Nothing is more dangerous and idiotic as hope. As long as the queen reigns and Zalost wars against her, The Wastes will remain a nightmare. The land pleads for life not mutated and defiled by magic. It pleads to once again be fertile. It pleads us to give back to it. But this will never come; all the mana that flows to this land is sucked up by its mages. The only ones who can change this refuse to do so; they only care about wounding Mobius and the elements that nurture it to gain more power. Only fools have hope, and only optimists idiots think that this hell can get better."

—Jared,telling Fifi why her efforts are useless.

Jared is a Human Arcanist with noticeable albinism. He is a mage from the Wastes, a large region of Mobius that is ruled by their god-queen, and hunts any mages not under her control, such as Jared. As such, Jared is a recluse. 

He is a powerful Arcanist, who studies the art of Desolation Sorcery, a powerful art that brutally siphons life from the plant life and soil around him, allowing him to quickly recharge his mana stores and use them for later use. 


Jared prefers being alone above all else. This is half due to his paranoia that anyone could be an agent of the Wastes' God-Queen out to hunt him down and kill him (which is justified), and half because the side effects of his powers cause him to become naturally distrustful. 

Jared is also very careful; he will never pick a fight unless needed, and will never risk arousing suspicion. Under no occasion would he risk revealing the nature of his Arcane Powers unless wholly neccessary. He will rarely carry damning evidence on himself, and will keep his mind shielded at all times. 

When faced with an obstacle that absolutely requires him to use his powers, Jared always attempts to use the least amount of force neccessary, as he would despise being put in a situation where he would be forced to gather bio-energy and risk discovery. 

Almost hypocritically, Jared hates other mages as much as everyone else. He especially hates those with hope; a thing he believes is foolish in The Wastes. He only looks at the world with cynicism and distrust. 



Jared appears as a very white skinned human in his teens. Due to his albinism, Jared's skin is almost translucent, and thus very suseptable to sunburns and similar afflictions, some of which dot his face. His eyes are a dull shade of red (as per normal albinism). 

Jared is rather skinny due to constant malnourishment and self deprication of exercise and nutrients in order to further his powers. The outline of his ribcage is visible on his torso, and his hands are almost bone-like. His legs almost lack fat altogether. His hands are mildly burned on their tops, and his palms are callused.


Jared wears a dust-stained blue sandcloak, which is loose fitting, and has a hood on the end. The cloak is woven to block sunlight from his body. The ends on the cloak are full of rips, and the hand edges are laced with red strings. 

Jared has a pair of red boots that barely seem to be battered, due to Jared using his magic to repair them from time to time. Even then, they look no better than any other pair of shoes.



Jared's birth is unrecorded; as he was not born into nobility, Jared has no idea when he was born, where he was born, or who his parents are, or even what part of the city he was born in. All Jared is aware of is that he was born in the Capital City of the Wastes Empire. 

Early Life

Jared's early life was spent in constant danger; He was forced to stay in the shade at almost all times due to his Albinism. He was mostly ignored by other humans, and could only feed off scraps he found in the street. At one point, he was found by a small family of Jackals (The main populants of the Wastes).

This family consisted of a mother, a father, and two children. At first, Jared was not sure about the idea, but then decided to go with it. He quickly grew fond of this new family. Despite his Albinism hindering him, he did his best to help support them.

Joining the Defiler Cult

At a young age, Jared's adopted father saw that the albino had a great drive. Despite the danger involved, Jared also tried to be helpful to the family. After continued observation, it was decided that Jared would be indoctrined into the Mage Cult.

In the Wastlands, Arcane Magic was illegal at punishment of death, and strictly enforced by the God-Queen of the Waste and her servants. However Jared took up the learning of magic. At the age of 5, Jared took the long road of learning Sorcery.

