Wears a black trench coat sometimes leather jacket has pure white fur and blood red eyes he always wears long pants such as jeans and hates anything girly and is never seen smiling unless it is to someone he truly trusts his hair style differs sometimes it is spikey like sonic other times it is flat and covers his left eye but ever since he got his Blacklight virus abilities he can change his form shape ect.


  • Dark Entity: James can be seen sometimes talking to a dark corner as if there was something there but then stops whenever he notices you the dark entity is a Being made of pure darkness that was created by James as a coping mechanism it is real and acts as if it has malicious intent but in truth it cares for James as it was born the exact time he was. It has no name as of yet or simply it doesnt want to tell but if james is ever in danger the entity will take control and make sure James gets away safely when in control of james his darkness attacks such as Black puppet summoning increase but it drains his stamina alot more
  • Amy Rose: James secretly has a crush on amy but has a hard time admitting it at one point he even took on sonics appearance voice ect so he could go on a date with amy he half way through the date he accidently lost the form and was beaten by amy with her piko piko hammer he still wonders where she hides it.
  • Sonic: Him and sonic arent friends but they arent enemies But they share the hatred of eggman
  • Cream: Him and cream are in her opinion the best of friends as he taught her to cook and dance he will easily be found at her house tidying up and making cream and vanilla tea and fancy foods even tho Vector has called this a way for him to steal vanilla.
    James Mercer the wolf

    "Let me be perfectly honest with you sonic this is something you dont know about battle THE FIGHTS NEVER END!"

Shadow entity

The dark entity


He was created by doctor robotnick using a orphan who had the ability to control the Darkness to a point where he was able to summon darkness from his inner self and even in daylight the doctor tortured young James until he was broken down and emotionless only the darkness talked to him telling him to "Kill the fat man let us taste his blood" driving him mad when teh blacklight virus was aquired it was forced into alex's Dna turning him into a second Alex the hedgehog ability wise after blacking out and entering his unstable dark form almost killing eggman before collapsing due to the power and waking up with Shadow taking his chaos emerald necklace.

Three Days Grace-Animal I Have Become Lyrics

Three Days Grace-Animal I Have Become Lyrics

James's Theme song


He tends not to make them out of fear of losing control to the darkness and killing them as he has many times before but he has found his brothers and sisters capable to get away if he loses control


Power stealing:He has over time learned he can steal powers from others with the blacklight virus having mastered it along with the darkness he can change his gender race ect just by getting a sample of blood on his skin

Darkness Mastery: Aftering mastering the darkness he has the ability to use the arms of darkness for close/long rang attacking if he needs to fly he can use the darkness to make demonic wings to take flight however in the light his Darkness powers are not as powerful. He usually creates Darkness weapons prefering the classic Duel katana or Scythe but his time is limited with Generated weapons only lasting up to half a hour but with more practice he might be able to concentrate them up to three hours he recently learned to create portals he often creates Twin pistols made of darkness and shooting people sometimes for jokes

Blacklight: Learning from watching Alex he figured out new ways to use blacklight besides its basic regeneration he continued to consume strong beings until it make him almost impossible to kill except for certain types of ore that delay his regeneration up to 2-3 minutes meaning a simple deheading by one of those can kill him. his favorite type of  power to use is the claws as from the black light virus he became a genius and craves knowlege and power. 

Speed: He has speed that surpasses sonic due to mixing his speed with sonic's from their first fight

Body morphing: He can morph any part of his body into a weapon or that of another person allowing him to be a expert Spy and a living weapon

Shadow entity

Super forms

Madness: is a evil form that was created through his constant torture by the darkness and doctor eggman from his childhood and the form cannot be controlled by him so when he feels it he runs as far away as he can the Madness form is timed by how much his insanity has built up the more built it is the more powerful and malicious the form. the form makes his appearance take on a more Insane one his eyes become black with red swirls his fur burns red with rage and the energy forms wings and his mouth is covered by the energy this energy causes him great agony as he regenerated as the pure heaviness of the rage breaks his bones he can often be seen crying silently in this form it is noted that in this form he constantly says "Kill Olivia" but when asked who that is he has no idea

Locked: He hasnt unlocked it yet

'Diabla:' This was unlocked when he made a deal with a demon to free his brother the demon however was consumed by the madness inside James's head and this form was created however it has never been used as the deal was if it was used hell would be unlocked

Dark Trigger: His most powerful form but hardest to use since him and the darkness must be on agreeing terms which hardly ever happens this form makes him become Darkness emboded his looks change to pure black entirely with liquid like shadows rising off him everyone around him even blaze felt chills and fear near him when he opens his mouth nothing but rows of teeth are seen his tail changes to that of a devil and his speed rising to make even walking for him faster than sonic running his eyes have Red snake like slits and when asked by Cyber his older brother what he felt his response was "I felt cold alone hatred and all your emotions the negative ones...but the worst i felt was what i own form in that cold void the darkness is me...and i am it....we were one and we are many" this form does have a weakness towards holy light


James comes off as a cold hateful wolf that suffers constantly but never openly talks about it. he will go as far as to threaten even his closest friends if they get in his way or bother them at one point he almost broke sonics neck for stopping him from consuming a Fox that worked for eggman. When it comes to powers James wants more thinking if he has alot his friends and family will be safe even if it means working for the bad side. He is a caring person taking 100 bullets to save his loved ones. James's past girlfriend Vexy could tell him anything and he would never tell anyone her secrets but would kill if she was harmed he tries to stay far away from people having constant conflicts with himself-more to come about this

Notable Attacks

  • Virus Spread - Its simple...he spreads the blacklight virus through different ways Wounding people, Buildings or through water
  • Demonic Assault - He rushes at the speed of sound up to his opponent and uses his claws ability and slashes down then switches to whip arm and flings his opponent into the sky charges a jump and leaps to his airborne enemy switches to blade arm drives his blade deep into the gut uses the arms of darkness to wrap around the opponent to make sure they dont get away uses his Blacklight armor and dives headfirst into the hard ground letting go before hitting and landing on his hands and feet
  • Shadow Puppeteer - Uses darkness to manipulate a dead body to fight for him (This attack has a limited time can be stopped and has a range the range is 8 yards time is 5 minutes and the can be stopped by cutting the shadow strings)
  • Blackhole - (Do i have to explain..well probably should) it is an ability of The Darkness. It allows him to create a small piece of Darkness and cause it collapse in on itself, creating a vortex of death. however it does not do the same thing as a blackhole expanding as it is forced to close so it doesnt kill everyone
  • Darkness Assault - He sprouts 8 Arms of darkness from his back and beats holes into his opponents
    Arms of darkness

    Two arms of darkness fighting over a human heart


  • He deeply loves candy but will only eat it if Amy Offers him some
  • James is very sadisitic and enjoys seeing the ones he hates suffer and will prolong the Suffering by injecting a small amount of his virus causing them to take longer to die
  • He does feel pain however he has learned to cancel out his emotions
  • He never knew his mother or father but often thinks they died
  • He was based on Alex mercer
  • Blood excites him so much to the fact he will sometimes taste his victims blood ritually
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