Cquote1 Project Shadow was the start to finding immortality and now I'm gonna make sure it's the end! Cquote2
Wise to Shadow

Jerome Wise, is a human seen in Shadow the Hedgehog 2. In the public human eyes, he is seen as the peaceful, respectable leader of The Church Of Wiseology, a powerful religious group, that is seemingly helping the world. In reality, Wise is a violent, mentally unstable and power-hungry man who has no respect for the lives of others.


Jerome's appearance is similar to that of him in Sonic X, a Caucasian man in a suit with light brown hair. The main difference in STH2A, is Wise's gruffier, skinnier look. His hair is also noticeable much messier.

Pre-Shadow 2

Jerome shares with Shadow that previous to the game's events he was the head of security to the President but was fired after Shadow almost killed the president in Shadow 1. Afterwards he apparently lost the respect of many of his peers. Unable to hold down a job Wise became obsessed with Shadow. Eventually, he recovered all the data from Project Shadow and leaked it to the public, proclaiming that Shadow was the start of finding the secret to immortality. Using this as leverage he established a cult/organization which saw Professor Robotnik as a god-like figure and worshipped Jerome as a prophet. The organization grew into an international phenomenon and Jerome became obsessed with completing a more powerful Shadow the Hedgehog. (This becomes Shadow Mk. 2 if Wise captures Shadow and Seraphon-01 if he doesn't.)


Jerome is characterized as a mentally unstable tyrant obsessed with power. In addition Wise also extreme cases of narcissistic behavior, believing all others are below him or not nearly as important. Wise also shows extreme hate for any who oppose his opinions or goals, such as Darke Hash, E-123 Omega and Shadow the Hedgehog. Most disturbing of all is Wise's disregard for any children, killing Cream the Rabbit as leverage over SHadow and Omega in the Heroic Hero story branch.

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