First Spell

Jared continued his study of magic for 2 long years, eventually being able to memorize the simplest of arcane spells, and gather just enough mana.  Jared's first spell was a weak energy effect that created a spark of lightning in the chambers he was training in. The rush of energy he felt when he did was amazing, an uncomparable and unexplainable feeling to those who had not felt it. 

While Jared wished to cast more, he could not; Most of the Mana in the area was gobbled up by the God-Queen and her powerful minions. However, his adopted father told Jared there were other ways of gathering mana then by simply drinking the small drops left behind by the Queen's Binge; Desolation, or Defiling. 

Learning the Dark Arts

The first, and most improtant part of Jared's learning was secrecy; Jared was absolutely forbidden to tell others of his arcane practices. This was not at all difficult; Jared was a quiet boy. As Jared took more and more studies on understanding magic in secret, his physical health degenerated further. At the age of 9, walking became a challenge for him unless he was assisted. As such, he now had to rest every once in a while, being unable to do strenous labor.

However, Jared had learned how to fuel his magic spectacularly. 

The small lush gardens, despite the fact they required constant care provided just enough life to fuel a few spells by Jared. While the spells had a weak reality of effect, the feeling Jared got was exilharating. However, Jared still had to restrain himself, which he managed to do. 


At the age of ten, Jared started to hear things from the other members of the cult. He kept hearing something about a "leak". Jared asked his aging surrogate father if he should be worried. His father could only reply with a "Just hope for the best". 

However, things were about to drop very quickly. 

It was near the end of the year that Jared witnessed the slaughter of his entire cult. He personally saw the Order of the Wastes Queen storm their base, and quickly attempt to slaughter everyone. In the moment, Jared made a snap decision to abandon his former collaeges and run. 

While escaping through one of the secret exits, Jared found one of the dying wizards, dead just before he had gotten to a hiding place of his. Not thinking, Jared went to the hiding place, and found a small stone tablet. After that, he fled the city he was in, and never returned. 

After the Slaughter

Jared did his best to forget his "family" and all the other things he was forced to leave behind. This was no longer a concern to him. Survival was no priority 1. To him, the others were just memories. 

His current problem was now that he no longer had any place he could go, and was in the middle of a Hostile Desert with little food, water, or anyway of telling where to go. He decided it would be best to travel at night, and to not attract attention; Mages were despised in the Wastes, and he'd be killed if anyone found out. 

After a day worth of traveling, Jared came across a Caravan going between two cities. He was offered a ride by the Jackals who ran it, and managed to get further away from his home. Jared went to another city, and decided to try and eek out a living there.

Jared didn't go a day after that without properly shielding his mind and doing whatever he could to stay under the radar. He worked for little pay, and only had enough money to barely support a garden the size of a small room. It was still efficient enough to fuel him for a time.

As for the spell he'd found, he could not make any sense of it at all. It was far too complex for him to even comprehend. He could only decide to keep it with him at all times, since he knew it must be a powerful spell due to its complexity. 

Discovered Again

At the age of 13, Jared had mostly faded into the background of the population. Other than his white skin, he seemed no different than the rest of the City's citizens. No one suspected he was a mage (or the ones that did were too scared to accuse him).

However, Jared desired more; he wanted to grow, increase his magical expertise. At this point, his only motive to continue with his magic was the desire to uphold the traditions of his adopted father. so, the young Mage made several trips into the arid fields by the city, carefully planning his defilings of the landscape, then covered up the evidence with a multitude of methods.   This, was not to last. 

Jared was found out by a Dragoon Patrol, and was forced to run. He defiled his entire garden, and managed to kill several Dragoons in his escape. He managed to escape with a food bags of seeds. 

Unknowist to him, Jared was severely effected by the over-absorbtion of mana, and started to not only shine like a star to magical detections, but his mental state was flooded by the overload of energy. Jared slowly escaped into the Wastes, trailed with a large mana signature. 

