Jake the dark/swim type chao (element water) is the main protagonist of the chao adventures. He is somewhat protective with his friends and is the fighter for chao island.


Born as a lone chao, Jake had been picked up by two MII fighter siblings and was forced out of his egg by the brother. Then when he was born, he was given so many fruit, animals and other stuff for him to become. Then when he reincarnated, he had become a dark/swim type chao. He then was ranked as the elemental chao of water and has stayed in chao garden for years now.

Then when he got old, he heard the tragic death of his friends (which being stinks, rap, but hero sonic has already been resurrected), he dreamt all night waiting for them to come back. Then when he stayed like a chao of water, he heard that his brother Jason had hatched and they met each other.

Then jason striked rivalry against Jake of who was the best chao the MIIs have had. Then Jake won since the brother had been taking care of him and they became friends.


Jake is dark/swim type chao who has dark skin, pink rabbit ears and feet, blue eyes, a blue muzzle, a blue spiked ball, blue wing tips and black wings.


As a hero and warrior, Jake is somewhat protective and smart, but sometimes usually finds himself in all kinds of danger.

He even enjoys going around and protecting everyone as well as he has a feeling for Rachael. He has a huge hatred for injustice, silence and the Komodo army. He also has a huge interest for jokes, puns, poems and also giving racheal gifts.


The search for connor

Jake was seen with dopple when they were trying to find their red chao friend named Connor who was taken by the queen. They then come across going into a storm and finding their way home, as well as meeting with the other chao.

They use their loyal lightwing named lightbulb to help the with the daily hinjinks.

The shattered crystal

After news of the 7 dragon souls had spread to the deadly squad, Jake then noitces that klaus, their allied Sphinx cat had ratted them out. As requested to help out the universe, Jake and his friends find another dark type chao named Jeff.

He orders them to come with him to find King Caruso and talk with him in his Royal court. They find him and Jake says angrily that they must kill the Sphinx cats, but Caruso replies with an annoyed tone that the Sphinx cats were their allies during the war.

Then they were seen exiting the castle with Jake having an angry expression. He then yells at the others that the Sphinx cats were their allies and apologizes. He says he's a little too worked up about the 7 dragon souls news.

Then meanwhile they receive a note from narrow li, a hero type chao. Jake finds general paella who could help and then Jeff and paella get into an argument about stopping the Royal carribean. Jake and Jason then here about jeff's timeline and one of them cries.

Then when Jeff had told Jake to come with him into a hollow, they find portraits of lightwings and hexwings. The one he saw was ivy's nephew named crave, a hexwing who is the son of rainy. They then come across the deadly squad and were imrpisoned.

Then as soon enough, jeff hatches a plan to escape and busts open an airvent. Then him and Jake escape, only to come across the execution dungeon, which bipolar calls it the "wall of pain."

Then a blue-ringed octopus named azul tries to execute them, but their blood type was low and strong enough to protect their flesh. Then as azul was done, they escaped again after defeating the guards.



Ever since Jason had hatched, Jake knew he was up to something and challenged him who would be the best chao the MII siblings had. Then the brother had took good care of Jake and they became friends.


When Jake had seen a beautiful chao named Rachael, he was amazed and had romantic feelings for her so badly. Then Rachael kind of expresses herself to Jake since shattered crystal.


Ever since he came across Jeff, first he was scared, but then Jake knew he would be a helpful and trusted powerful ally to them.

General Paella

Jake had known senses that paella was picking on Jeff and lightbulb, so he was impressed of how doppel dealt with it.


  • Jake is actually based off of a chao me and my brother have on Sopanic Adventure DX Director's Cut.
  • He is also a chao we named Jake on the game.
  • Jake being a dark/swim type is what he is that we own in the chao garden.
  • Pthe reason why Jake is the element of water because he's more swimming than dark to me.
  • The reason why he has bunny ears because my brother had given him rabbits in the game.
  • I'm much guessing Jake was the first chao we had since my brother got the game for his birthday.
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