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Jenny The Hedgehog

Jenny was a young, wealthy hedgehog woman in her early 20's. The only daughter of a rich man living in a mansion deep in Station Square and the former leader of the crime-fighting Team S-Girls, Jenny was a respectable and somewhat well known figure in her neighborhood. She was best friends with Smash The Echidna, who was something of a brother figure to her.

She was killed by a man named Vic Randall, an agent of the evil organization "Skull Cross".

Character © to Alester13, and Yusef1992/Smash The Echidna/Frost1992. In order of the usernames on Youtube, Myspace, and Deviantart, respectively. Smash The Echidnais also a member at, while Alestar13 is not.


Jenny Sprite
Jenny was a hedgehog with pale-blue fur, fair skin, emerald green eyes and long sea blue hair. Her quills were short and mostly hidden behind her hair, with only a few poking out from the back. She wore a dark green dress with a lighter-colored, frilly skirt and a small blue bow near her left hip. She had long white socks and blue slippers, as well as white gloves with green bracelets. Her hair was tied together with a white band near the end its length.

After forming Team S-Girls, Jenny had a change of image. She cut her hair down to shoulder length, donning a slightly more tomboyish style. She wore a black shirt that exposed her midriff, as well as black gloves that exposed her fingertips. With green track pants and black and white sporty sneakers, she was ready for action.
On colder days she wore a brown sweater, though the cold doesn't bother her much.


Jenny was always an upbeat and cheerful person. Living a slightly sheltered life as an only child in a large mansion, Jenny was always a little bit lonely at home. She didn't get out much, but when she did she spent her time with the handful of friends she had. She was always eager to meet new people. Her outgoing, charismatic, and positive nature made it easy to get along with her.

Even she wasn't without her troubles, though. While it wasn't hard to tell if something was bothering her, she would often keep to herself about her personal matters, putting them all behind a smile. There were very few people she could confide in.

Jenny the hedgehog by daft punk girl2-dbh1fp0

Jenny up in a tree, by Daft-Punk-Girl

After forming Team S-Girls, Jenny had gone through a change. She became far more active and energetic, more selfless and helpful. She became far more willing to put herself before others, and showed a strong sense of duty and leadership. Unfortunately, she's also shown to have been a bit impatient and hasty, which has landed her in some bad situations. She was as brave as she was reckless, but she usually managed to pull through in the end.

The reason for this change is that certain incident one winter. After the death of her boyfriend, Neo the Hedgehog, Jenny found it even more difficult to keep up her smile. She blamed herself for the incident, and sought to turn over a new leaf. She formed Team S-Girls as a way of changing herself from a helpless damsel to a strong and independent woman. She fought crime and kept the streets of Station Square safe not only to help people in need or to become a better person herself, but also as a way of atoning for letting Neo die.

Strengths and Powers

Jenny began practicing Karate somewhere between Neo's death and the founding of Team S-Girls. She was a very talented girl with lots of potential; she was on her way to catching up with Smash. She wasn't the strongest or the fastest person on the team, but she proved to be very skilled and full of determination. Hand-to-Hand combat was her forte, (granted she never really used any weapons,) but her methods of fighting were mostly about being defensive and disarming opponents.

Jenny was secretly a cryokinetic; a fact that she herself never knew for the longest time. It's unknown how powerful her cryokinesis really is, as she never learned how to tap into it. It's implied that she used to know a long time ago, but something caused her to forget...

Although she could not control her power, she was however unaffected by cold weather.

General Info

For as long as she could remember, Jenny was raised by a wealthy man in Station Square. It was just her, her father and their butler. Her father was strict and overbearing, Other than having her attend a private school, he didn't allow Jenny to go out very much. As such, she had very few friends growing up, but always treasured their time together.

Something Jenny did not know about herself is that she had been in the Black Rose Orphanage before she was taken in by her foster father. She was an orphan whose parents were unknown and whose history was a mystery. Not even her foster father knew, however, that she was hospitalized before being sent off to the orphanage after being involved in an accident at the age of five.

Several years later when Jenny reached adulthood, she found herself roped up into an arranged marriage with the only son of a big-name politician from Central City; Rex the Hedgehog. Jenny naturally refused to be a part of it, not wanting her father to make her life decisions for her, but the decision had already been made official. The wedding was not to take place for some time, yet it seemed like there wasn't really any way out of it.

