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Jeremy D. the Fox

Jeremy D. the Fox, or better known by his full name Jeremy Martínez, is the Moebian counterpart of Johnny D. the Fox.

Jeremy D. the Fox

Biographical Information
Age Same as Johnny
Height Same as Johnny
Weight Same as Johnny
  • Maniacally-depressed loony
  • Anti-Johnny
  • Aqua-Ba***** (used by Albus and Ryu)
  • Sadistic Man (used by Johnny)
Physical Description
Species Moebian/Fox
Gender Male
  • Fur: Tan (w/ white muzzle and white tip of his tail)
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Coming soon!
Romantic Interests

Unknown as of yet

Political Alignment and Abilities

Various Firearms and Meleé Weapons


Same as Johnny (with the exception of Trigger happy and with the use of Water attacks)

Super Formations
  • Aqua Jeremy (when using 7 Sol Emeralds)
Profession(s), Occupation(s)
  • Hitman (formely)


At the age of 5, Jeremy stole things that it wasn't his and ultimately humiliates his victims. He doesn't just keep things, he breaks them as well (just ask Alice, Alyssa's counterpart). Then, at the age of 10, he has left his family and starts creating chaos on every city he finds, until he met Vincent the Cat, and the two starts ravaging every city they visit. He even received his own Bottomless Backpack when he was 13, and is given countless of weapons and firearms inside his backpack by an unknown person (possibly from Scourge). Then, when he was 18, he met Johnny, his counterpart when Johnny visited in the Moebian universe. He views Johnny as a "little man" and that Johnny has a lot of trouble "being a man", most likely because of Johnny's voice swings and his incapabilities of attacking female Moebians.

He even takes the upper hand by stealing Johnny's diary and starts spreading the word to all the other Moebians. Jeremy then meets up with Alice, and helps her on assassinating Alyssa and Johnny (since they became a couple). Jeremy wanted Johnny to feel completely miserable before killing him. Even though he and Alice fails to kill Johnny and Alyssa, that never stopped him from trying, however. Jeremy was born like all other Moebians would, except that he drank too much sea water, which resulted him into rehab, instead of a hospital, due to being addicted to drinking sea water, even though doctors have mentioned that drinking too much sea water could give him health problems, but later granting him hydrokinetic powers, and ultimately replacing his blood cells into pure water.

Physical Description

Coming soon!

Notable Abilities

Stats Level
Stamina 7
Attack 9
Defense 9
Speed 10
Reflexes 9
Magic 10
Psyche 0
Intellect 6
Total 60/80

Jeremy, unlike his counterpart, is pretty much more powerful (although he can still be defeated) than Johnny (or any other Moebians, except Scourge), as his high intellect, stamina and attack can easily catch up with the others. He is an expert at hand-to-hand combat and he uses Water attacks instead of fire attacks. He can also use firearms (such as an RPG, Micro SMGs, Shotgun, M4, etc.) and meleé weapons (baseball bat, katana, tire iron, wrench, etc.) from his Bottomless Backpack. He even wields hydrokinetic powers, and that any attacks that does not involve fire or electric attacks, he will easily regenerate and feels little to no pain at all. Whenever he loses a limb, he can easily regenerate a new limb, and it is nearly impossible to defeat him (if any attacks are not fire-aligned).


Even though his powers surpasses his counterpart, he is suspectible against fire damage, as fire can do more harm to him since his Water abilities can easily become burnt off by his counterpart's fire abilities, and he can be easily beaten by his counterpart. But that never stopped him from trying to defeat Johnny, however. Since he is hydrokinetic, he is suspectible against electrical damage, despite his high powers and strength.



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Character Interactions

Mandy the Cat

Jeremy views Mandy as his "younger sister", despite that he doesn't like her songs, but finds them quite handy, since Johnny doesn't like overly-girly songs (even rap).

Lucius the Ferret

Jeremy sees Lucius as his "fellow gentleman", because of Jeremy's cunning behaviour and that he finds him an interesting person when it comes to taking care of his "Linebeck" problem.

