James The Celloid
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October 4th
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Technology, Friends, Family, Strange species, Tacos, Pizza, Shadow (bit of a fanboy), Combat for fun, Videogames, and Adventure
Killing out of malice, Torture, Being around Female masses, Ixis Magic, and seafood

James is both the youngest and the last of the celloids made by Spawn the Shade. He is unique in that he has two hearts: one an artificial heart of purity, and the other being the heart of the Evil Spawn.


Despite being a mix of almost every creature under the sun (only leaving out generic fish and avians), James looks remarkably like a Hedgehog. His head tentacles resemble five quills as his insect limbs resemble two back quills. Most of his body is covered in soft, pearl-colored fur. The back of his left hand is a computer monitor that he kept hidden as a child.


James has always been a reflection of those around him. His constant kindness and empathy can sometimes be masked by the mannerisms he picks up from his friends. His alliance is to the greater good, but he doesn't always side with justice. Sometimes he will help villains so that heroes will grow stronger.

Strengths and Powers

James has basic energy control and a creative mind. He uses these in a variety of ways. His computer hand acts like a storage unit, transforming matter into data to carry within the databanks. His computer is voice-activated by his type of voice, allowing him to use it even if his voice changes. He has various inventions that boost his abilities. A perfect example of this is his teenage worn Boost Gear, which enhances his speed and energy usage to match his his opponents skills. His boost bands help him channel energy quicker and his boost shoes allow him to move at high speeds in the air and on the ground.


Early Years

James was raised in a dimension where Sonic and Megaman both existed. James grew up with Sonic and Sally as his best friends. After three mad scientists teamed up to take over the world James Megaman and Sonic teamed up to take them down, James went after the Mysterious third Doctor known as Dr.Tails. After defeating her versatile machines, Dr. Tails was revealed to be Milly Prower, who had hoped to have James' spot in the Great Science Exposition and because of that she agreed to help Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) and Dr.Dark (Wily).
James by blazecandy-d5e4p0m

Young James (art done by blaze waffle)

After Milly and Robotnik helped defeat the Yellow Devil, Dr. Wily was arrested, with Robotnik and Milly given pardons for their help. Milly took James on as her partner and Light took Robotnik on as his.

James later helped Sonic and Megaman combat Wily several more times, and when Robotnik returned to villainy, James helped Mily repair the time poles to allow Sonic to fix the past.

After two years of fighting both Wily and Robotnik, the two mad scientists were finally put behind bars. James had by that time discovered a message from his "Father", Spawn the Shade, and spent his last year preparing to leave his home dimension to start his mission to purify his soon to be awakened second heart.

Training Begins

James first headed to the Flame Dojo Boarding School to train his skills and gain allies. He met Colt Volver there and soon after became the target of the Great Assassin Pulse Falcon. After being rescued by Colt (though Colt intention turned out to be less than noble), James took up bounty-hunting to get on better terms with Pulse and Colt. After taking out 5 of the most wanted on Pulse's list, the falcon revealed that the top five were actually the head staff at The Flame Dojo Board.

James refused to believe that his teachers were evil and left the dimension, heading home. However, his evil heart had awoken during that time and he was deflected by the barrier made to protect his home from the children of spawn. This sent him spiraling into a random dimension where he crashed and passed out, on the verge of death. He was saved and nursed back to health by a Kitsune named Hana Murasaki who was enslaved by a greedy Hedgehog named King.

Colt came across James and after seeing Hana he agreed to help stop King. After King was killed by James (who had realized the old hedgehog was about to die of a heart attack and killed him out of pity), Hana told him to destroy the stone used to bind her to his will. James accidentally fused the stone to his pure heart, and Hana read his hearts wish for her to be free and left him without revealing what happened to the stone.

James decided to hunt down the Seven Serpent Sages to help him find a way to purify his heart. The first sage he found was Iron of the Ice, the son of the original sage. Iron revealed that his father was killed by The Flamemaster and his cult of mystics. After James learned to awaken his Water Chakra, he sought out a teacher who could tell him more about the Cult of Mystics. He found Pulse instead, and Pulse revealed the Cult was the Five remaining on his list. James agreed to help Pulse take them down when he discovered that Hana had become a member through brainwashing. With the help of Iron, Colt, and several students of the FDBS, James and Pulse took down the Cult of Mystics only to find that the Headmaster was once partner to Spawn and his Cult was dedicated to reviving him. James let the Headmaster go and left to go on his journey to purify his heart alone.

