Jamie ,or sometimes called james, is a brown Mobian monkey hedgehog with blue eyes and cybernetic implants that appears to be a rather erratic individual. In his early life he lived in a village of terror , wanting to distance themselves from the war between the eggman and the Overlander city of Megaopolis. He wears a Power Ringheadband, a red and blue vest, and also has a powerful staffand a flying cloud. similar to what monkey khan wears but with dark blue jeand


jamie is a neutral kind of person,in a fire he was in,he also lost some of his fealings such as happiness. so you would usually see him looking neutral or mad or sad or confused.


He was born and grew up in a lower class family in an important village, he lived comfortably until he was about 7 years old, but at that point everything changed.

He lost his parents,Bobo the monkey and his wife Barbra the hedgehog in a accident and was forced to be trained by the legendary monkey khan. While persued by the cloud tribe, he had to survive in a vicious world. But with his persistance,skills and cunning, he managed to overcome all odds and survive everything. This has turned him into the man he is today.

While constantly travelling the world, he now works on travelling and surviving of evil as a hero. By doing so, he hopes to find answers to the events of the past and finally find significant other he has never had.

(will continue)





chaos abillity

chaos blast


  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced speed
  • Lightning bolt direction
  • Nimbus summoning
  • Hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Stick fighting


As the same as his father,Jamie has some flaws. One of them being amnesia, for some reason, Jamie's mind goes blank when someone reminds him of the city named crisis city. But the most obvious flaw we have to Jamie his tail,if you do something to it,his whole body hurts and has a shock.

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