This is an article about Jamie the Cape Fox, a character created by JamietheCapeFox375 on 12/2/2014.


Jamie is a cream colored cape fox with white fur on her muzzle and the tip of her tail. She also has short and wavy yellow and black stripped hair and deep blue eyes. Her outfit is put in a sort of "60's racer chick" style with a black and white checkerboard shirt with side sleeves, dark blue jeans with a hole on one leg and a black band on the other, black motorcycle boots, and black fingerless fabric gloves with slots. She is also well known for her extremely long, strong, and useful tail that she can use for almost anything and everything.


Jamie is spunky, sarcastic, sassy, cocky, agressive, and smartalic; but at the same time, she's loyal, kind, generous, compassionate, and very athletic but graceful with every move she makes. She loves to race and have fun but if her friends need her to help she's always got their backs. But even so, she doesn't really like it when anyone tries to help her with her own problems. She's a little too overconfident for her own good as well. But she's also very brave and strong-minded. But overall, she's a very conflicting character.


The only things that are known about Jamie's history is that she was born with a birth defect that caused her to have a 3 foot long, fluffy tail, the fact that all of her family is dead, and that she was born somewhere on South Island. Jamie doesn't remember much about her past herself, but she's said many times that she faintly remembers having her Mother around alot before someone killed her.


Mild super strength, super speed, has the ability to sense danger and if someone is hurt or if they need help, also knows when and how someone is feeling.


Jamie has Mild super strength, meaning she can lift things 5 times her size/weight, but most of it comes from her tail, which can also break through some harder materials such as wood, concrete, and brick walls. She can also nearly reach the speed of sound at top speed, but this easily tires her out so she only uses it when necessary. And for some reason, she was born with the ability to sense danger and if someone is injured. So she knows when someone needs help.


Jamie is very smart and has an IQ of 295, just below Dr. Eggman and Tails. Although, she doesn't always act like it. Due to her intelligence she's become a quick learner; as shown when Tails taught her some mechanics and she caught on so quickly the rest just came to her, much to his surprise. Since Jamie was around 7 years old she's been riding and racing motorcycles like a champ, and she takes it very seriously as it's something she's exceptional at. She is also very good at hand-to-hand combat and has even stated when someone asks her who her teacher was, "I never had one, im self taught so i had high expectations for myself when i was learning." Jamie also knows how to use almost any weapon you give her, from guns and missiles to a simple sword or bo staff. Once she just grabbed a broken metal rod and used that when she got surprise attacked. And when her 2nd in Command Michel asked why; she simply said that she's learned that anything can be a weapon if you know what your doing, and that you have to make the best of your surroundings.


Jamie's confusing past is her biggest weakness. She's very sensitive about it and it upsets her that she can't remember much. The only other thing that could be counted as a weakness, is that she can be pretty naive and slips up sometimes sue to being young despite her intelligence. But other than that, she's usually very alert and takes every precaution. (Most of the time that is.)

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