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Jaxis the Red
2000+ Years
Demon (former), Demon Soul
Limited Body Possession, Energy Absorption, Fireblasts, Firebombs, Firewalls, Levitation, Teleportation, Hand to Hand Combat, Fast Reflexes, Insane Strength
Jax (Current host)
Unknown Army (Former)
Other Demons, World Domination, Being Feared
Non-demons, Jax, Mobians


Life in the Army

Two milleniums ago, Jaxis was a powerful red hedgehog-like fire demon that was in an army of children soldiers during a brutal war. He tricked several soldiers into doing deadly feats just for the better of the others. For instance, he once tricked another soldier into arming a bomb in an enemy base for him, even though Jaxis knew that the place was soon going into lockdown. This happened several times during his time in that army. Eventually the leader yelled at Jaxis for letting so many of their people die. The young demon took a spear the killed him single handedly. It was a tradition that whoever killed the leader of the army became the new leader. Jaxis used this to his advantage and used the soldiers as mere slaves to do whatever he wanted, such as serve him food. When Jaxis asked the soldier to clean his throne, one of the soldiers got mad at Jaxis for treating him and the others like peasants, and thus he and a couple other soldiers left the army.

Destruction Spree

Eventually all this power went to the young leader's head and he started a genocide on every planet that he wasn't in control of. The planned result was that he would be feared so much that everyone would obey him. Jaxis and his unstoppable army went to thousands of planets and wiped out every being on the surfaces. They would then take small fragments of the planet cores using advanced technology. The fragment's heat energy would be absorbed by Jaxis so he could become even more powerful. At around 1,500 years old, Jaxis became one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy. Eventually though, Jaxis's army was so large, containing numbers so huge that there isn't even a number for them. The soldiers were jealous of Jaxis's power and banded together to defeat Jaxis.


Similar to a number of other demons, after Jaxis was killed, his soul remained a physical form, being a glowing ball of colored light. Jaxis's soul would travel around the galaxy at an extreme speed looking for a body to inhabit. Eventually, Jaxis found Jax on Planet Mobius, homeworld of the mobians. Jax was a three year old child at the time. Jax was sleeping when the demon become part of his soul. Jax remained in a coma for one year as the demon slept inside him. After that, whenever Jax got really angry, Jax would turn into Rage Jax which gave him fire powers, but most of the time Jaxis could temporarily control him during that state, as it was his powers that gave that form.


Jaxis is often known to be cunning and selfish. He has tricked many soldiers into doing his "dirty work". He also has a tendency to go into extreme rage and unleash all his fire abilities on others. After Jaxis was brought into Jax's soul, he became a lot more patient to wait for Jax to get mad so he can be in control.


Jaxis, being a fire demon, is immune to all fire, electric, and plasma based attacks. He has the ability to manipulate fire and heat into different forms. His most known attack his the firewall, which he creates a giant "block" of fire. He can also collect surrounding heat and bring it together to create fire to use in his attacks. Jaxis also has gained the power to teleport and levitate after 800 years of living.


  • Jaxis was named so because he is part of Jax's mind and soul.
  • Jaxis is not permanently embedded into Jax's soul, as he can escape and possess others. Jax's body is just the most stable for him to inhabit.

List of Appearances

  • Unnamed Demon Hunt TP
  • Unnamed Prison TP
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