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James the Echidna is one of the four royal children of the Kingdom of Volhur. Like his siblings; he plays a role in the military defenses of his home nation, with James serving in the cavalry forces.

James the Echidna

Biographical Information
Age 17
Relatives pending
Alias pending
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Echidna
Gender Male
  • Fur: Brown, with bronzed skin
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Red-orange
  • Black breastplate & backplate, emblazoned with the royal crest of Volhur in orange
  • Black arm plates detailed with orange fire-like patterns
  • Black leg armor
  • Black metal reinforced half-kilt with orange fabric backing
  • Black metal grieves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Kingdom of Volhur (Prince, cavalry officer)
Weaponry Volhurn Axe
  • Skilled horseman
  • Trained in diplomacy
  • Highly skilled in most weapons used in the royal cavaliers
  • Preference for axes
  • Some knowledge of medicinal staff use
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s) Pending...
Appearances None so far
Original Creator Flashfire212


Not quite as bulky or powerfully built as his elder brother or father, James has a similar build to the two of them. With thick muscles from regular training and sparring, as well as his naturally olive-tinted skin being bronzed from sun exposure, James appears like a regular combat-focused echidna, though his brown fur and black hair are better cared for than many others.

While many attest that James is capable of showing little mercy or compassion when not ordered to, there are a large number of the royal guards under his command that argue that his red-tinted orange eyes often show concern for their wellbeing, despite his relative youth.


Aside for ultra-formal engagements, James is rarely ever seen by the public out of his armor. Shunning the traditional helmet of the cavaliers in a manner similar to most royals in Volhur, James still wears the standard black armor of the palace horsemen, though with finer orange detailing and an emphasis on the royal crest on his breastplate. James also shuns the preferences of some of his siblings, steering widely from the presence of capes and fabric finery in his uniform. Instead, he bears a flexible reinforced half-kilt that simply drapes of the back of his horse when mounted.



A highly trained horseman, James has training and experience using the three main types of weapon employed by the royal guard of Volhur. While he routinely spars with lances, as well as practicing infrequently with medicinal staffs and magical healing; James has a major preference and focus for using axes, especially in mounted combat. His personal weapon is surprisingly a simple Volhurn Axe, rather than any sort of fanciful or magically-enhanced weapon. This is both due to his youth, position in line for succession, and his own aversion to combat magic.

James has a lot of talent in caring for his personal mount; a stallion known as Troy, and often prefers to do his own combat preparations rather than letting stewards bother Troy too much. The horse, while regarded as fairly spirited, has been a close ally to James for a long time, and even bears similar black and orange combat uniform to his master when in the field.

Ultimately, James faces the flaws of many cavaliers. Most of his training and combat expertise is based around being in the saddle; so times when he is forced to fight dismounted often catch him by surprise. Similarly, James prefers to wield his axe in combat no matter if it is on foot or while mounted on Troy. Due to this, fighters wielding lighter weapons can pose a major threat to the young man; though in most cases his armor in combination with his strength and skill with the axe is enough to put them on the back foot. His experience with lances is also not to be discounted, as he can still pick up and wield a polearm with fair skill.

Elementless Abilities