Jeff is a dark flying type chao and a minor character in my chao fanfiction the chao adventures 2: the shattered Crystal. He works for King Caruso and is known to try avenging his partner curb the mudwing.


As a baby chao growing up in the dark realm, Jeff was born after many years of trying to be born. Basically he never knew his older brother named Zeo just until revealing his dark past. His older brother Zeo was the reason why he had to work for Caruso. Back when him and Zeo were baby chao inside capsules and hatching from eggs, jeff would always cry as a baby which bothered Zeo and caused him to be cold and deceitful to others. Ever since Zeo had grown older, Jeff grew into intense trauma and had brutally scratched himself using a rake (his blood is silver by the way) and stayed inside of his room at all times in case Zeo came out of his room.

Ever since this stupid trauma had gone on long enough, jeff heard screaming and crying coming from the living room. The screaming then turned into a choking sound and Jeff ran outside of his room to find the noise. He noticed that Zeo had turned evil and had beaten their parents to death with a Baseball bat. Jeff's heart sank into the size of an insect and ran away for good. As he ran to find a safe place to stay instead of his insane brother, he tripped over a rock during the process. He then noticed his brother Zeo was chasing after him. Jeff noticed he was a smart chao and saw that the voices were in his head, telling him to do bad things.

Jeff had gotten up, ran off and flew away. Zeo had walked back into the house and Jeff had stayed behind so he wouldn't see his brother. After the instant violence that happened an hour ago, Jeff now suffers to what it seems a panic attack now. Everyday he would always fall to the ground, put his hands on his face and cry unceremoniously. then after living inside of a cave filled with emptiness for too long, finding someone who would be at his side, he found curb, a mudwing who is the older sister of timber (you probably already know her). He then heard about all of the great things that the dragon chao army has to offer and that they'll be jeff's companions.

After flying with curb to go to the dragon chao army, there they met king Caruso who was the king of chao raider island. Curb told Jeff that they'll make a great army someday to save innocent helpless chao who could not help themselves. As the days have passed, he heard that Zeo had pulled another chao egg out of his mother who was dead and sent it to Jeff during the battle against the hexwing army. Curb had noticed that his mother was dead when this chao egg was laid. This caused a stress attack in Jeff and noticed something.

The only way for his newborn sister to become born is for another person to sacrifice themselves. Jeff tried to prevent curb from doing this, but she refused to live.

"I'm sorry, Jeff. But I have to." - Curb after Jeff prevents her from doing so.

Then after curb goes after a hexwing, she then appears to be chased by both hexwings and the queen herself, Ivy. Jeff saw the tragic death of his comrade and after the birth of his sister, she was healthy. That could only lead to one thing: curb sacrificed herself for Avis's life. This is also where jeff's story starts here.


Jeff has silver streaks on his back, golden shoulder plates, a purple cape and black fur.


Jeff is loyal and bold to his visitors after bumping into them, but was seen as cold and deceitful to general paella after she yelled and berated lightbulb. He is also kind and timid towards King Caruso, but he feels that the king might have, well, ya know, feelings for him.


General Paella

After meeting the general, she was an ultimate bully to him for trying to defeat the Royal carribean by telling him that she Was her boss and if he would have ever killed her, he had to stay out of it. Then after a few houra of being inside of that tree for so long, she then develops romantic feelings for Jeff and kisses him.

King Caruso

Jeff somehow works for the king and is a loyal fighter to him. Ever since the death of curb, he is knowing that the king would help him.


"I am Jeff. My name is Jeff."

"I came here from the chao raider valley just ordered by king Caruso when he had noticed an attack on the Sphinx island."

"You are Jake, right?"

"Yeah, well, I guess I have to take you."

"Because King caruso needs to see you all for important business, ecspecially you, Jake!"

"Yes, as I am the loyal fighter of this island."

"The answer is yes."

"Here they are."

"I'm sorry, your highness."

"Oxalis! Is there any message you would to relieve to us?"

"We must stop her. I know this haunted witch."

"Yes. When her and I have fought against the hexwing army. As we have fought them, we have beaten them. We were in Greta victory until that dark day. When me and her have explored a sacred crystal heart that was so cryptic which my king had his to keep anyone from getting near, I tried to stop her."

"But then, when she touched the crystal heart, she then grew to become a sinister warlord. When she had lead her troops to destroy my island, chao raider, King Caruso banished the sadistic warlord and then she only hid in the shadows."

"Then, I had gotten into a fight with the Royal carribean, but apparently, my dear friend, a Mudwing names curb had sacrificed herself after an egg of my sister had been hatched. She said that an error had been made during her birth and she gave her life to my newly hatched sister. Then after the battle, I did not know what happened to curb, but I never saw her again."

"Ah! General paella!"

"What a pleasant surprise!"

"I guess we use this helpful chao formation!"

"Grayson, The more insults you spit out, the less we'll get out of this storm! So stop!"

"I know how you must feel, general."

"But let us not forget that you are a great general and very well-mannered. You could even fight off a leviathan one by one."

"Then, what is the problem?"

"Like what paell-"

"Listen, general. I cannot see how you love me so much."

"It is about our allies and carribean."

"Now that there is no way to stop her, we'll lose the war for sure."

"Jake. It is our destiny So we must take it or leave it."

"This is gold."

"She was the greatest lightwing her tribe has had until that one dark day, when she went hunting she found a hexwing named crave who was the nephew of the Queen. He killed her one by one out of flesh and bones."

"As from now on, we stick together so we do not end up like gold."

"That is scout."

"She is part of the fire squad who was abused by her brother when she was young."

"Trying to escape. Same as always."

"Woah! I guess dark type chao are strong."

"I used to be."

"Until I lost in a battle with a hexwing, I lost my courage."

"It is the deadly squad's torture chamber, or bipolar calls it, the wall of pain."


"Azul, you evil octopus!"

"Unless, we use something useful."

"Oh, Jake."

"It is only a matter of time before they find us."


  • Jeff's quote "my name is Jeff" is actually a name for a meme called "my name is Jeff."
  • Jeff might speak in a Norse accent.
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