Jaxon the Jackal

Nothing is ever right in this world. It will crumble under its own weight had I not punished those I did.Jaxon.

Jaxon the Jackal is a fallen angel who was sent to the underworld for his rebelling nature against his kingdom of Azure. Jaxon later became a harbinger of death who was struggling with his old powers and forming new ones he knew nothing about.


Jaxon is a slender and tall Jackal. He is towering depending on others' heights and almost menacing looking. Jax wears a trench coat with little cut offs by the bottom of the coat. His trench coat has a pyramid-like hoodie. He also wears a face guard that covers his mouth and nose.


Jaxon is described as a very shortspoken Jackal. He doesn't waste much time socializing, he'd much rather get to the point. Before he was condemned, he was a very happy Jackal who enjoyed nature and sunny days. This left him afterward, he became much more quiet and emotionless.

He doesn't harbor anger or want reckoning for what was done to him either. He gets over situations rather quickly and does not let them affect him psychologically. Jaxon has a very strong philosophy that the world must be rebuilt, this is due to all of its troubles.

He also does not mind force or having to enact with violence to get his point across. Knowledge is meaningful to him, as such he is almost all-knowing because of his years survailing everyone's behavior. He's grown a slight ego about it as well.


Early Life

Jaxon was born a prince under the Watchel family in Azure. He was raised an angel and taught to become king very young in case anything were to happen to his father. Life was peaceful and Jaxon thoroughly enjoyed living under a palace and being important to a civilization. Jaxon grew a very easy childhood, but he never did like the ways of his civilization.

Forceful Society

As a boy, Jaxon was forced to deal with being religious and respecting the overbearing laws and injustice in Azure. Though he grew well, he noticed very quickly how everyone around him outside of his palace were. He did disgraceful things, like feed the poor or allow them entrance into his palace when his parents were away. Jaxon was loved by the needy and appreciated by freedom fighters. Once his parents found out though, he was not exactly in the best position of life.

Tough Years

Jaxon was forced to do back breaking labor to make up for his "sins". Though he relunctantly did the work, he did not bicker about his actions. He felt he was doing right, that further spited his parents. Since Jaxon was working with out learning a lesson, his parents felt that he had to pay more for his insolent actions. Knowing how Jaxon was, his parents decided to force him into taking the life of those he protected so he can learn the lesson.

Distasteful Rebelion

While being handed the axe and pressured to kill the poor little boy, Jaxon snapped and instead slammed the axe into a guards neck cutting their head clean off. Everyone was shocked and displeased at what Jaxon did. He was disarmed and taken away by the other guards. He had his face slammed in molten metal. The metal formed into a mask that now permanently covers his face. After the torment he was damned to the underworld.

Losing Everything

After being condemned and having his cunning face burnt off, Jaxon's life was forced to be cursed into the underworld. With his former powers almost fading before him, he felt his life was at a loss. Everything around had hungry eyes and were looking for a way to torment the adolescent Jackal. Jaxon was brutalized his first several years in the underworld, that is until he found out mystical occult.

New Powers

After being fed up with his eternal torment, Jaxon awoke to new abilities. He woke up to darkness manipulation and a wicked mental ability to discover the histories of his enemies as well as their personalities and thoughts. These new powers also brought forth a new weapon, his Ether Reaper. Jaxon wasn't complete yet, he wanted to find a way to return to the real world. He brutalized everything in his way to get back to normality. His dark actions and darkness manipulation gave him the acclaimed name of Nekrid.

Current Life

After some time, Jaxon made his hooded trench coat out of the souls of the dead. He rose from the underworld victorius and was able to take forth a "Grim Reaper" like role. He now haunts the lives of the wicked.



Ever since he was made an angel, Jaxon had the abilities to control the living and the dead. He can arise the dead and tear souls to make an army of them. After being damned, his abilities are significantly weaker than what he originally had. They are still quite powerful though.


Jaxon has the ability to control shadows and manipulate darkness itself. He gained this ability after being consent to the underworld. Prolonged exposure to the world's elements not only changed Jax's attire but his abilities. This is his most inexperienced power, yet his strongest.


Jax holds the power to control light due to his times as an angelic prince. He can heal himself with light and heal others just as well. His light powers are just support based, he can not really attack or kill with them. The only way he could possibly kill them by cleansing them of darkness.


Soul Punch

Jaxon can literally punch the souls out of his enemies with ease. Their souls become projectile targets. This ability requires a lot of his energy and is rarely used unless the target he is fighting is beyond weak. This can be a one hit kill to futile and moderately strong enemies. If fully charged, it can completely obliterate the soul and body of the victim leaving almost no evidence of the enemy besides the ash that followed the punch.

Weaponry Master

Jax is incredibly skilled with axes, hammers, and swords alike. He prefers to use heavy weapons instead of small, flimsy weapons. Jaxon also has some degree of skill with Rifles and Kunai. He prefers to use stealth as a way to kill instead of up front action. He also has a high preference of using a melee weapon then to use a fire-arm.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. One being the weakest and Ten being the strongest.

Strength/Attack: 10- Armed with utterly powerful blows with his Scythe and his hand to hand combat skills, he is unstopable. He can also lift 2 1/2 tons with one arm.

Defense: 6- His spiritual defense was ceased, but he still has excellent guard.

Speed: 5- He is very slow, in combat he relies on countering to get the job done.

Magic: 5- His Necromancing and Light powers are very run down, it is only a matter of time before they give out.

Evasion: 3-Definitely not quick enough to run from battle.

Intelligence: 9- Incredibly intelligent. He is a philosopher and an excellent psychologist as he watches closely on behavior. Jaxon just does not fail at calculating or predicting.

Skill: 9- He has massive skill with weaponry and combat.

Accuracy: 8- His training with Kunai have trained him to be a great shot with projectiled objects. With a gun how ever, he does lack.

Stamina: 8- If he uses his powers too often in a fight, he will drop from weakness. Besides that, he can use a lot of energy since he swings his 2 ton Scythe on one hand very easily, but not quickly.

Tolerance: 10- He is amazing when it comes to taking pain.

Overall: 73%


Jaxon has no particular weakness to elements, but he has several others. He is a very slow attacker with his scythe, making most of his shots with it very dodgeable/counterable. His actual powers are very weak themselves. His necromancy was no where near the power it was originally, light powers are near futile and they can barely heal Jaxon anymore, and his dark powers are very inexperienced so they can not reveal their true potential. Hitting Jaxon's joints will further slow him down in the middle of a battle, so it is advised to strike wisely and quickly.

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