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Jasmine is a 16-year old hedgehog from a dimension similar to Earth, but inhabited by Mobians. She is best friends with Sonic the Hedgehog. 


Jasmine is a light brown hedgehog with brown eyes and peach-colored arms, muzzle, and inner ears. She wears a dark turquoise denim jacket with a short-sleved cyan shirt, light blue cotton pants and orange shoes. Under her jacket are two metal wristbands on her wrists. She has cream-colored paw pads on her feet. On her chest is white chest fur. When her mouth is open, fangs are shown.


Jasmine is somewhat shy when meeting new people, therefore she doesn't have many friends. This frustrates her a lot. Before she met Sonic, she used to isolate herself from other people. She is also rather sassy. She hates being interrupted, especially when she's doing something important to her. She doesn't have much self-esteem, along with terrible jealousy issues, feeling like everyone walks around her and ignores her. She likes the slower things in life, despite her impatient nature. She's a bit aggressive, lashing out on anyone that picks on her, or when she's in pain, although she doesn't mean to.


Young Jasmine

Jasmine in her younger years.

Jasmine's childhood was not a very good one. Her father being absent from her and her sisters' lives due to cheating, she only had her mother and her grandmother to take care of her. She was very talkative child in school and at home. Unfortunatly, the children at her school bullied her, and even tricked and used her at times, therefore she wasn't able to make friends. They even told new students that arrived at the school to stay away from her. Because of it, she fell silent, becoming a quiet girl. Years later, she began to feel feelings of lonliness, sadness, and low self-esteem. She became distant from her family, eventully staying in her room, alone. At this time, Sonic was around (he had met her when she was younger), so he decided to pay her a visit. After discovering her current state, he decided to become friends with her. Jasmine happily agreed, and to the two have been close ever since. She currently helps him with his "change", and stopping Dr. Eggman (who has become a hedgehog)'s schemes.


Jasmine's Dragon Form

One of Jasmine's shape shifted forms, this one being a dragon.

Jasmine can maniputate objects with her very mind (psychokinesis). This also enables her to teleport, but only for a certain amount of times, as she will become fatigued. She can also shape shift into certain Mobian species (wolf, cat etc.).


Jasmine is very intelligent. Her IQ is very high, and it helps her solve certain problems.


Jasmine is a very good artist, although she sometimes thinks otherwise.


Jasmine's aggressive nature can cause her to clash with others. Her low self-esteem often causes her to think that she can't do anything right, which can get in her way.


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