Spinjump, Jump Dash, Homing Attack, Somersault, Wall Jump, Bullet Punch, Thousand Punch, Bullet Kick, Thousand Kick, Explosion Shot, Explosion Kick, Rising Uppercut, Descending Volley Chop, Megaton Throw, Pendulum Kick, Counter Kick, Raging Fists, Furious Revenge, Ice Punch, Ice Blast, Cryokinetic Pentagram, Crystal Maelstrom, Zero Freeze, Cold Imprisonment, Beochana, Fist of a Freezing Knife, Meteokurasshā, Crystal Burst, Frigid Cyclone, Aura Sphere, Massive Eruption, Aura Punch, Aura Kick, Counter-strike, Blue Burst of Strength, Blazing Blast of Empathy, Blue Blaster, Energy Sphere, Blue Eruption, Energy Punch, Energy Kick, Kūgun no Kobushi, Mugen tō Burū, High Blaster, Super Transformation
See "relationships".
See "relationships".
Super Jess, Turbo Jess, Dark Jess, Super Dark Jess, Demon Jess, ???
Jess the Hedgehog (ジェスザヘッジホッグ Jesu za Hejjihoggu) is a dodger-blue cryokinetic anthropomorphic hedgehog who possesses abilities such as supersonic speed such as that as the Blue Blur himself, and cryokinesis, and can be cold, yet warm at the same time, earning her a reputation that could be compared to Sonic the Hedgehog's. She is 16 years old, stands at 114 centimetres (3 ft 9 in), weighs in at approximately 39 to 40 kilograms (around 87 lbs), and has no apparent birthplace in the Sonic the Hedgehog canon. She was created by me, otherwise referred to as Jessica J. Greenham, first coining the character in mid-2005.

While seemingly having a wildly unsteady, unconfirmed actual personality, Jess can be considered as relatively hidden and unexplored, however, she is generally comparable with Sonic, having his very same sense of justice, his same love for adventure, and many of his likes and dislikes in general. This doesn't come without any surprises and hidden twists, as Jess can sometimes be known to have an incredibly short and unstable temper, proven by her dislikes, such as loud, continuous coughing and/or sneezing, extensive arrogance and cockiness, stupidity, and more. Sometimes she can show the occasional bout of a cold or violent nature seeping in, shown in some forthcoming episodes of my fan-series Sonic X Advanced. Coincidentally, she is also seen as a hero figure much the same as Sonic.


Sometime in mid-2005, I was a normal kid who was (presumably) still at school, and had generally never been onto the internet. I had a brainwave; a rather pleasing idea so to say, that it could be fun to picture real people as Sonic characters. Of course, me being a complete "Net N00b" at the time, had no efficient idea of originality, and began churning out human-to-anthropomorphs that looked too much like Sonic. However, one was also based largely from me, and she appeared much the same as Sonic, but the differences were that she had cyan fur, a bushy bang-like mop of hair, a white, fluffy chest, and orange shoes with yellow flame-streak-like designs on them. Little did I know this character would evolve greatly and become a rightful mascot in her own league.

