Princess of the Free People, Jayme Acorn, is the daughter of Monkey Khan and Sally Acorn, and later connects the Acorn family to Sonic's bloodline through her wedding with Manic the Hedgehog, Sonic's son.

Jayme Acorn

Biographical Information
Age22 (as of Book Four: Insanity)
Romantic InterestsManic the Hedgehog
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Squirrel-Chipmunk hybrid
  • Fur: Brown & tan
  • Hair: Chocolate brown
  • Eyes: Blue-green
  • Green vest
  • Dark blue skirt
  • Dark green boots w/ white stripe down the middle
  • Dark green gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Skilled tactician
  • Basic Chaos manipulation
  • Some skill with Nature techniques
  • Moderate hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Skilled diplomat
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Looking for all intents and purposes like a younger Sally Acorn, Jayme differs from her mother with chocolate brown hair in place of Sally's red-brown. In addition, she is a fair bit more wiry than her mother, with similar blue-green eyes.


Normally, Jayme wears a green vest, although unlike her mother at similar ages she prefers to close it to preserve her modesty a little bit more, plus a dark blue skirt. Her dark green boots somewhat resemble Amy Rose's, with the big white stripe down the middle, while she finishes off her clothing with a pair of dark green gloves.


Early Life

The elder of the twins, Jayme's early childhood was nothing outstanding, growing up in the Dragon Kingdom as one of the two princesses, and quickly formed a name for herself as a gentle child with natural grace. However, due to living in the Dragon Kingdom, she very rarely met with the other children of Freedom Fighters.

Jacob's Legion

Jayme made her first true appearance to the other Freedom Fighter descendants when she arrived with her mother and sister to help defend New Mobotropolis from the encroaching force of Jacob's Legion. In this situation, she served in the tactical room alongside her mother and NICOLE, helping to coordinate the forces fighting outside while the other tacticians were involved with a life-saving surgical procedure - the implantation of inhibitor gates inside Will's body. After the conflict ended, Jayme didn't react in the same way as her mother towards the execution of a large portion of prisoners at the hands of Ronan Windrine, although she was stunned and sickened by the actions, she wasn't outraged nor did she hold it against the fox. Soon after that point, she returned with her family to the Dragon Kingdom, although around this time she began visiting places like New Mobotropolis and Mercia a lot more frequently, getting to know her peers.

Moebian Invasion

Jayme did not make a direct appearance during the Moebian Invasion, however it was revealed later on that she was involved in protecting her home country from bandit raids, with members of the Yagyu clan deciding that because the other clans were distracted by the war, they could plunder as they liked. Soon after the war, however, she began dating Sonic's son Manic, which was a step closer towards bridging the conflict between the two families.


Two years after they started dating, Manic proposed to the young Acorn princess, at the wedding of his own sister and Will, the son of Knuckles to be precise. However, due to a pressing threat in the Dragon Kingdom, she found herself heading home sooner than expected. This threat was revealed to be an occupation force of Col'nesian mercenaries, headed by Ronan himself. Due to her respect for the tactician, she parleyed with him, but he revealed that he had abandoned her mother in the wilderness, while her father was imprisoned after losing his temper. However, Ronan refused to say exactly why he was in the Dragon Kingdom, although he hinted at the fact that he was hired.

Jayme contacted her uncle, who arranged for a force of soldiers and knights to be sent to aid in fighting the invaders. This unit was headed-up by her fiancée, who refused to let his future wife suffer. However, soon after the force from the Acorn Kingdom arrived, the Col'nesians switched sides and began fighting the Shadow Armada, the people who hired them, alongside this force from the Acorn Kingdom. When Jayme asked the technomage leader, he simply said he needed to be paid one way or another, and since Shadow refused to pay, somebody would for his defeat. After the war, Jayme and Manic went on a combined romantic getaway and diplomatic tour of the Dragon Kingdom, where Jayme was negotiating for the creation of a unified army with help from the Ninja Clans. This plan ultimately brought two of the three remaining clans on side, with the Raiju refusing to "submit" and join the other clans in this force, which included some of the free people.


Jayme was on this diplomatic tour throughout the possessed rampage performed by Maddy, Manic's sister, although the couple returned to New Mobotropolis returned to New Mobotropolis to serve as members of the Freedom Fighters Mk. II, with Jayme receiving the role of battlefield tactician. However, this was to little effect as Maddy was defeated and the demon possessing her, Rageik, banished to Moebius.


Jayme avoided any repercussions during Scourge's assault on Mobius, with Rageik not viewing the girl as a problem while he manipulated the sadistic hedgehog and powered him for his revenge. Despite this, Jayme did assist the Moebian Infiltration Team from Mobius, using a tactical suite to help the team as much as she could, despite the limited communications she could achieve. She disapproved the actions of Will sealing the demon within himself, but there was very little she could do.

Information from part-way through Book Four: Insanity onwards is currently in the progress of being written, and may not be completely correct.


Jayme is, unlike her twin, not a frontline fighter. While combat-trained by both her mother and father, she lacks the will and physical power to fight in the same way as either of them, although she is quite agile and light on her feet, making her a harder target to hit than expected. In addition to this, she has some rudimentary Chaos manipulation skills, although these are mostly limited to support powers such as Chaos Heal. She also has some semblance of Nature manipulation, although these powers are less powerful than on a fighter dedicated to that study.

However, just because she isn't a frontline fighter, Jayme is not a foe to be written off. She is a highly skilled tactician and diplomat, and when she does fight, despite her low strength, her tactical mind means that she can slowly pick apart an opponent by focusing her attacks on where they are already hurt. Despite this, armed fighters and those trained in elemental combat have little to fear from this young woman.

Nature Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Chaos Powers

Forms & Fusions


A quiet, controlled young woman, Jayme is not what most people expect when they hear of Sally Acorn's daughter. While she looks like her mother, Jayme's mannerisms and personality are a lot less driven by her emotions and more tactical. As such, even in diplomatic meetings, she seems in control of herself. Furthermore, tactically, she is a genius, often challenging Miles "Tails" Prower to matches of chess which she often pushes to a stalemate, as well as the occasional victory.

That said, Jayme is also the kind of girl to love to relax and have fun, especially once she started making friends in both New Mobotropolis and Mercia, with her taste in parties and relaxation known.






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