Isolation for a time

Jared lived for six more months in total solitude. In this time, he managed to find a small oasis in some rocky hills. The small amount of trees around the oasis allowed Jared to, with some effort, construct a shelter. He was able to practice his magic for a time and conserve some of the enviroment, but only for so long. 

He was forced to mive when he found out the area was being patrolled by Dragoons. To his horror, Jared found out that he was being tracked by the mana he absorbed. By using his knowledge of the area, he ambushed the Dragoon patrol, and made his escape in the confusion.

Jared, now overly paranoid, once again made another life threatening trek into the wastes. As the Dragoon patrol gathered themselves to follow him, Jared slowly slinked away, making it a good distance before nightfall. As the cold night air got to him, Jared was fully exhausted, dehydrated, and properly worried about his own life. 

However, fate would work in his favor. 

Jared spotted a glwoing figure with large wings flying aboive him a fair distance. Jared knew that whatever this was, it signalled one thing; Water. The creature was too delicate for a desert like this. He, knowing full well he may also die, followed.

The Butterfly

Jared made it to a few rocky hills. At this point, he saw a sight he'd thought he'd never see; A lush forest, with water and trees and plants and fruit. Jared, without hesitation, went for the stream. After downing what he could and storing what he needed in his canteen, Jared sat by a tree to rest. 

He wondered why this was here. Jared could only reason that some magic force had brought the miraculous oasis from the earth. This worried him; a Mage like himself would be hunted by the owner of this grove, be they human or mobians or some force beyond. 

Jared didn't rest for long. He was going ot restock on supplies, and then leave. This forest was a wonderous place, but he was not going to stay. That would be suicide. If he wanted to survive, he needed to leave the wastes. 

Deep down, he knew that would never happen. More people around to kill him, if he did. 

It was then Jared realized he was being magically spied on. He looked around, and saw a large mobian butterfly with long golden hair observing him from a distance. As soo as she was spotted, she blasted a Fireball at Jared, vowing to kill him for his defiling. 

Mage Duel

Jared knew he'd need to finish this quickly. The main goal of a mage duel was to defeat the opponent as fast as possible. And that was his goal. This new attacker would die quickly. Defiling the surrounding wood, Jared felt a rush of mana. He used this energy to fire a deadly lightning bolt at his foe, knocking her out of her flight.

The two fought for about ten minutes, before Jared then shot a lucky Magnetic Orb as Fifi, dealing her severe damage and burning her wing. Jared used this oppurtunity to escape. He was stocked on food, water, and whatever else he needed. Running from the trees, Jared escaped into the cool mountains. 

Finding the Mountain Spring

After another 2 days of travelling, Jared found another lush field. Ther grass was the greenist he'd ever seen, which amazed him to no end. He had seeds from the flowers and fruits he'd gathered over the years, enough to start a garden. Jared simply needed to find a spring. 

Jared found a cave by the mountainside, and he heard water. Lighting a torch, he walked inside...

And found the spring. The clear flowing water was the most beautiful thing he'd seen. Jared knew that with a bit of time, he could stay here, and study magic in peace. Over the course of a few weeks, Jared managed to use his knowledge of botany and his magic to create several plants to sustain himself.


Jared is a skilled arcanist, being able to cast several mid-high level spells. He is constantly practicing, and has managed to dodge the Waste Queen for many years on end. He has the advantage of being able to Desolate, or defile the landscape around him to quickly charge his powers. 

Arcane Powers

Jared has a medium array of Arcane Powers, mostly leaning towards an Earth and Electrical focus. As such, many of Jared's spells use sand, electricty, static, or magnetism. 