Three years later in mid-2008, I joined YouTube. Becoming more of a better-seen figure as the months sprawled upon us, I had my character, but realized that I wasn't happy with her current design, and decided to change her into a less Sonic-like figure. Taking from her first design, I threw away the innocent girl look and added an older, more mature appearance, changing the fluffy bang into several spiky bangs that significantly resembled those of Manic the Hedgehog, and added a DJ's headset with the initials of Jess's name of either side of it, and altered the gloves from plain white Sonic-like gloves, to brown fingerless types. Keeping the rest of the original design, all I added after that was a pair of trousers. From that moment on, Jess became slightly more original in terms of appearance. That is, until 2009... During that year, I changed Jess's look again, this time removing the rocker style completely and instead taking the general base of Sonic's design (such as spine style), and adding three bangs in a Tails style, giving her eyes a more angry look (see Knuckles the Echidna or Shadow the Hedgehog), and changing her fluffy belly into just a tuft of fur like Shadow's. The gloves remained brown, except that I discarded the fingerless style and just kept with Sonic's glove style. Black streaks similar to Shadow's were added onto Jess's arms, as well as the last of improvements being purple ears and two distinct purple scars on her left eye (these would become a unique aspect of the hedgehog).This remained Jess's look for several months. I originally was just going to tweak her occasionally, however, due to a series of troll attacks (better known as the "Recolor War") on people who owned fan characters that could be considered uncreative, I had many doubts about Jess's look at the time. When I was a victim myself of many pointless attacks, I decided I'd had enough. So I changed her appearance one more time, and hopefully the last time.I completely discarded the unoriginal look the hedgehog once had, and created a completely different, and unique character. Jess remained dodger blue with green eyes, also retaining her two purple scars, as well as the "angry" eyes. The bangs were a mainstay, too. The changes were the spine style; I had brushed away the Sonic-like spines, and instead added several, lengthy spines that were bunched together like a ponytail using a purple hair ring, these spines came straight down and nearly reached the floor. The ears, arms, and legs were next, as purple flame-like colorations were added to the tips of the ears and the arms and legs. Next up were the gloves. These were completely changed, becoming blue fingerless gloves with golden rings on the wrists (it is unknown if these are Inhibitor Rings or not). The shoes changed along with the rest, also becoming blue with black stripes on them. These shoes were shaped like Shadow's air shoes, but of course, they still remained running shoes. Also embedded in them were emerald-green gems, it is unknown if these actually do anything. Unlike previous appearances, the final installment was the adding of breasts, something that caused confusion among some people as to Jess's gender (however, some unintelligent people still get mixed up). These were hidden behind the recurring white fluffy fur the hedgehog always had.This is the final Jess seen today, and I do not intend to change her further.


Jess is most often noted as a kind and compassionate girl who tries her best to show sympathy when she feels someone needs it most, and like Sonic, she's foot-loose and loves adventure. Likewise, she loathes being constrained, held back, and told what to do, much preferring to do as she wishes as well as carrying out her plans at her own pace. Being a caring soul, she has a natural distaste for un-necessary violence and torture, also commonly showing that she cannot stand evil, identical to Sonic, and she will try to wipe out any evil that she sees to the best of her ability. In many ways, Jess and Sonic are alike, as besides the above mentioned traits, Jess's stubbornness is another defining aspect; this is shown when she is urged by someone to do the opposite of what she had stated, only allowing that person to win if Jess wants them to shut up, otherwise she constantly refuses.

Unlike Sonic though, Jess is usually very serious and hardly ever displays overconfidence or smugness. In fact, these personality traits are something she hates. When faced against someone who is rather arrogant and likes to boast, which boosts Jess's determination to defeat that person, taking it as "an eye for an eye". Her seriousness and focus has bagged her several more medals upon her honor than what she would've gained if she frequently showed overconfidence; she even mentioned one time while speaking to Sonic that he would've beaten Dark Oak in an episode of Sonic X if he was serious and showed his full power from the start. She further stated to her long-time companion Jake the Hedgehog that while it might be fun to taunt your opponents for fun, it gets you nowhere in the long run and certain situations demand the focus and the serious attitude in order to overcome obstacles.

When it comes down to her friends, Jess becomes ever more serious and focused than before, doing what ever she possibly can to keep them safe. If one or more of her friends is being abused, she will take it upon herself to defeat her foe(s), and will not stop until the threat has been eliminated.

Her aggressive side is commonly seen, as when she is fighting a threat, she savagely and brutally assaults the opponent, and makes sure that they are down. She never holds back, and thanks to her indestructible will and determination, never gives up no matter what.

Like Sonic, she always attempts to hide pain, fear, and exhaustion, only giving up when she knows it's impossible to hold out any longer.

Contradictory to her normally compassionate and sympathetic disposition, Jess has on several occasions been known to appear very cold, as shown in some conversations between her and other characters, or in a confrontation.

