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Jayda-Su Pyrovolt

Jayda-Su Pyrovolt is the daughter of Chloe-Su and Xavis Pyrovolt in the future of Mobius after the Genesis Wave.

Jayda-Su's Bio

Jayda-Su is the daughter of Chloe-Su and Xavis Pyrovolt, born several years after the Genesis Wave. Jayda-Su never met her grandmother, Lara-Su, so Chloe-Su would frequently tell Jayda-Su stories about her. At the age of twenty-one, Jayda-Su traveled back in time to undo the effects of the Genesis Wave, but did not go back far enough and is currently stuck in the past, when Chloe-Su and Xavis first met.

The travel back in time to just after the Genesis Wave also caused Jayda-Su to become stuck between the physical world and the void. This is because the universe was still unstable after the Genesis Wave. However, this event makes her still partially physical and gives her a chance to return to her original state. 

Jayda-Su makes her first appearance in Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave. She will later appear as a main character in Chloe-Su & Xavis: Mobotropolis Mayhem.


Jayda-Su can heal herself, as well as nearby allies, and can sense people's emotions (but not their thoughts.) However, she can only teleport herself in her physical form, unless the other person is touching her.

After traveling back in time, Jayda-Su became a partially physical being, meaning that she usually has to join with other hosts now and then. Like Lunari (Lunari64's character), when she merges with a host, she communicate telepathically with them- so she can read her host's thoughts. Jayda-Su can also teleport her hosts to other locations if they are in danger and can even help the host read another person's mind. She also can generate shields around her host as well as heal them when they are injured.


Jayda-Su's hotheadedness can be a weakness when in situations where emotional control is needed. Jayda-Su also uses up a lot of energy to survive outside a host and to protect any host she is, joined with. This can be dangerous if her assistance is needed and she is unable to help.

Like her father, Xavis, Jayda-Su doesn't do very well in low temperatures. However, she is able to tolerate them more than he can. And because her body is currently stuck in between the void and reality, the conflicting energies between the two planes hamper Jayda-Su's ability to astral project.

Also, energies that conflict with Chaos- such as that of the Array Rubies- can impair many of Jayda-Su's abilities, like generating shields and healing.


Jayda-Su is usually an introverted girl, somewhat jumpy and nervous around other people. She is a bit antisocial and her agoraphobia doesn't help that one bit. Jayda-Su also carries her father's fiery temper as well as his preference to handle things himself. She dislikes conformity, much like her mother, and will stand up for her rights no matter the cost. Jayda-Su enjoys intellectual things as well and can often be found reading.

Jayda-Su is usually a pacifist, but if someone violates her rights, puts her family and/or friends in danger as well as the planet, she will fight no matter what. This can also occur if she loses her temper. Jayda-Su also believes that a person cannot just "try" to do something. She feels that they either do it or they don't and there's no excuse to just try.

Jayda-Su is also secretly afraid of her father. It isn't because he's done anything wrong, but rather because of what he is capable of. Xavis could literally destroy the planet if he wanted to and no one would be able to stop him, but he doesn't. Jayda-Su, despite this, is still terrified of him.

Jayda does start out as very eccentric in SFU1, but this is trait becomes almost non-existent in Mobotropolis Mayhem.


Jayda-Su is a red furred Echidna with brown fur on the tips of her spines, eyes with noticeable lines in her green irises- which become orange when angry- and short pink hair. Unlike most Echidnas, she has visible, slightly long ears- which were most likely inherited from Xavis. Jayda-Su also typically wears a black tank top with a bronze coloured windbreaker covering it as well as a silver belt with a star symbol on the buckle. Jayda-Su also wears blue jeans and wears black knee high boots with light yellow markings on them. Jayda-Su hates wearing gloves, so she will rarely be seen wearing any.


Main Theme

Jayda-Su's main theme is Slow Life by Of Monsters and Men.

If you would rather listen to the song on the wiki, tap here:


Of Monsters and Men Slow Life Lyrics

Additional Themes

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  • The original version of Jayda-Su was originally voiced by Willa Holland, who played Thea Queen on the Arrow, but I replaced her with Jen Taylor for the current version, and Nicole de Boer for the future version.
  • Seeing as no character during Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave said anything about her visible ears, it is quite possible that Echidnas with visible ears have been seen before.
  • The original version of Jayda-Su was originally 17, but the reboot version is now 21 instead.
  • So far Jayda-Su has gone under two redesigns.
  • Since Jayda-Su is no longer able to turn into a "solid ghost" in Chloe-Su & Xavis: Mobotropolis Mayhem, she no longer utilizes her whip.


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