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'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is one of the members of the ruling council of the [[Fenris Combine]], having formerly served in the military.
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is one of the members of the ruling council of the [[Fenris Combine]], having formerly served in the military.

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Jeffrey the Hedgefly is one of the members of the ruling council of the Fenris Combine, having formerly served in the military.

Biographical Information
Age 41
Relatives pending
Alias pending
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hedgefly (Hedgehog/Butterfly hybrid)
Gender Male
  • Fur: Red, with olive skin
  • Eyes: Dark grey
  • Wings: Black, with a red starburst effect close around his body
  • Has a faint birthmark on his face & antennae on his forehead
  • Purple cloak worn over his shoulders like a cape; detailed with platinum thread
  • Black dress uniform jacket; featuring medals over his left breast & added platinum patterning on the shoulders
  • Black dress uniform pants; featuring platinum detailing at the base of each leg
  • Black dress shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Flight
  • Fairly accomplished tactician
  • Reasonably effective orator
  • Possesses the genetic ability Natural Cure
  • Fully genetically ascended
  • High-grade electrokinesis
  • Skilled with naturakinesis
  • Potent psychic potential
  • Out-of-practice but experienced with firearms
  • Out-of-practice but experienced in hand-to-hand combat
  • Talented gardener
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Flashfire212


When he was born, Jeffrey was a small red hedgehog who was regarded as being fairly feminine in appearance, this trait continued up until his military enlistment. He had firm silver eyes and a faint birthmark along his lip line; which almost made him appear to be smirking all the time; a trait that earned him no end of trouble as a cadet.

After his first ascension, during his basic training; Jeffrey stood at average height, with black markings spread over his back and forehead, with his red fur darkening somewhat. His body grew somewhat more muscular at this point, and it is said that he gained powers he had lacked previously at this point.

After his final ascension; which occurred on the battlefield in his mid-20s, Jeffrey had become what was dubbed a "Hedgefly", with large black butterfly wings with a crimson starburst effect haloing his body emerging from his back and short antennae poking out from the black marks on his head.


While he was a soldier, Jeffrey typically wore the standard military uniform; though after each ascension it got more complex to adapt with his changing physical forms. However, in the present day as a member of the ruling council, Jeffrey wears a modified military dress uniform with the basic design coming from that of a general.

In this respect, he wears the standard black dress uniform jacket and pants, modified to allow for his wings to emerge and sit in plain sight, as well as dress shoes. However, he has had both the jacket and pants modified with platinum detailing along the base of each leg on the pants, and on the shoulders and arms of his jacket. With this, he has plain black dress shoes; but the most fanciful addition to the normal dress uniform is a purple cloak worn like a cape, with platinum detailing plucked out in the wolf's head emblem of the Fenris Combine.



It was said by his fellow soldiers that Jeffrey was quiet insecure during the early days of basic training, with no true power to claim at the time. It was noted that he had the potential to evolve; but with no indication as to how that would occur, it was not viewed as a priority and he was routinely mocked for his appearance. However, after a few weeks of training, Jeffrey soon emerged with greater physical strength and skill with both electricity and psionic power. This boon was greatly appreciated during those early days of his military career, with Jeffrey rapidly excelling in close-quarters by charging his body with electricity, while he was fully capable of psychic assaults at range while simultaneously shooting.

As Jeffrey climbed in ranks, he continued training and pushing himself in the goal of never letting himself be as powerless as he was before his first ascension, and to the surprise of many people; that paid off during combat. Already a decorated officer, Jeffrey's second evolution brought with it even further power, namely an innate control over nature that he took his time to study; with gardening quickly becoming a combined hobby and practice regime. The potency of his other powers increased, while it was found that if he was relaxing; he could cure himself of almost any sort of foreign substance or forced affliction. Shortly after that point, he was promoted into a role that was more political than officer, with his tactical skill and ability as a speaker helping him in both political and command roles. This accumulated with his rise to the ruling council of his home.

As-of the present day, Jeffrey is still a fairly competent fighter with his three elements, and in some cases may even seem overconfident in elemental or physical fights due to his ability to simply rest off the effects of poisons or elemental side-effects. However, this overconfidence comes at a cost, as Jeffrey has stopped routinely training with hand-to-hand combat; leaving him with only basic strikes in his repertoire. It is rumored that he has even stepped backwards into biting and flailing at his targets like a child, though there is no true confirmation on that.

On looking at his elemental powers, they compliment each other fairly well. Nature's manipulation of plants is capable of breaking through earthen guards and absorbing water defenses for his combat strikes with lightning. Psychic might gives him some level of prior warning against oncoming attacks and to some extent the ability to nudge oncoming attacks away. However, as with most Psychics, he can't really combat Chaos Energy without prior preparation, while attacks from wielders of Fire and Ice can prevent him from utilizing his naturakinesis fully.

Electric Abilities

Nature Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Psychic Abilities







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