It was around the same time this decision was made when Jenny had begun dating someone else. Neo the Hedgehog was Jenny's first love. And along with Neo, she had also made a handful of new friends. There was Smash, who originally introduced her to Neo. There was Pearl, his little sister. There was Violet and Speedy, who at the time were only kids living in Greenflower City. Gizmo, Tab, Lucy, Crystal, all at once she had found herself welcomed into an evergrowing circle of friends.

Unfortunately, she had also begun to make some enemies. Sally Tyrantia had her eyes on Neo first, and she wasn't above "removing" any competitors for his affection out of the picture. Sally appeared to be the neighborhood troublemaker; wherever she walked, she could leave a path of destruction in her wake. (Figuratively.) However, she was more dangerous than she let on. She was the only daughter of Zan Tyrantia, a feared crimelord in Station Square. Neo, unfortunately, was up to his neck in debt to him.

With Jenny, Rex, Neo and Sally, this had already become a pretty uncomfortable love triangle. But when it was revealed that another girl, Jessica, also had feelings for Neo, things just got awkward. Neo and Jenny really just wanted to be left alone. But fate had other plans...

(The roleplay is on hold.)

Items Currently In Possession

Atlantian Bracelet - One out of two unique bracelets, these were a birthday present from Smash. They are shimmering gold pieces of jewelry with beautiful atlantian carvings, and an emblem made of sapphire and emerald on the top. Since they were custom made in Atlantis, the home country of Luna the Hedgehog, there are only two in existence. While one she still has on her, the other she sent away to Smash for safekeeping--not long before her death.



Smash, here. I'll be giving some notes and comments on this character in Alestar's place, since I've mostly adopted this character. Rather, I basically have free reign since I'm in charge of the series. Alestar isn't a member here, but if she ever wanted to add or revise anything she's free to. Jenny was the first character Alestar13 created, and one of the first guest characters to find their way into the series canon. Her debut was the large fanfiction on the Sonic X forums of "A Very Romantic Story with Lots of Action and of course Drama".
...I'm pretty sure she didn't actually have a name for it at the time and was just kinda winging it for the most part, but this fanfic became a very important factor in building up the series. Alestar was accepting other people's fancharacters to appear in the story, so that is how her fanfic became the base for the three-episode story arc at the beginning of the series. This was one of Smash's earliest appearances, but it was the debut of people like Pearl, Violet, and of course Sandy.

In the original story, Jenny became Sonic's boyfriend. That was changed in the rewrite to an entirely new character, Neo the Hedgehog. Neo played the same role as Sonic for the most part, but had his own backstory and personality to back him up. The original villainess of the story was Sally Acorn, who was naturally jealous that Sonic had gone with someone else and was not above killing off anyone willing to get between him and her. She was also changed in the rewrite to a new character, Sally Tyrantia. She's kept the same personality (since let's be honest, Acorn was outta character entirely) but now she's the daughter of the crimelord, Zan the Tiger. (who happens to be a new character written for the rewrite)

At some point, Alestar was unable to log into 4kids, and thus had to personally send me the next chapters to post up in her stead. Somewhere along the line, the two of us began to roleplay one of the chapters, which for a time became known as "Smash and Pearl - Ace Detectives". The two echidnas were investigating a murder, yet thanks to some fourth wall leaning, they already knew exactly what happened. They just needed to find all the clues they needed to help the police.

I don't actually remember how the fanfic ended, if it had an official ending at all, but Alestar and I eventually began to roleplay a lot more in the future. The next roleplay introduced Team SGirls (I prefer the S-Girls spelling but apparently it's officially SGirls) consisting of Jenny, Tami and Tina. I don't quite remember much of it, but I do remember some early interactions between Jenny and Smash. Some of the first signs of them becoming good friends. There were a lot of weird retcons in that roleplay though, since a lot of people who had supposedly died were suddenly back with no explanation. Granted, it was really just a silly talkplay if anything, but SGirls was canon.

Later we had the death of Tina. It was a jarring experience that I wasn't really ready for. The story was mostly kept the same in the rewrite, but moved ahead in time in order to develop Tina's character more. (back then I really didn't have much time to get to know her.) But after that, we had Mysterious Origins, which served as the big reveal and the turning point in our roleplays. This is where we started to have big thought out plots for grand roleplays--except this one ended after like what, one chapter? I think it was supposed to be like the prelude to our next roleplay, which introduced a new villain "The Dracomancer". This was really a lost episode that I wasn't sure what to do with. It heavily implied that Jenny had some backstory with the Dracomancer, as well as her apparent rival Ember the Hedgehog. It also introduced her super form, which she couldn't fully control for some interesting (yet unexplained) reason.