  • Spellcasting Effect: Like all Arcane Spellcasters, when Jared casts a spell, he creates several asthetic effects within a certain radius around him. The effects depend on the "Reality of Effect" (listed below as RoE). Jared cannot turn this off; it happens whenever he casts his spells. 
Spellcasting Effects
RoE Visual/Aural Olfact/Gust Tactile Add
Weak Eyes Glow a windy green/Cacophony of Sound Ash Scent/Candy Taste None None
Med Hair floats and glows silver/Windy Echo Salty Winds/Intense Bitter Taste Pounding Heart Static Cling
High Copper Sheen envelopes Jared with a windy effect/Peals of Lightning Cold Winds/Honey Static Cling Tremors affect area.
  • Mana Gather: Jared has the power to subconsciouly gather mana energy from the area around him,to later use for spellcasting purposes. However, the Wastes barely have energy mana not monopolized by the God-Queen of the Wastes.
  • Raze: Jared has the ability to quickly "raze" the surrounding plant life (in additon to fungi, and microorganisms), brutally killing them and turning them into black ash. This provides a large amount of mana energy he can use for further use. There is barely any plant life in the Wastes, so this means he must grow his own plants for use. There are several weaknesses to this detailed below. When this is done, the soil is permanently sterilized, and a massive scar of black ashes takes its place. 
  • Mage Barrier: Jared can create a minor, long lasting shield of magical energy around him that creates a field of force, making it harder to hit Jared with physical attacks.  
  • Mind Barrier: Jared can create a passive-defensive shield around his mind in order to prevent people from reading his surface thoughts. This allows a large increase in Jared's Psionic Resistant Index towards mind reading attacks, but more offense based attacks will shred right through it. 
  • Magic Missile: Jared fires up to five fang like blast of vibrant purple force. The attack is far too fast to dodge, and will usually cut through most defenses. However, the spell is rather weak, barely doing any damage, even with all of the hits. 
  • Mage Grasp: Jared creates several lines of force to manipulate small objects in his general area. This ability allows Jared to lift up to five objects of moderate weight per use.
    • Lightning Grasp: Lightning Grasp allows Jared to channel high voltage electricity through the force strands. This attack is especially effective is the target is wearing/made of metal, as that conducts the electricity. However, this has several weaknesses: The electrical energy makes the lines solide, thus they can be damaged. Second, the lines must be focused on in order to maintain, thus crippling Jared's movement. Finally, this attack is not terribly powerful, making it useless against stronger foes. 
  • Empathic Wound: Jared may transfer injuries he has sustained to another person. This is done through mental contact, allowing victims that have a powerful consciousness to resist, or possibly counter the attack. 
  • Sand Shield: Jared can create a crackling barrier of swirling sand around that deters fire, projectiles, or other non-physical attacks. The spell cannot be sustained without expending a large amount of mana per use, thus being a more of a last ditch effort in battle. 
  • Agitation: Jared can cause vibrations in nonliving objects, causing them to heat up. This causes metal to become red hot, ice to melt, paper and wood to catch fire, and many other effects. Jared can only effect a small  amount of matter per use, and the effects take several seconds to manifest fully, making it impractical in combat.
    • Vibration: Jared creates a mass of sonic vibrations that can shatter glass and crystal, pulverizes rock, and cracks metal. The attack is used mostly to destroy entirely solid objects, as it has little use against organic beings. 
  • Magnet Manipulate: Jared can cause remote magnetic pulse to affect a certain magnetic object weighning as much as a copper sword (very common in the Wastes) and manipulate it to his own ends. This manipulation is limited to about 75 pounds worth of magnetic metal. 
  • Lightning Bolt: Jared creates a blast of pale blue lightning that blasts forward for a long range in a straight line, engulfing anyone caught in the blast and dealing severe amounts of damage. However, the thunderclap in loud, and the attack will bounce around walls, making the attack dangerous in certain situations (Such as a narrow coridder or during stealth missions).
    • Lightning Wave: Jared conjures multiple blasts of lightning at a group of foes. This attack is weaker then a straight up lightning bolt, but hits with a much wider area of effect. This attack is also silenter, allowing for stealth in a room of weak enemies. 