Vendetta the Thylacine

Vendetta doesn't trust Jeremy, at first, but she quickly became friends with him, because he wanted Vendetta to torture Dismal in violent ways. Jeremy seems to view her as an almost-older sister to him, even though she mostly hates everyone around her, but Jeremy's used to it, because he is always trustworthy, even though Vendetta is still cautious.

Vincent the Cat

Jeremy and Vincent are great friends and has met each other since they were 10 year-olds. When Vincent can cause mass destruction, so does Jeremy. He's even amazed about Vincent's Elephant Gun, while he's also impressed about his variety of weapons from his Backpack, like the Chainsaw, the Minigun, the Flamethrower, even the RPG (Rocket-Propelled Grenade), including Flashbangs and Shrapnel Grenades (even Satchel Charges).

Tenetic the Cat

Cameron the Wolf

Jeremy hates Cameron a lot, and he would build a device that can prevent Cameron from trespassing the Moebian Dimension. Much to his dismay, Jeremy obviously thinks that Cameron doesn't have a Moebian counterpart of his own, but if he did killed his own counterpart, he'd be pleased to see that he'd only end up killing himself, or causing time paradox and if Jeremy sees this, everyone would blame on Cameron for killing his counterpart. Jeremy also warns him that if he were to be killed, Johnny would die as well. Jeremy also declares Cameron that he "isn't as clever as you used to be, because stealing my department of calling Johnny names is the biggest mistake you have ever made since your countless failed attempts of killing me". This would mean that Jeremy knows that Cameron isn't as tough as he is used to be and wishes that Jeremy would do whatever it takes to defeat him and making sure he is forever humiliated at, and does his best to pin the blame on him instead of his Mobius Prime counterpart.

Dismal the Hedgehog

A Moebian favorite when it comes to torturing, and even killing Dismal to his heart's content. Jeremy never gets bored when it comes to killing the unfortunate hedgehog, and he often uses Dismal to relieve his stress and anger in very violent, sadistic ways. After Jeremy grew tired of constantly torturing Dismal, he loses interest in inflicting injury upon him and decides to steal Johnny's rides instead, much to Dismal's unapproval of Jeremy's attempts.

Idalis the Cancer

Although he is friends with Idalis, he cannot do torture against Dismal, as this scares her. Jeremy felt sorry for her because of his sadistic ways, but Idalis forgives him. It is hinted that wsince Idalis isn't really that evil, he had to replace himself for Johnny to befriend her.

Lionel S. Kangaroo

At first, Jeremy doesn't seem to trust Lionel, Leon's counterpart, most likely because he thinks that torturing Dismal is "a waste of time" and that he suggests that he should kill Johnny. Jeremy agrees with this and gave himself his friendly introduction to Lionel before heading off to humiliate, and possibly kill Johnny. The reason behind this because Lionel is older than Jeremy. Jeremy's counterpart, however, bears an extreme dislike to him for unknown reason yet. Later, Lionel took interest in stealing Johnny's rides, rather than torturing Dismal, and mentions that the Toreador (or the V8 XR) is "his" favorite vehicle.

Johnny D. the Fox

Jeremy's long time rival and enemy. Since no longer taking interest in torturing Dismal, he now takes interest in stealing Johnny's rides in an attempt to either keep them as trophies or sell them to the black market to completely humilate him. Despite being threatened by Johnny numerous times, Jeremy does not seem to care about Johnny's threats as verbal threats never stopped from from doing so. Although losing every battle against his counterpart, he almost never gives up trying to defeat Johnny once and for all, even if it means being ultimately defeated.

Vee the Fox

Jeremy refers to Vee by quoting "Who let this kid run off from the nut house?".

Nerin the Cat

Ryushu the Cat

Jeremy has a hatred for Ryushu and her Pokemon and while he doesn't usually attack Ryushu, other than her Pokemon, he does make petty insults towards her, mainly her Pokémon.

Tsubasa Hitama

Although having no interaction with Tsubasa, Jeremy has a dislike towards him because of his constant abusing towards his daughter and wife.


Unlike his counterpart, Jeremy is cruel, cunning, and not to mention completely sociopathic. He is also extremely sadistic and cares nothing more than to watch the victims getting tortured to death. When he finds a city that is considered too "peaceful" for him to handle, he'll turn things for the worst, like causing massive chaos (like messing with power components, even overflowing dams), creating huge property damage with his RPG, and even creating false alarms, thus causing enforcement officers to blame on someone else instead of Jeremy (because he always gets away with it).

