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This is an article about Jazz the Cat, a character created by Konnichiku on 12/29/2016.

Jazz the Cat is a lesbian tabby cat who's friends with Luisa the Zebra Cat.


Jazz is blue with black eyes and slacked spikes. She wears a one-piece pink dress and pink go-go boots, and wears a black watch.


Jazz is a headstrong girl with a serious approach to things. She likes to play video games, tap dance, and play piano. She manages to get her friends out of situations, and was embarrassed to admit she was lesbian.


Jazz was born on South Island. When she was 9, she moved to Central City and met her best friend Luisa. She came out when she was 10 and was very embarrassed to admit she was attracted to women. She developed a crush on fellow lesbian Carly the Chinchilla.


Jazz takes tap class and piano lessons.


Jazz doesn't like being embarrassed, especially surrounded by gay and lesbian bashers. She tried to write a letter to Fred Phelps (the biggest gay basher on this Earth) explaining that his viewpoints were wrong, but it was never sent and frowned upon by her parents.

Jazz also has a fear of spiders.