Jean Efult is a fairly unconventional royal from the small island kingdom; the Gilaeos Monarchy. While expected to be feminine and demure; Jean much prefers to mimic her brothers and learn to fight rather than sit around and wait for romance.


Shorter than the average Mobian and somewhat pudgier with a short furry tail - the standard vole; essentially - Jean Efult has course tan fur covering a large portion of her body. Her exposed skin is peach, though tending towards tan due to the time she spends outside. Jean also has a rather pronounced shock of silver-blonde hair atop her head that routinely ends up teased out wildly. Her eyes are a deep ocean blue; resembling that of the oceans surrounding her home.


While she has been directly forbidden from wearing anything outwardly military or masculine by her mother and teachers; Jean has bypassed that restriction with a customized dress tailored for war. The dress is thigh-high at the front; though the skirt falls to the back of her knees behind her, and made of muted blues and greens; the same as the uniform worn by her father and brothers. The bust of this dress is faintly corseted with strips of deep green ocean leather, creating a structure around her bust and torso of similar structure to leather armor. There are similar structures of the same substance over her shoulders, with her arms otherwise exposed aside for a simple pair of black gloves marked with cyan psychokinetic focus marks.

Beneath the corseted section, Jean typically wears a belt of the same leathery substance as the armored sections of her body, from which she carries her scabbarded sword.



A member of the Efult dynasty; Jean possesses the family's genetic ability Ocean Union. With this ability, as long as Jean is fighting on a beach or at sea; she grows stronger and faster in almost every aspect, with that power being amplified by the presence of her allies. This power is highly valued in their island nation, and is believed to be one of the key strengths of this family's legacy.

Jean's weapon of choice is surprisingly fairly common; though this may likely be due to opposition against her more tomboyish personality and desire to fight. While her brothers may carry rarer weapons; Jean is often left to make-do with a common Tidal Sword, a sword with a simplistic Water-elemental affinity. If this has been a point of discontent for the young vole; she has not spoken it. Indeed, her skill with the sword is respectable; occasionally pushing her elder brothers to a draw through her use of rapid slicing flurries or imbuing her blade with psychic power; a power she can only use fleetingly.

As a Rainvole; Jean has natural power over Water. However, she typically refuses to actually employ these powers for combat over range with claims that it is insulting. In fact, Jean rarely draws upon her combat skill with water, only really employing it passively for the amphibious qualities and underwater breathing it grants. Instead, the princess employs a power very few in her family seem to possess, Telekinesis. Through utilizing this psychic might, the young woman is just as capable at defending herself over a moderate range as she is in close with her sword.

Of course, Jean has failings. As a Rainvole, she has all the elemental weaknesses of Water as personal weaknesses as well. She immensely struggles to fight any of them, especially wielders of Electricity that can use her sword as a lightning rod. Similarly; her combat strength is weakened the further she gets from the ocean thanks to Ocean Union wearing off.








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