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Jeff the Moth is a young mage's apprentice living with his family as members of the Sunlight Avengers; a mercenary group based upon Mobius.


A young moth with a bright yellow exoskeleton; Jeff is on the smaller side to average for a Mobian of his age; with a pair of large white wings stippled with small black dots ensuring that the youngster holds people's attention. His eyes are large and orange; with faint amber markings in his irises hinting at a compound vision style.


Partly because the Sunlight Avengers are a very casual mercenary force, and because his mentor has experience with the Elemental Clans; Jeff tends to dress in a similar manner; a simple red-brown vest and tan shorts with plain brown sandals.



As a Mobian Moth, Jeff is fully capable of flight, though in a manner slower than most Mobian birds. Instead of speed, Jeff has modest aerial maneuverability, capable of altering his position incredibly rapidly.

Genetically; Jeff is known to possess the ability Shining Spirit; inherited from his father's side. This ability amps up his magical powers with his confidence; with power vastly increased when at his most self-assured; while at the lowest when he feels outclassed, making his powers somewhat temperamental.

At the recommendation of his parents; Jeff has been receiving training in the mercenary group as a mage; though at the current early portion of his training it is difficult to see his future potential. So far; he has only shown aptitude in a single form of elemental magic; a form of pyromancy that he employs in a manner some argue to be reminiscent of a trainee Fire Clan battle mage. Due to his age, his training has been primarily focused around aptitude and capacity; rather than entering into the realms of techniques; or even proper self-defense training outside of the skills all children living with the Sunlight Avengers get taught.

Due to his genetic ability; it is quite easy to sway the tides of battle when fighting Jeff if you can convince him that he does not have a true chance to win; as his powers fluctuate with his willpower.








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