James Hunter The Fox
James The Fox2
September 8th
Martial Arts Student
Training, Sparring, Ice Cream, Action movies.
Math, Getting into trouble at the dojo, Class bullies, buses.
Favorite Food
Cheese Burgers, Orange Juice

James is a 17 year old martial arts student who lives in Emerald Town. Every weekday after school, he has martial arts classes. He was given a black headband as a sign of his hard work. Enthusiastic and determined, James works hard to master the ways of Martial Arts. James is also a member of Team Garnet, run by Jessie Garnet The Fox. He has very few friends. In fact, the only friends he has are the members of Team Garnet.

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James The Fox Sprite
James is a dark lavender fox with green eyes. He has short, blue hair with three bangs hanging from the front, and has a patch of blue fur on his stomach, along with the tip of his tail being the same. His outfits may vary, but he is mainly seen wearing a deep blue sleeveless shirt and dark skyblue pants. He wears black shoes with a thin white stripe going across, and green fingerless fighting gloves with red wristbands. Lastly, he dons a black headband that he got from the dojo. He has hardly been seen without it since.


James is energetic, dutiful, and respectful towards others. He works hard at what he does with determination, and isn't generally one to turn his back on someone or something. He can be a bit competitive, but he fights/plays honorably. (Depending on whether he is fighting or playing a sport or any other kind of game.) He can be a tad goofy and random at times, often to others' surprise. James is usually found in a very jolly mood, and finds no trouble in spreading the happiness around. When there's a challenge though, he'll take it if he feels that he's ready for it. He won't take anything on if he knows he can't do it.

Strengths and Powers

James is good at sports, mainly because of his great stamina. He is moderately fast, strong, tough, and can go on for a while before getting tired. He is very skilled in Martial Arts, making him a good fighter.

In battle, James would be all around, but he's one level above because of his training. He can take on people much bigger than he is, but it isn't always a guarantee that he'll win. He is a good fighter and is confident in his skills, and he won't hold anything back. Most of the time.

James has no known powers.

General Info

James currently lives in Emerald Town with his parents and his older brother, Harry. He lives as normally as a martial arts student in a club with only one member that's in the same town as him can be. He's a middle school student who's interested in sports, and is playing in many of the sports events at his school. He studies hard, and tries to be a good student. He's often been bullied, but he fight's back without hesitation. His best friend, Jessie, goes to the same school as him. They both play the same sports, and are interested in fighting. Although Jessie doesn't really practice in martial arts. He was the first to join Team Garnet. The club doesn't do anything unless both Crystal and Zap are present, which isn't very often. For the most part, they just hang out.


His history was a bit of a strange one. He, along with his brother and one other character were all in production at the same time. In an attempt to make them look less like recolors, their few bangs of hair were turned into messy hair-which actually looked a whole lot more like a crazy Mohawk. Their colors were very bright, which made them look pretty painful on the eyes. The third character was the only one who looked normal, because he didn't have bangs of hair in the first place, and he was an entirely differnet species. Soon, all three of tem had been put on hold and forgotten about for a while, except for the third one who had a role in the canceled game, "Kyle's Adventure.". It wasn't until months later that they were brought back and remade. James took on his current look, and adapted a new personality. The only personality trait he had before he was even released was Energetic, which is rare because not many of the characters had personality traits when they were still in production without any knowing if they were going to stay or get dropped. Ironically, the third character lacks a role currently. He is planned to appear in Splice The Hedgehog.



Has not made an official appearance in a roleplay from start to finish yet.

Other Appearances


Relationships with Other Characters


James lives with his parents and his older brother.

Harry Hunter the Fox

James' lazy older brother. They somewhat get along. James is always trying to get him to go outside and play with him, but Harry is usually found either eating, watching TV, or lazing on the couch listening to music, and that's what he calls "Busy".


Jessie Garnet The Fox

Jessie was his first friend, and for a time his only friend until she created Team Garnet. He was the first member to join. The two live in the same town and go to the same school. They get along pretty well, and share similar interests. He tries to be as useful as possible when around her.

Crystal The Fox

James finds it hard not to get along with her, as she is very kind and hospitable towards him. He often wonders though, how Jessie and her get along when they're so different from eachother.

Zap The Hedgehog

Zap is what completes Team Garnet in terms of being a totally mismatched team. Zap barely speaks to him. James isn't sure if he's cut out for adventuring because of his meek and timid personality.

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