Jayla is a rather skinny light brown/dirty-blonde fur, dark ash brown wings, hazel eyes, and pale skinned bat. She wears a light blue polo short sleeve and blue jeans tucked into a pair of brown boots that are knee high length, note she wears this mostly during the late spring and summer also in the early fall. In the late fall, winter, and early spring, Jayla wears a white long sleeved polo, blue jeans tucked into her knee high brown boots. She wears a brown jacket that is rather long, the length going to the end of her thighs. She wears her black fingerless gloves and her glasses during the whole year, excluding when she sleeps she has a different attire and no glasses.


Jayla can be ambitious and motivated when it comes to certain times, however, she is normally calm and laid back. Most of the time she can be honest, loyal, loving, and kind to people she knows well. If she does not know a person well she will be timid, shy, quiet, and try to stray away if things become awkward. She can also tend to be unforgiving if something has happened between her and another.


Jayla Ann the Bat drawn by Silver-and-jayla

Also, she can be imaginative and can believe she is independent, when really she sometimes needs all the help she can get. If she becomes attached to a person, she tends to admire them. Jayla also tends to be a loner when it comes with social groups, thinking that being social does not matter.


Jayla Ann the Bat was the middle child of her family. She was a very cheerful and hyper child growing up, always wanting to be top-student and wanting friends. She was born with Telekinesis and Telepathy, and was taught how to use it well. She always had nice happy thoughts. This all eventually went downhill. Her mother and father raised her, along with her older and younger sister, until she reached the age of 15. One day, a few months after Jayla Ann turned 15, her mother, father, and younger sister had went missing. Confused, she went to try to go find them, returning home to her older sister with no mother or father, let alone a younger sister. Jayla Ann and her older sister ended up in an arguement, as she tried to let the older one know that she had no idea what had happened to them. Her older sister ended up storming outside, upset at everything and all around her. Jayla Ann was left alone for that night. The next day, her sister had not return, leaving Jayla Ann to hurry out in the world to try to find her.

After months of looking, she could no longer find her family. She was left alone. She still went to school, she still walked around, but she stopped being the cherrful hyper well-known girl everybody had knew. She eventually stopped talking to others, abandoning others to be left alone. Jayla Ann rather stay alone then watch more and more people disappear away from her grasp.

Jayla Ann, who now likes to refer herself as just "Jayla", now lives alone in a small house located near the woods. She can be seen wandering around, flying around, or just standing alone around the area she is in. She normally brings a notebook, pencils, scissors, and a knife around with her. She rather draw from inspirational things. The scissors and knife are her weapons, which she keeps just in case somebody were to attack her. Sure she has telekinesis, but she always thought she wasn't too good at it.


Jayla has Telekinesis and telepathy powers. She normally uses her telepathy powers for jobs she may be assigned to get information. Her telekinesis are used for fighting and everyday things. Maybe she might need some extra help with holding something that is hard to lift, or maybe she needs to hold sevral different things.


Jayla was born with the natural ability to see in the dark, just like any other bat would be. Except, she is actually better at seeing in daylight than night for unknown reasons. 


Jayla's skills are art and music. She had self taught herself both of these skills. She normally brings around a notebook and some pencils, as stated above, just in case she finds some inspiration to draw or maybe write. Music she enjoys because she loves to sing and play the keyboard. She finds doing both soothing and listening to one sing or play the piano/keyboard can soothe/relax her easily.


Jayla can easily be weakened by the mention of missing family members, making her stop thinking of what is around her and what she should do. If she sees anybody harmed or hurt she will instantly stop what she is doing then help the person, if she does not know them she will help them out, then leave or return to whatever she was doing. If she has a bond with the person, she will make sure if the person is alright or not.


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