It is evident that Jess can become so angry that she transforms into a savage version of herself; Dark Jess. While in this form, the violent side of normal Jess is brought out even when it is not needed, leading to Dark Jess beating up anyone who angers her even in the slightest, whether they like it or not. However, she has some form of restraint, as she seems to dislike the thought of brutally beating her friends. However, it's only when she can no longer hold anything back due to her relentless rage that she transforms into the fully evil version of herself; dubbed "Super Dark Jess". Here, Jess appears to not care who she fights, and appears to enjoy standing above everybody else. Unlike her normal self, she will beat even her closest companions, and does not power down from this terrible form until she is certain she has succeeded in carrying out her intentions - whatever those intentions may be.


Just as Sonic is best known for his exhilarating speed, or Tails is known for his profound ability to fly, Jess is best known for her expert mastery of cryokinesis, or the ability to manipulate the kinetic energy of atoms, a la slowing them down, and therefor being able to control, generate, and absorb ice. It is unknown quite how she became such an advanced user in such little time, though one can assume that she was given the knowledge upon entering Sonic's world, only that she had yet to discover her abilities.

As possibly one of the greatest users of her generation in this time and age, Jess can do all sorts of things that lesser-advanced individuals could; such as create howling snow storms and blizzards, drop the temperature at a staggeringly fast pace, and even manipulate her own structure to literally become animate ice. Also possible, but risky, is the fact that with the use of all her effort, she can issue a polar Armageddon of sorts, and create a wasteland of snow and ice, that is usually guaranteed to wipe out anything that sets foot in it.

Similar to Shadow, Jess can match Sonic's speed through the power of her custom speed shoes that were built for her in order to grant her the speed she could never hope to have. The shoes are light-weight, comfortable, and are resistant to friction even at hypersonic speeds. As can be clearly seen, there appear to be gems fitted in to the shoes - one gem on either side of a shoe, one on the backs, and one on the soles. It is unknown if these gems actually serve any purpose, or if they are there simply to look good.

As can be expected, if these shoes are removed, damaged, or just generally destroyed, Jess must deal with having to rely on her natural, far slower speed which would only allow her to run just a little faster than a top Olympic runner.

A common ability among game characters that focus on fighting, Jess possesses the ability to fire blasts of energy in varying sizes and shapes. If you know how simple energy blasts from Dragonball Z work out, or perhaps the Hadouken from Street Fighter, you should get the idea of Jess's energy manipulation. It can be fired in different ways - through a straight-ahead blast as demonstrated by her signature "Blue Blaster" technique, a ground-based shockwave, an upper-directed blast that aims directly upwards above Jess, or a spherical blast dispersed outward from her, the same as Shadow's "Chaos Blast". Orbs of energy can be created, too, and that isn't all that energy manipulation is limited to. Besides from offensive techniques, defensive is also an option, although that's something else Jess plans on working on.

As a kind of random ability, Jess also possesses the ability to teleport - which sees her disappear from one location and reappear at another in a blue flash faster than light speed. However, I am a rational and fair person, and so I do not spam teleportation like other people do - instead, I use teleportation only when it is actually needed, such as completing a long combo, or getting from one location to another for the sake of saving time or taking said time to recover a little.

Jess may also have super durability, as she is seen to be able to take several hits without feeling hardly any pain - such as a powerful-but-average punch, a swift kick, or a few violent blows. Of course, is one were, say, moderately stronger than Shadow in terms of physical attack power, Jess can call it a fight. It is plausible she may even put up a fight against the likes of Super Sonic without powering up herself, although I would consider this a lesser form of being overpowered, and so I prefer a fair, evenly-powered character.

Likewise, she may also have super stamina, as she is shown several times in Sonic X Advanced to be able to spend a long time fighting considerably weak enemies or spend excessive time running, and not get tuckered out.

Like a true warrior, she could also have great awareness and intelligence, since whenever she is fighting, she never underestimates the opponent or gets too smug about herself, instead always remaining cautious and aware of anything that might happen.

