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Jason is an echidna with navy blue fur and a small yellow Mohawk going from the center of his forehead to the back of his neck. His eyes are a shade of dark red, almost like blood. He wears a sleeveless white t-shirt along with digital camo cargo pants. His shoes are brown steel-toe boots and his gloves are black and worn.


He is someone who obviously had some childhood trauma in his past. He is easy to anger and slow to cool down. What makes him angry more than anything else is the human race due to the fact Mobians are looked down upon where he lives. Despite his issues, he can be loving at times, especially with small animals. He treats his best friend Solomon The Bobcat like a brother, and the sentiment is returned. He is especially fond of a girl who resides in the apartment adjacent to his.


Early Life

Jason The Echidna grew up with his grandparents in the slums of the city that hated his kind. His father and mother have been long dead after a failed Mobian riot. The only way to keep his family afloat was to do the lowest jobs society had ready for him. He was everything from a garbage collector to a bus boy, but he still never had enough. That was until he was 15 when he met the oh so lovely underworld of gambling. He gambled away all of his payments. He gained some one night, and lost more the other, but he always ended up with a little profit. One night, he tried his luck and went all in while playing with the leader of a gang of Mobians. Jason lost it all, of course, but the gang leader was merciful. He offered Jason a job in his gang, a dirty job.

Jason spent a few years doing this job. He got his hands dirty on several occasions, but the work paid handsomely. He had enough money to get his grandparents out of the slums and into some Mobian apartments. Life was good for Jason and his family. Then the Mobian-Human War reached its boiling point. Chaos from both Mobians and humans. The riots became more violent each day, and Jason was always making sure to protect his only family. The riots were also a huge pay day for Jason and the gang. More contracts came in, and the jobs got dirtier and dirtier.

One fateful evening, another riot broke out, with the humans being the main body. They stormed the apartment area with Molotov and cherry bombs. Jason defended his home and family with his bear hands until he collapsed after taking several blows to everywhere on his body, third-degree burns on his left arm, and even a gunshot to his left shoulder. When he woke up amung the ashes, everything was gone. His grandparents. The gang he was a part of. Everything. Jason did the only thing he could do, he crawled in a sewer and wept until his eyes literally dried. He had a lot of time to think in the sewers, and the more he thought, the more he hated people. He wanted nothing but to wipe the city clean of all scum responsible for the death of his family. That was when a new mayor was elected, a supposed war hero who was saved by a Mobian. Jason crawled out of his hole to be met by indifference by most humans, although he heard some slander also. The mayor promised all Mobians a new apartment complex, which Jason decided to move into.


That was when he met Solomon The Bobcat. They hit it right off the bat when they first met, becoming friends from the moment Solomon moved in. That is around the time Jason decided to become a garbage collector once more. He sometimes brought home interesting trinkets, which Solomon would tinker with. Jason was impressed with what Solomon can do with junk, so he requested his own weaponry when he saw Solomon building his grapple hooks: Dual tonfa blades. The was a tall order to fill for someone with Solomon's experience, but Jason gave him some welding tools and the metal required. Jason watched Solomon work to the point where he can successfully weld items himself. Jason then had an idea, a rather awful one at that. When Solomon was away helping the mayor, he welded himself a mask and a new weapon, a scythe. He took up vigilante work and called himself "The Shepherd of Fire". He aimed his vigilante "justice" at ill-behaved humans, ignoring any injustice done by Mobians. This only made Jason more hateful of the human race.

His aggressiveness would eventually got him under house arrest when he assaulted a human for making an anti-Mobian slur. When under house arrest, he heard several knocks on his bedroom wall. He knew there was a pattern to them and asked Solomon to bring home a book on learning Morse code. When he learned a bit of it, he replied to the knocks, and this led to conversations that would last through the night. The other person knocking was a female echidna by the name of Hannah. Jason promised her once he was out of house arrest, he would take her out for a steak dinner. 

Fall of Jericho

When Solomon discovered that the mayor of Jericho was a monster in the form of a man, his hatred for humanity increased tenfold. After the mayor's assassination, Jason went on a rampage that started several riots from both sides and turned the city into a living hell. In the process, Jason's girlfriend was killed during an evacuation Solomon was leading. Because of this, Jason and Solomon grew apart in Jericho's twilight days. As Solomon was gathering survivors, Jason would be leading a large group of Mobians as the Shepherd of Fire. He and his group killed humans on sight, leaving gravely wounded Mobian sympathizers.

Presumed Death

As Solomon and a group aiding him in evacuation were assaulting Jason's gang's headquarters, Jason revealed the SoF's true identity, and the two friends started fighting. The fight ended with Solomon holding onto Jason over a ledge. Solomon offered him a second chance. He didn't take it. He used his free hand and tonfa blade to cut his own arm, sending him towards the ground several stories below.

Jason and Tangent

After the fall, Doctor Tangent, now in Vanguard the Robohog's body, brought Jason back to the lab and resurrected him, giving him a new prosthetic arm, spine, and ribs. The two formed a partnership, both with a single goal: kill the bobcat that supposedly ruined their lives. They followed him to central city and made a base their using the sewer system, where they remain, plotting murder and revenge.


Jason has no powers

Special Abilities

  • superhuman strength
  • Superhuman speed (up to 20 kilometers per hour)
  • Dead-on accuracy (can aim his tonfa or scythe swipes to hit weaker areas of the body with or without killing the opponent, depending on his mood and their offense)


  • Adept combat capabilities
  • Specializes in the use of sharp and pointy objects
  • Can bluff like no other gambler before him


His temper can turn his accuracy to mere reckless blows when angered. His hatred of humans also clouds his judgment.


  • Jason's name was taken off of a meme from the PS3 game Heavy Rain, called "Press X to Jason". The meme is making fun of a moment when the protagonist is searching for his son, Jason. The only control option, other than moving, was pressing the X button to call out for the lost son.
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