Cquote1 have to stop him...he wants to destroy the Worlds...he in...his way... Cquote2
Jagged Cliff's final words, Redstone's Nightmare

Jagged Cliff is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a large male Mobian cat who lived in ancient times. He was the first leader of a Tribe of cats that lived in the same land as the other Tribes, and was one of many victims of Sonic.EXE's brutal reign of terror in ancient times


Jagged Cliff is a large, stocky pale brown tomcat with large white patches along his sides and back, a white patch on his right eye, a white left ear, a white tail-tip, white paws, and blue eyes


Very little is known about Jagged Cliff's personality, due to his role being so minor. What is known is that he is a calm and collected leader, with a sense of humor


Jagged Cliff's past is unknown

Redstone's Nightmare: Jagged Cliff is first seen walking up to the first murder scene with Redstone and Vero, and he is the one to discover it. When they come across the first set of murders, Jagged Cliff recognizes his Tribemate Storm Tail, who is one of the victims. Later, Jagged Cliff is pronounced missing by his son Leaf Fur, and is discovered among another "mixed patrol" that is murdered by Sonic.EXE. Jagged Cliff is found clinging to life just long enough to speak to Redstone before he dies. Later, in the Epilogue, Jagged Cliff is the Spirit who greets Redstone upon his death.


Jagged Cliff is shown to be a capable leader, but not much else is known


Not much is known about him

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