Jake The Lynx is Labeled “The Technician” due to his tech skills. He specializes in astronomy but is amazing at biology, anthropology, chemistry, geology, and hematology. Sonic punches him when he makes an unimportant statement. And if Sonic isn’t there, Tails, Amy, or Knuckles punches him for Sonic. For example:

Sonic:Jake, how are the rates of the ship going?

Jake:Every second, we are constantly picking up speed and less likely to crash! Also, did you know that opal is associated with water?

Sonic:(punches Jake in the face)

Jake:Ow.........dude, that left something! Pat Sajak thinks the answer is a mark.

If Sonic punches him too many times in a day, Jake will fight back by punching him seconds before his fist hits his face.

Also, he thinks if Occult is being used to summon demons, its okay to him. He also has Ophidiophobia Ever since he got bit by a snake in high school.

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