Apparently super strength could be considered, since she is shown to be able to move even a heavy object several times her size with remarkable ease, although this could just be a natural trait, as Sonic has at least some super strength, even though it is not actually listed as one of his abilities. Likewise however, their strength pales in comparison to that of Knuckles the Echidna's, and even less when compared to Mighty the Armadillo, who is stronger physically than Knuckles.

If there is one thing to take note of however, it is that, yet again just like Sonic, Jess only shows the full extent of her power when it is truly needed, and she never wastes her strength by going over the top, especially on weak enemies or "pathetic" situations. This is contradicted nevertheless when she transforms into Dark/Super Dark Jess, as power consumption does not seem to matter as long as it is destructive and strikes fear into all who witness her wrath. Her true power as herself may be equal to that of Super Sonic, as during an episode of Sonic X Advanced, she was so determined to save her closest friends that she was even capable of destroying individual ships comprising of an entire fleet with numerous charged Blue Blasters.

It is reasonably safe to say that once Jess does finally reveal her true power, she may be able to make extremely short work of what would usually take a long time to accomplish.


Being a natural yet expert wielder of the ice element, Jess can effortlessly resist all attacks of the ice element. This includes, but is not limited to; being able to absorb any ice aimed at her, being able to resist deathly cold temperatures that would make even polar bears shiver, and also brush off violent blizzards like they were just a calm breeze on an average summer's day. Her ability to resist freezing temperatures is constantly evident whenever she is in an area such as the Crystal Peaks - while anyone else with her would be freezing to death, Jess would be standing there with the typical expression that shouts "oh, come on.".

Unlike many females, whenever faced with an aggressive male who wants to cause her harm in general or just make her feel small, Jess takes none of it and she herself becomes aggressive and temperamental, standing above the aforementioned male with unsympathetic, uncaring feelings and looks of disgust. This makes her able to escape from possible rape, assault, abuse, abduction, or just a general attack of any sort.

Despite being underestimated often by some males and on occasion a female, Jess will surprise the opposition with her intense aggression, striking with her speed, power, and determination. As another factor, the more overconfident and smug the opponent, the more it pushes Jess to extreme violence.

Jess can also feel extraordinarily calm when she would otherwise feel fear or loss of willpower and/or determination, leading her to be able to do things that would normally be left unaccomplished due to uneasy emotions, besides other brave features.


The biggest weakness Jess has to unfortunately live with is her inability to resist high temperatures. While the fire element may be what anybody first thinks of, it is not limited just to fire because her weakness is heat, not fire in general. Besides fire, other things Jess would be unable to properly defend against include, but are not limited to; hot air/heatwaves/droughts, and plasma. This unfortunate weakness needs Jess to be aware all the time, and requires her full attention and seriousness if anything exceedingly hot is in the area.

Despite being aggressive and violent, if forced to fight a very close friend or even her boyfriend, she will likely refuse or clam up, trying to find a way to help that person without resorting to brutal aggression. (although this weakness is contradicted by the fact she will fight as normal depending on the person and the immediate situation at hand)

Because of being so serious at times, Jess can sometimes be oblivious to jokes and light-hearted themes, making others possibly view her as a kind of "party pooper", even though this isn't true, because Jess never means to appear as one. It is only due to her serious personality.

Another flaw, is her somewhat cold, distant nature. Because of how she is, she may appear as unpleasant, hating, and ungrateful, and also occasionally provokes eye rolling and shrugging of the shoulders, along with a few sighs. Yet again, Jess is made slightly depressed and further withdrawn because her cold personality makes people think of her the complete opposite of the way she truly is, otherwise meaning Jess is largely misunderstood. The fact she feels nobody understands her because of the many times she's been viewed wrongly often drives her into depression, making her feel useless and a pointless smudge upon the face of the planet; this in turn makes her even worse, as she now thinks to herself that she's being nothing but a drama queen wallowing in her own dry river of self-pity.

Another weakness is rather well-known, and that is that Jess suffers from major arachnophobia, the scientific term for one's fear of spiders and arachnids. This phobia is so bad, that Jess cannot even go anywhere near a spider of any size, or its cobwebs for that matter. In short, anything to do with spiders induces massive fear in Jess, turning her into a complete wimp.



