Jake the doberman


Jake The Doberman has black fur with blond hair. His nose and mouth area is tan. He wears a spiky collar, a blue and white t-shirt, blue jeans, and blue and white shoes. He does not wear gloves and his tail is of medium length.


Jake is kind and caring to those who are on his side, but ruthless and vicious towards enemies. He is a vegetarian instead of a carnivore because of his peaceful manner. However, he is peaceful only while not hired because Jake is a mercenary who works for the side who pays him the most rings.


Jake was created by dr. Robotnik to kill sonic, but Jake started acting very defiant and rebelled against Robotnik. He escaped Robotnik sucessfully, but when he was escaping, he hit his head on the cramped roof of the cage he was trapped in and got amnesia. He then ran into a forest and ran into a mercenary camp. He then decided to be a mercenary because he wants money to buy a home in the mountains(he is homeless and he wants to retreat to a peaceful life). He then applied to join the mercenaries, to which they did a test on all the appliers and Jake, along with a few others got accepted into the mercenaries.


Because Jake is a doberman, so he has the abillity to track down anyone due to his great sense of smell.


During mercenary training, Jake learned krav maga, and not only that, but he was the best at it out of all the mercenaries, even the trainer himself. Also, he learned how to use personas to his advantage, so he can look cute and happy at first, but then once you meet him, you will realize that he is not to be underestimated, as he is actually kind and friendly, but also aggressive and very violent towards his enemies.


Jake is a very trained mercenary, but he is a dog, so chocolate will make him very sick, or in large amounts, kill him.

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