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Jag the Riolu is a character set to appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a young Riolu with a long scar on his nose. His debut is currently unknown, but he will live in Soleanna Forest, and befriend Austin.


Jag is a young Riolu, and this has its typical appearance, save for a long scar that slices across his nose, which Austin finds similar to the long scar on his face


Similarly to a much younger Austin, Jag is a bit of a fanboy, and is very eager and friendly. He loves to hang out with Austin, but becomes confused when trying to sense other people's aura


Jag's past is currently unknown


Jag's moveset is currently unknown


It was confirmed that Jag's Ability is Steadfast, which raises his Speed every time he flinches


Like all Riolu, Jag can sense aura, but is not very skilled at it


Due to his youth, Jag isn't very skilled at sensing aura, as he sees things as very muddled, and sometimes gets overwhelmed by what he senses

As a Fighting-Type Pokemon, Jag is weak to Flying, Fairy, and Psychic-Type Pokemon

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