Jaycey D. the Fox is the genderbend counter part of Johnny D. the Fox, exclusive to Gender Switch RP. This occured after laughing at Will (now Wilma) outside of the coffee shop before becoming a girl the next day.


Her appearance is the same as Johnny's, although her t-shirt is slightly shorter, with skinny jeans and having longer hair than her counterpart. She also has the same physical appearance as Johnny, although she is slightly slimmer than him. Jaycey also wears both her headphones and her dog tags just like her counterpart, as well as her eyeglasses.


Identical to Johnny, Jaycey behaves the same way her male counterpart does, although the main differences that her counterpart doesn't have is she tends to be stubborn at times when she is forced to be told what to do, even though she looks after herself, and dislikes being flirted for no reason, which leads her to snap quickly if flirted around constantly. Like Johnny, she is a major fangirl among racing and enjoys driving along the paved roads, even winning with precise techniques, just like her male counterpart would.


Stats Level
Stamina 6
Attack 8
Defense 7
Speed 9
Reflexes 8
Magic 0
Psyche 0
Intellect 7
Total 45/80

Although Jaycey's pyrokinetic powers are the same as Johnny's, the biggest differences are the changes of both stamina and speed, which have been significantly increased, at a small cost of both attack and defensive powers. Oddly enough, however, Rakumei is not present within her mind, as she does not possess her "evil" form. Like Johnny himself, she is a highly skilled racer, being behind the wheel and push herself to the limit, no matter the risk (although another oddity revoles that Jaycey is driving her male counterpart's vehicles, which creates confusion), making her a force to be reckoned with. Also, unlike Johnny, she can easily commandeer his bikes with ease due to her high maneuverability.


Jaycey's weaknesses are the same as Johnny's, with little differences between the two. However, because of relying more into speed than power, her strength is not up to par when facing bulkier and strong foes, leaving her vulnerable if she cannot avoid incoming attacks in time. Also, she is very uncomfortable in the dark as this gets her scared, even if she uses her pyrokinesis as a use of a flashlight, although this only lasts temporarily due to her constant fear of darkness.

Likes and Dislikes

Jaycey's Likes and Dislikes are basically the same as Johnny's.

Friends and Foes







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