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So let me get me straight, im a hedgehog born to Sonic The Hedgehog and Amy Rose The Hedgehog. yes I may look like Scourge, but im nothing LIKE him. people in crisis city call me the Anti Scourge because of how I bested him in combat. he's nothing without his android girlfriend Fiona. I wear blue glasses, Scourge's old grey jacket with the Sonic Team logo on it, and black pants with blue flames on them. I can use Chaos Spear, Chaos Arsenal, and I can use Chaos Control. like all others, I can go Super, and Hyper. I rubbed off of my dad (Sonic) on the StoryBook adventures, but I had to pretend I had no idea who my parents were. AND I STILL DO!! and theres always one or two people who think im Scourge. Crisis City you ask? well, its... Infested. yes I said INFESTED. Dr Nega somehow brought the Zerg from Starcraft to this world. but hey, at least I can fight the bugs! and I guess thats it about me. oh, my team! theres Mike The Arctic Fox (son of Tails and Cream), Lily The Hedgehog (daughter of Shadow and Maria), Sydney The Cybernetic Cat (never found out yet due to her being infused with Metal Sonic's limbs and abilities) and my artificial sister, Ella The Hedgehog. I like to call my team "Team Fire And Ice" because you know how cold girls can be right? no offense... but anyway, catch you later!
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