  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Cheese the Chao
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Jet the Hawk
  • Wave the Swallow
  • Storm the Albatross
  • Shade the Echidna
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  • Ray the Flying Squirrel
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  • Vector the Crocodile
  • Charmy Bee
  • Vanilla the Rabbit
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  • E-123 Omega
  • Jake the Hedgehog
  • Tyra the Flamehog
  • Beat the Hedgehog (boyfriend)
  • Chive the Hedgehog
  • Kristina the Fox
  • Sakuya the Hedgehog
  • Thunder the Cat
  • Stella the Porcupine
  • Black Admin
  • Delta the Hedgehog
  • Hogger the Hedgehog
  • Swiftess "Swift" Wind
  • Kida the Hedgehog
  • Sqilly the Hedgehog/Bat
  • Ultimate the Hedgehog
  • TJ the Wolf/Wolf Demon
  • Cage the Hedgehog
  • And many more...


  • Sakuya the Hedgehog
  • Hogger the Hedgehog


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Eggman Nega
  • Metal Sonic
  • Metal Sonic 3.0
  • Metal Jess
  • Metal Jess MK. II
  • Nack the Weasel
  • Aquasonic the Hedgehog
  • Scourge the Hedgehog
  • The Suppression Squad (excluding Buns Rabbot)
  • Shadow Jess
  • Razor the Hedgehog
  • Internet Trolls
  • Basically anyone Jess considers a villain


  • Beat the Hedgehog (boyfriend)


"FFFFFFFFFFF--" - Often quoted whenever Jess has heard something unintelligent, is faced with something unfair, etc

"Too many stupid people... Not enough bullets." - To describe Jess's attitude toward stupidity.

"I'd hold that thought if I were you." - Jess alerting Sonic during a battle with an enemy in Sonic X Advanced.

"How is this fair?" - Jess when faced with an unfair situation, otherwise deemed as an act of godmodding.

"And you actually thought that would work?" - Jess's unimpressed reaction when an attack is ineffective on her.

"I'm not going down that easy." - Jess's reply for when an opponent thinks they're fighting an easy match.

"Try again." - Jess when counter-attacking an opponent after their attack failed.

"Never give up, no matter what..." - Jess when reassuring her friends in Sonic X Advanced.

"Well, I will say one thing: you certainly know how to shut people up." - Jess reluctantly complimenting Amy in Sonic X Advanced.

"The thing is, Shadow, you may be the Ultimate Lifeform, but it shouldn't hurt if you could be a little nicer once in a while. Regardless of whatever tragedy you once witnessed." - Jess when trying to get through to Shadow in Sonic X Advanced.

"I'm afraid you're gonna have to try harder than that to beat me." - Jess when stating that the attacks landed on her are not strong enough, thus the opponent needs to try harder.

"I am the Ice Queen. Do you really think using ice elements on me is going to do anything?" - Jess when referring to her resistance to ice.

"Man... That hurt like hell." - Jess when causing herself damage to a body part in order to free herself from an opponent's grasp.

"I must say... you're pretty strong." - Jess when complimenting the opponent.

"You've got it!" - Jess stating to Sakuya the Hedgehog that she is doing well in Sonic X Advanced.

"Focus, Sakuya. Focus." - Jess in Sonic X Advanced telling Sakuya to focus.

"Dammit..." - After an attack has failed to damage the opponent.

"I'm not giving up just yet..." - When beaten badly and readying herself to turn into Super Jess.

"Pathetic." - Jess when an opponent lands weak or ineffective attacks on Jess.

"A flawless performance, my friend!" - Getting an S Rank on a mission.

"Man, that was awesome!" - Getting an A Rank on a mission.

"Not too bad." - Getting a B Rank on a mission.

"Passable, I guess..." - Getting a C Rank on a mission.

"Well, that sucked." - Getting a D Rank on a mission.

"What the hell is this crap?!" - Getting an E Rank on a mission.