Jeremy loves stealing things from people (which makes him a total ne'er-do-well), even breaking things also and enjoys watching people getting tortured. Not only that, he loves weapons as he can use them within his arsenal. This allows him to cause chaos throughout every city/town he finds and this shows that Jeremy is, in fact, a merciless Moebian. He is also considered to be trustworthy torwards other Moebians.

Rather than killing Johnny (although now he does try to kill Johnny), he makes insults against Johnny, such as calling him a "big baby" and he would enjoy wanting him to feel completely miserable before he can kill Johnny, with the help of the other Moebians. He also uses Dismal as his favorite "Personal Stress Reliever", and tortures him with various types of firearms, meleé and improvised weapons to be used against him to revlieve his stress and anger.

It is revealed that Jeremy has a cruel and dark sense of humor, including nursery rhymes, when torturing victims (mainly Dismal). If torturing Dismal wasn't enough, he took interest in stealing Johnny's vehicles and uses them as "trophies", in order to humiliate Johnny even more.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Causing massive destruction on every city he visits (except in his anti dimension)
  • Meeting up with the other anti-counterparts
  • Night time
  • Making Johnny feel miserable
  • Drinking poison
  • Watching forest-fires
  • Strong Weapons
  • Evil things
  • Helping other Moebians out (he considers himself as a "hitman")
  • Dark water
  • Stealing (mainly Johnny's cars)
  • Watching people getting killed
  • Torturing Dismal (no longer has any interest of torturing him)


  • Peaceful morning
  • Peaceful cities
  • Having Johnny to escape unharmed
  • His counterpart
  • Fire attacks
  • Love and affection
  • People (if they're not one of the Moebians) helping him
  • Happy things (if it doesn't involve chaos and destruction)
  • Electricity

Biggest Fears

  • Fire attacks (used by Johnny)
  • Electricity (used by Cameron)


To be determined.

Jeremy's Bottomless Backpack

Unlike Johnny's Bottomless Backpack, Jeremy's backpack contains a wide variety of firearms and meleé weapons. His firearms contains: MAC-10 sub-machine guns (dual wield), Dragunov sniper rifle, minigun, USAS 12 auto shotgun, SPAS 12 combat shotgun, M1911 pistol (with silencer), etc. His meleé weapons contains: katana, ninja stars, chainsaw, crossbow & arrows, baseball bat, etc. The majority of Jeremy's weapons are considered to be lethal, but his weapons do not harm the other Moebians, strangely.

Jeremy's Signature Weapons


  • FN P90
  • AK-47
  • MAC-10
  • Steyr AUG
  • MG4
  • .44 Magnum
  • SPAS-12 Shotgun
  • Intervention Sniper Rifle
  • M16
  • Satchel Charge
  • Semtex (Sticky Grenade)
  • SCAR-H Assault Rifle

Meleé/Improvised Weapons

  • Chainsaw
  • Baseball Bat
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Bowie Knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Katana
  • Piano Wire
  • Rusty Knife
  • Shovel
  • High-pressured water hose
  • Machete
  • Pencil
  • Chain
  • Nail Gun
  • Shopping cart
  • Pepper Spray
  • Scalpel


Coming soon!

See Also


  • Jeremy's "middle name" is Dementius. It was never mentioned, however.
  • Jeremy is the only Moebian to "bleed" water, instead of actual blood. According to the History section, he was recently addicted into drinking sea water until he was sent to rehab, rather than a hospital, and therefore his blood cells were replaced with purified water. Depite this, he can still feel pain, however.
  • Jeremy is similar to Sid Phillips from Toy Story (although he tortures toys than victims and that Jeremy is older than him).
  • Unlike Johnny, Jeremy has no accent from his speech.
  • Despite his last name, Jeremy does not speak Spanish.
  • Although there has been delay on Jeremy's new appearance, it is rumored that his clothing attire would resemble a bit thug-like, having a sleveless shirt, bandana covering his hair, along with his hat, baggy shorts, sneakers and knee-high socks and white gloves with gold chains around his wrists.
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