Jelke the Hedgehog is a former mercenary now known to be working for The Trolls as a member of the Mobian-converted Troll group Team Hydros. An aquatic specialist kitted up with a custom suit of powered armor, Jelke is a grizzled old veteran many view as being something of a mentor and leader to the team.


Much to the amusement and frustration of many of his fellow Trolls; especially the purebreds, Jelke is a blue hedgehog, his fur mottled in a fashion similar to flowing water. In order to try to emphasize his own personal identity and distance himself from the accusations of being a "recolor", the man has grown out thick black hair and a rough beard of the same color; though this has not completely silenced his critics. In the very least, his red eyes do hold enough of a threat to keep the insulting parties quiet.


Typically, Jelke wears the undersuit for his armor; a specially designed black wetsuit with a blue band around each arm, along with a simple pair of black slip-on shoes. This is primarily for speed in armoring up.


Ever since he defected to the Trolls; Jelke has worn a specially built suit of powered armor in the field. Custom-built by members of the Trollish engineering team, this silver, black and blue mechanical construct is far more boxy and cumbersome in design compared to the average powered suit seen in the field, though it is clear from the specialized fittings that the suit is designed to be amphibious and capable of fairly deep dives in the ocean. The only active weaponry built into the suit are a pair of Troll biochip launchers; one mounted in each wrist, though each of the water jets designed for aquatic movement makes an effective high-pressure burst for a short-range weapon.



Jelke, as befitting a former mercenary, has a good head for finances and bartering; often working to ensure Team Hydros can acquire gear from Mobian sources without little hassle or draw from operational budgets; which also helps him acquire parts to continue to maintain and enhance his war suit. Similarly, Jelke has experience with performing stealthy operations both above and below the surface, even with his heavy suit.

As a combatant, Jelke prefers to get up close and personal rather than holding off and fighting elementally or with the bio-chip launchers mounted to the wrists of his suit, though he will fight in such means should the fight provoke it. His experience with stealth and camouflage in an underwater environment has been cited by others within the Trolls as a key reason why the team he has been assigned to has been so successful. Elementally; this fighting style suits him as he possesses a moderate hydrokinetic skill level, though he typically relies on his suit's underwater propulsion system to accelerate his swimming. Typically, he only utilizes his powers above water, though the simplistic bursts of water he is known to perform lacks the true threatening factor.


While his somewhat generic appearance often attracts negative attention from other Trolls; Jelke lacks the self-control to simply ignore these comments for long. It does not take much harassment to provoke a rather expletive-laden vitriolic rant from the hedgehog where he cites his military accomplishments and skills before extensively threatening those that provoked him.






  • Jelke's personality is designed to reference the infamous "Navy SEAL" copypasta meme.


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