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This is an article about Jeremiah the Crow, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 05/8/2015.

This might seem familiar to you, but don't worry, we won't have another violent oil-demon from this creator for a while. Instead, I wish to focus more on redeeming old villains in a way that would coincide with the show idea "The EQuartz Committee."


Jeremiah has the appearance of a frail, gangly old mobian crow with an... interesting design. As his head has begun balding around the top, a melted candle covers that area, and even has a string that catches fire if he were to get angry. His hair is a mess of feathers that mostly point down and then outwards around the neck area. On the middle of his forehead is an eye-marking with what appears to be smaller vein-like markings extending from it. This was from the Guardian of the Afterlife, as a symbol of his redemption and as a reminder of what Jeremiah had used to be. Jeremiah also has somewhat of an outwards chin, making it sometimes look like his lower beak is longer than the top-part, between which one can see a brown corncob-pipe that constantly releases smoke from the top. His clothes are simply grayish-black robes held together by a black belt which end at around his knees.


As opposed to his former obsession of bloodlust and consumption, Jeremiah is an open-minded old man, but still somewhat irritable, as he can tend to be a little impatient. He possesses a clearer understanding of the world and it's people, having learned that his past ways of greed and spite were only a detriment to himself. Jeremiah is also much more generous than before, believing that everyone deserves at least one more chance if they fail at something.


In a former life, this man was a powerful demon of greed and wrath named Hersephenes. In that form, he had consumed thousands of greedy souls and instilled fear in the hearts of even the most hardened beings. That is, until one day that decided Jeremiah's true fate. After consuming the soul of a certain woman, Hersephenes grew to immense power rivaling that of a minor god, but was swiftly taken out by the very spirit he consumed and her skeletal friend. A fragment of Hersephenes' soul remained within this woman in an attempt to regrow, meanwhile the rest of him floated in purgatory, suspended in an inky void of nothingness.

Once this piece had been cleared from the woman and purified his soul, Hersephenes was judged by the Guardian of the Afterlife. Although his sins immediately outweighed his heart, Hersephenes was not sentenced to damnation, but rather another chance at living, on the agreement that he assist those who had defeated him in their fight against the god of the forgotten, Sartorius Vhan, though doing so in a way that they would not notice him existing until the time comes. Hersephenes was brought back into the world as his old self, Jeremiah Mann, the greedy crow that died long ago. However, with a clearer head and a second chance at life, Jeremiah pretty much turned his old self around and created an entirely new being, and will do what he can to prevent the world from falling into void.


As he had been revived and cured of his past curses, Jeremiah no longer possesses both the ability to control oil and immortality. These had been exchanged for a new power, Wax-Manipulation. As the name implies, this allows Jeremiah to not only control wax of any kind with his mind, but can also turn his body into wax if need be. This wax can be molded and hardened into whatever Jeremiah may need, whether it be something small like a key or something massive like a boat for eight people in a rainstorm.


Jeremiah, despite his age, is prim and full of life like someone in the prime of their own life. He can move freely with ease, despite what people may think given his feeble, frail-looking exterior, giving him somewhat of an advantage against those who are quick to judge. He also possesses great jumping power, as well as the ability to slow his fall by flapping his arms, similar to how a bird flaps it's wings to fly.


Jeremiah, as requested by the Guardian of the Afterlife, has learned to stealthily sneak around and seemingly teleport from one place to another in a flash. He can fade into the shadows and appear invisible to the untrained eye, allowing him to pursuit someone without them being easily able to notice him. He also has learned to see and hear from much farther distances. 


Even with his revitalized strength and new powers, Jeremiah still carries some weaknesses that were only inevitable. Jeremiah, being in an older body than normal, does not fair well in extreme environments, as they wear down on his body faster than normal people. His wax creations are definitely very solid, but heat of any level capable of creating even a weak fire can melt through it, not to mention that his wax creations are generally very heavy with their density, making it somewhat of a double-edged sword of one were to use wax-made weapons or armor.

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