James went through several points during his adventures where his evil heart took over and he became Dark James. During these points, he assisted the villains of several different dimensions. When his pure heart returned into control he would make up for this by helping the heroes stop his own dark half's plans.

Sibling Rivalry

James attempted to stop his siblings on various occasions but both were too powerful for him. At age 16, he devised a plan to draw his brother out of hiding.

James' plan was to bring all of the Mobians classified as Prime Counterparts to one place and team up against his brother's followers. After gathering his army, he trapped all of Victor's minions in The Hell Gate. Victor finally comes out of hiding but unlocks the gate, allowing all his minions to return and fight as his own army.

He kidnaps James in the confusion and tries to torture him into revealing a way for him to remove the seal on James' heart to take it for his own (believing that James' pure heart is his fathers heart). Hana seeks out James' friends and gets them to help her rescue James. James thanks Hana and his friends but decides to go into hiding until he can find a way to fight his brother.

James takes his brother's dark ring with him to a sealed dimension where he can hide. He is discovered by the Robotnik of that world (who tracked the energy signature his entrance left) and is forced to pretend to be his ally to avoid being detected by his brother. Soon after, he is labeled by the Sonic crew as an enemy.

The ring transforms James into a new form of Dark James that casually calls himself DJ. Now free to do as he pleases, he has Robotnik assist him with his plans to take over all worlds in that dimension. He rebuilds Rocket Metal and creates Cinos and the Shadow Six to combat the heroes. After Tails consumes the seven remaining dark rings to become Darkspine Tails, James slowly begins to regain control of himself, now using his Darker Half's plans to train the heroes and prepare them for the three evils that were created from the dark rings: Nazo, Void and a reborn Mephiles.

In the end, James has to enlist the help of Colt and Hana to finally defeat the monstrous fusion of the three known as Perfect Nightmare. James leaves the world, now in peace due to Robotnik reforming to become the benevolent President of Mobius, promising to return when he can.



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Relationships with Other Characters

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Victor the Celloid

Despite his brother's many attempts to kill him, James thinks the world of him. Whether this is due to Victor using appealing methods to kill him or just James' wide-eyed optimism at work remains to be seen.

Neo the Celloid

James is never clear about his feelings for his tragic older sister, but it is clear he thinks of her as an important member of his family.


Colt Volver

Colt is James' best friend despite the two never seeming to get along. When one is in danger, the other always comes to their rescue. They seem to exchange banter at every chance. James is extremely frightened of Colts constant Breaking of the fourth wall despite it rarely ever being dangerous.

Pulse The Falcon

Despite trying to kill James after their first meeting, its hard to think of Pulse as anything other than a friend to his supposed primary target. Pulses knowledge of the criminal underworlds has often come in handy for James and Colt. And Pulse seems to have little issues with hanging out with the two of them in public.

Iron The Iguana

James' sheltered companion and one time teacher, Iron is quite possibly just as close to James as Colt is. Iron rarely travels with the team but will help if he's in the area.


Rene The Bio-Fox- Rene was a long time servant to Spawn, and was infatuated with him after her transformation from a human to a Mobian. As such, 20 years after he abandoned her, she came across James and mistook him for her master due to him having spawns heart. She uses any means she can to try and Corrupt him so that she can become his bride.

Breaker the Dragon- Once the combat teacher of James and his friends, Breaker revealed himself to be under the order of The Headmaster. Breaker's pure power is often too much for James to handle alone and he is often saved by people with personal agendas against Breaker.

The Headmaster An old servant of Spawn, the Headmaster started The Inter-dimensional Training Grounds to James out of Hiding.



Other characters

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  • James has only gone through 3 design changes.
  • His latest design is based after an early design for Silver The Hedgehog/Venice the Mink.
  • His voice is said to resemble that of Emerl, which is a half joke since Emerl has no voice actor aside for when he's imitating other characters.
  • Any recurring enemy for James is based after a James Bond villain whereas any character relating to his past is named after or based on an enemy of Marvel's Wolverine (AKA James Logan).
  • A redesign based off of the titular hero of Doctor Who was considered for James before this design was chosen.
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