  • Magnet Orb: Likely one of Jared's strongest attacks, but also one of his most mana costly, and as such is only used in dire situations. Jared conjures a large orb of electromagnetic energy, and launches it in the direction he wants. The orb then disharges continuous blasts of energy at designated targets closest to it. Jared can cause this orb to move at incredible speeds in any directions he wants within his line of sight. However the orb cannot enter solid nonmagnetic objects. The spell is still very mana costly, so Jared must debate whether to use it or not.
  • Dimension Jump: Jared can quickly teleport himself a medium distance away from his current location. This is usually a last ditch effort to escape danger, as the Mana Cost is usually very high. Since the Teleportation is instantaneous, he can only bring himself along. Not that it matters....
  • Earth Power: Jared focuses at the ground below the feet of his foe, and causes to erupt with Elemental Earth Energy. The attack has the potential to stun the opponent. Otherwise, it does meager damage. 
  • Eathquake: Jared focuses his rage into a localized but destructive tremor that will cause widespread damage to structures, rock formations, and caverns. In the case that the spell is used in open area, this spell tears open the earth and creates several fissures. Anyone unfortunate to fall into a fissure and fail to escape before the spell ends will be ground to death as the fissures close. 
  • Control Sands: Jared can use his magic powers in order to control the sands around him, usually in the form of brief (yet powerful) winds, or as a quick shield against fire and electrical attacks. The spell only lasts long enough for quick bursts, but is usuable many times due to its lower mana cost.
    • Sand to Glass: Jared can concentrate to turn about 10 cubic feet of sand into solid, flawless glass. The sand is heated rapidly then cooled, creating pure glass.To create more complex figures from glass (such as rings, ornate mirrors) he must condentrate for a variable amount of time. 
    • Pulverize: Jared creates a series of fine sonic vibrations in a moderate or smaller sized piece of stone, causing it to turn into fine sand. With enough focus, Jared can turn metal into sand, also. This technique is mostly used to clear obstacles. 
  • Stone Storm: Jared conjures a rain of stones down above the opponent. This attack barely does any damage on its own to indiviual foes, but the area damage is immense; glass is shattered, roofs are destroyed, and crops are crushed. 
  • Dust Devil: Jared creates a Dust Devil; the attack practically floods a designated area with fine dust, choking all plants and animals in the area, grinding visibility down to zero, and will usually contaminate water and food, making it unfit to eat. In terms of raw power against powerful opponents, this attack is not nearly as effective.
    • Fire Devil: Jared starts up a Dust Devil Spell, but midway through ignites the storm, causing a deadly firestorm of flaming dust and ash. This spell is dangerous, destructive and costs a sizeable amount of mana. Jared must be careful when he uses this spell not to be caught within the horrible destruction. If he is, it could easily kill him. 
  • Skyshield: Jared quickly creates a medium sized formation of rocks which spring up from the ground. This barrier prevents damage from Wind-Based attacks, and blocks physical attacks. The spell also has the function of creating a safe shelter for rest. 
  • Havoc Beam


Despite his training and power, Jared possesses several notable weaknesses that hamper his abilities. The most notable is the fact his albinism puts him at severe risk of damage in the wastes, along with making him look wildly different from other people, making him easier to track down. 

The second weakness is a two part due to his magical aptitude; While Jared has an edge over most magi in the Wastes due toi his ability to replinish his mana stores via defiling, the constant exposure to mana recieved through such dark means has impacted his psyche, making him slightly paranoid. Jared is ever distrusting of others, and this could be his downfall.

As with all Arcane Magi, Jared cannot alter his spells on a whim; in order to drastically change the performance of one of his spells, he must remake the spell entirely. In additon, regardless of how much mana he has access too, he cannot keep casting spells forever; he can only cast each of his spells a certain number of times per day,varying by the experience he has with them.

A minor weakness Jared also possesses is his inability to fly; while this might not seem like too much at first, anyone fast enought to escape Jared's Long Ranged Spells will escape harm, or worse; render him helpless. 


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