James Odessa

James Odessa

Biographical Information
Age21 (deceased)
  • Davy (due to his Goliath IFV)
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Green, w/ tan skin
  • Hair: Blue-green
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Red jacket emblazoned with Scarlet Assassins emblems
  • Dark purple shirt
  • Red cargo pants
  • Black leather shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
VehiclesHammerforge Industries Goliath Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • Skilled tracked vehicle driver
  • Moderately-skilled w/ geokinesis
  • Moderately-skilled in combat - hand-to-hand
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


A slightly shorter than average hedgehog, with green fur covering his body and short blue-green hair on his head, James Odessa was a young man with keenly focused blue eyes.


For the most part, James lived in his 'uniform'. A red jacket, emblazoned with the logos for the Scarlet Assassins, plus a pair of red cargo pants and black leather shoes, which provided his basic uniform, plus a dark purple t-shirt which was simply there to keep him warm, as he claimed.


Early History

James Odessa was born on South Island, where his parents had lived for years, fighting off the different threats to the island. As he grew, his parents instilled in him that the Acorn Kingdom, who theoretically protected the island, were useless, and that he shouldn't help them. As such, despite joining a local freedom fighter group with the salvaged IFV his parents rebuilt at the age of thirteen, James was reluctant to work with the Knothole Freedom Fighters in any way, shape or form.

Scarlet Assassins

Eight years later, James was recruited by Ganther the Cat, a man who claimed himself to be a 'general', to serve with a group against the Acorn Kingdom. It was noted that the modified Goliath he drove could carry around twelve people, which made it an effective piece of combat technology. He was fully combat certified around two weeks before the direct attack on New Mobotropolis, under the command of Carass the Lorikeet. Unfortunately, this didn't pay off for him, as his IFV was destroyed mid-way through the battle by NICOLE creating a nanite cannon in front of his cockpit, killing both James and his gunner instantly.


James was noted as being a trained Earth-manipulator and hand-to-hand fighter, with experience at manipulating stone and earth to allow for his large IFV to manoeuvre. In combat, he wouldn't care which enemy he targeted, or how they fought, he would attack and attack hard. While in the IFV, however, he seemed inexperienced, often getting the large vehicle stuck in spaces slightly narrower than the vehicle's width. However, he was also a overconfident driver, making movements that cause his gunner to lose aim temporarily without warning. It was one of these decisions that resulted in their death.

James was noted to have no ability to combat weapons or the natural environment without his IFV. He had no survival skills whatsoever, nor was his training capable of teaching him how to fight against armed opponents.

Earth Abilities

Elementless Techniques


James was given an old Hammerforge Industries Goliath Infantry Fighting Vehicle that they had salvaged just before he joined the South Island Freedom Fighters. As it was salvaged, it was missing the majority of the advanced technology it had once sported, instead relying on an old pulse laser and a standard laser for forward defences, while two ion blasters provided anti-vehicle and anti-robotics defences to the rear and sides. However, as it lacked it's normal regenerative armor, it spelled his death when NICOLE fired a nanite-created cannon into the driver's compartment at point-blank.


An arrogant, self-assured young driver, James didn't really care about what he rammed or how he positioned his IFV, he only wanted to use it to show off and get himself further against the Acorn Kingdom for leaving his home to rot.








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