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Jerome Bee is a character created by IncaIceBunny. He is the younger brother of Elizabeth Bee, and the Uncle/Godfather of Charmy and Ellie Bee. He also works for the Mobian Police Force, often meaning he helps groups like the Chaotix with cases.


Prior to Sonic Fanfiction

Very little is currently known of Jerome's history before Sonic Fanfiction, but he had taken Charmy and his younger sister Ellie in when they were very young, because of their parents' deaths. When Charmy was older, he allowed him to join the Chaotix, though the events leading up to his descision are also currently unknown.

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IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions

Sonic Fanfiction

Appearances in Chapters 1-5

Jerome does not formally appear, but is mentioned Chapter 1, once during the first part, and twice during the second. The first time he was mentioned was by his nephew, Charmy, when he requests for Sonic not to let him know about his truancy. When Charmy refuses  to let Sonic into the chili-dog-eating contest for free (since the admittance fee is five rings), Sonic tells Charmy that he, along with Vector, will be the first to know about Charmy's truancy, manipulating him to let him in the contest for free.

In the second part of Chapter 1, the first time Jerome was mentioned was when Charmy tells Rouge that he had warned him about her, and that he shouldn't be talking to criminals. He is mentioned again after Rouge pays Charmy to retrieve the Chaos Emerald for her, and Charmy is unsure what to do with the money because it was most likely that Jerome, along with the Chaotix, may come to the conclusion that he stole it, "unintentional or not."

Jerome makes his first formal appearance in the first part of Chapter 3, explaining what the Chaotix was called to do when Mrs. Hayes, owner of the Hayes Graveyard (formerly known as the Jansons Graveyard), believes her house is haunted. He gets into an arguement with Vector, when he finds out Charmy is likely wandering the streets alone, but it is then broken up by Espio, who tells them they just need to take care of the situation as soon as they can.

He is seen again with Vector in the parlor of the mansion, giving a brief history of the Jansons family, the family that previously owned the graveyard. When he is finished, Vector asks him how he knew so much about it, and he shows the manila folder he found, intending to put it back shortly afterwards.

In the second part of Chapter 3, he is seen talking with Charmy when Espio and Knuckles come downstairs. After Espio and Knuckles explain what they found in the attic; three trapped baby chao, now freed. Jerome comments that the chao have imprinted on Espio, and is among those to laugh when he tries to get them to stop following him, but without much prevail.

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Given that Jerome is a police officer, he seems to have a strong moral sense.

He is also protective of and cares deeply about his godchildren, shown when he got angry at the Chaotix for allowing Charmy to wander the streets on his own. When Vector did not get "what the big deal" was, since Ellie is left on her own, and is younger than Charmy, Jerome adds that she is not, and is in after-school care, due to his career.

Vector briefly describes Jerome as a "hot-head", so it might be that Jerome has a short temper. Luckily, it seems these bursts of anger do not usually last very long.

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Elizabeth Bee

It seems that when Elizabeth was alive, they were at least relatively close, and trusted each other, as Elizabeth and her husband agreed that Jerome would be their godfather, in case anything were to happen to them.

Charmy Bee

Having raised Charmy since he was little, he is generally like a father-figure for him. It is hinted in Sonic Fanfiction that Charmy actually lives with him most of the time, and the Chaotix is more of an after-school care, as an agreement they made when he joined.

Since Jerome's alignment is Lawful Good, it is likely he wants Charmy to also be moral, and to understand the difference from right and wrong, hinted in the first chapter of Sonic Fanfiction.

Ellie Bee

Not much is currently known about the relationship between the two, but it may be very similar to his relationship with Charmy.

Current Relatives

  • Elizabeth Bee (Older Sister, deceased)
  • Unnamed Brother-in-law (deceased)

Future Relatives

  • Mystery Bee (Grand-Niece)
  • Constance "Sparkie" the Rabbit (Niece-in-law)




  • Joseph T. Marley (Ally)
  • Sugar the Rabbit


  • Wave the Swallow