It was overall meant to be a grand adventure, but it ended rather abruptly. The Dracomancer wouldn't be brought up again until several years later. Meanwhile, our next adventure actually DID have an end: The Search for Marina was the last roleplay Jenny had any part in. It introduced Rock the Unicorn, and the mysterious kidnappers that would later be known as Skull Cross.

Sometime after that episode, Alestar informs me of unfortunate events happening in her own episode to the side. Jenny had been murdered by Skull Cross. She fought them in space, and lost her life to them.

Despite being killed off, Jenny had already made her mark on the series. She had been involved in at least two canon roleplays (at the time; now it's more like three.) and was treated as a recurring guest character. However, after reviewing older roleplays, I realized that didn't do her justice, and worked to make her into a main character. She and Smash were actually very close friends back then, yet her death was practically waved off without a roleplay or anything. Now they're nothing short of best friends, and her connections to the rest of the main cast have grown exceptionally. Her death won't be taken lightly.

Differences between Original and Rewrite

So what exactly has changed since I took Jenny under my wing? One of the main things I've stressed over is filling in the blanks and connecting the dots from the mishmash of different things I'm left with; be they characters, roleplays, or fanfics, unfinished or otherwise. On one hand, Jenny had a lot of time to develop, but on the other hand, well, she died off right when we were about to learn of her backstory. We had just learned that she has connections to Ember, the Dracomancer, somebody named Ragonize who was affiliated with the soon-to-be overarcing villains of the series, Skull Cross. It was heavily implied that she was an artificial mobian--rather, i think it was outright stated that she was created by Ragonize himself. And now he wanted her and Ember dead. We had a huge story arc seemingly coming to life before she was suddenly killed off.

Drawn by Alestar13 herself!

And after she died, that was it. We made very few references to her, aside from going after Skull Cross whenever possible. We never learned about her history with them, we never saw the Dracomancer again, heck Tami and Ember both vanished from the plot. The whole thing was abandoned save for Skull Cross. So naturally there was a lot of work I had to do.

Using what knowledge I had of her down, I came up with her dollmaker design. While Alestar had drawn a picture of Jenny's original look from her first appearance, she wasn't able to upload it until years later. Jenny's post-SGirls design, however, was heavily inspired by Gen The Hedgehog on DeviantArt. I kept that in mind when I worked with the dollmaker concept, but I changed it up to give it her own style.

Going further, I strengthened the relationship between Jenny and Smash, went into detail on why she formed Team SGirls, how and where she learned to fight, and wrote her entire backstory with Skull Cross based on the few clues I was given in those short roleplays. It was about that time when I seriously began to treat Jenny like my own character, though I still try to keep in contact with Alestar for her approval. I wrote up her personality based on memory and how I feel she would be all things considered.

Despite being dead, I still have a lot to work with Jenny. I have an entire season to consider with her!



The Love Triangle - The first part of the re-written fanfiction below. There isn't much info on this as the roleplay has been on hold for a while.

The Loss of a Friend - The original roleplay that annonced the death of Tina the Echidna.

Mysterious Origins - The prelude to a huge story arc. Jenny and her rival Ember are attacked by two assassins sent by a man named Ragonize...

Rise of the Dracomancer - A lost episode involving a new villain, The Dracomancer. He and Dr. Eggman formed an alliance to capture the heroes and take over the world.

The Search For Marina - Jenny's final appearance in the original set of roleplays. Marina the Echidna had suddenly gone missing; the gang does everything they can to try and locate her.


"A Very Romantic Story with Lots of Action and of course Drama"

Her debuting story, written by Alestar13. It was essentially a love story circling around Jenny the Hedgehog, and her love triangle between Sonic, Sally, and a dude named Rex. Alestar had accepted other people's characters into the story, be they main characters or simply cameos. Later, this story would be re-written as the roleplay "The Love Triangle".

Other Appearances

Smash and Co.'s Roleplay series - Jenny's role in the series has been revised to be a main character with a strong influence over the course of the story.

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame) - Jenny is referenced a few times throughout the story, most notably if the player views the "heart-to-heart" scenes with Smash or Violet during the final chapter. Some of Splice's journal entries on previous episodes also talk about her.

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