"Bugger me, I failed." - Failing a mission.

"That was a waste of my time." - Getting an S Rank on a boss fight.

"Didn't put up much of a fight, did you?" - Getting an A Rank on a boss fight.

"That was easier than I initially surmised." - Getting a B Rank on a boss fight.

"Could've been better, really." - Getting a C Rank on a boss fight.

"I didn't take this seriously..." - Getting a D Rank on a boss fight.

"What the hell?!" - Getting an E Rank on a boss fight.

"No... Not like this!" - Failing a boss fight.

"You had better be ready." - Before starting a race.

"Up yours!" - Successfully attacking an opponent during a race.

"Surely you can do better?" - Successfully attacking an opponent during a race.

"Dude, hurry up." - Passing an opponent in a race.

"Too slow." - Passing an opponent in a race.

"And that was a race, apparently..." - Winning a race.

"Trust me, I won't lose next time..." - Losing a race.

"Time to get serious." - Starting a battle.

"Lucky shot!" - Landing a critical hit in a battle.

"Gah!" - Getting hit by a critical hit in a battle.

"Gotta try harder than that." - Landing a K.O in a battle.

"Owned!" - Landing an easy K.O in a battle.

"Argh..." - KO'ed in a battle.

"No!" - Easy KO'ed in a battle.

"Now there's nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide!" - Activating a Hyper attack in a battle.

"There's no way you'll survive this" - Executing a Hyper attack on an opponent in a battle.

"KYAH!" - Landing the final blow of a Hyper attack on an opponent in a battle.

"Got'cha!" - Landing a 10-hit combo in a battle.

"Fight back, wimp!" - Landing a 25-hit combo in a battle.

"Give up." - Landing a 50-hit combo in a battle.

"There's no hope left for you, now." - Landing a 75-hit combo in a battle.

"It's all over now!" - Landing a 100-hit combo in a battle.

"Never underestimate me. Ever." - Winning a battle.

"Next time, try harder." - Winning a battle.

"I can't believe it! No!" - Losing a battle.

"Hmph...." - Losing a battle.

Battle Information

Listed here is information regarding Jess's battle abilities, her moves, styles, et cetera.


Agility: 8/10

Speed: 9/10

Strength: 8/10

Defense: 8/10

Evasiveness: 8/10

Dexterity: 7/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Battle Skill: 8/10

Fighting Style

While at first glance Jess may just seem ordinary to some, she quickly surprises the opposition by striking with speed and agility, attacking with force and raw power, and standing strong until Hell freezes over and Heaven begins to fall. Since Jess is skilled in fighting, especially slugging out long fights, she stays aware of things to come, and knows to expect the unexpected. She focuses on the fight at hand and strikes quickly, but with a lot of force. Balances out kicking and punching since she has medium, all-around body strength. Acts accordingly depending on the immediate situation. Preserves her full power and does not show it unless it is needed. Because of her high battle skill, Jess mixes up her physical and special powers to perform stronger attacks/combos, valiantly defends herself, stands her ground, and thus can put one hell of a good fight.


  • Jess is considerably taller and heavier than any normal hedgehog, standing at three feet and nine inches, and weighing eighty-seven pounds. However, this may just be due to the fact she was originally a human.
  • Strangely enough, though originally a human as stated, her species is the fictional "northern arctic" hedgehog, of which many more exist. This, and the fact her Sonic-world birthplace is the Cryo Valley, where northern arctic hedgehogs are typically born and live. However, this is contradicted and thus gets very confusing due to the fact she did not exist at all in Sonic's world before she was warped there through a dimensional rift.
  • Jess's version of the "Hyper" form, Turbo Jess, could be a nod to the Super Saiyans from Dragonball Z.
  • A possible plot hole I may have overlooked is Jess's age difference between her human self and her existence in the Sonic canon. Prior to the events of travelling through space into Sonic's world, Jess was 13, however, her age in the Sonic canon is listed as 16, even though there was no time difference during her transportation to Sonic's world.
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