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Jadzia Ki-ra

Jadzia Ki-ra is a female Hedgehog who exists in the post-apocalyptic time in which Silver the Hedgehog lives.


First starting out life as a human, more specifically a slightly crazed Sonic fan, Jadzia Ki-ra was born in Japan on November 4, 2018. She was taken by her parents to China, where she was raised for twelve years before moving to South Korea. Jadzia Ki-ra later witnessed her parents' murder and was abducted by a scientist to be used as a subject for his genetics experiment. After being genetically altered beyond recognition over the course of five years, Jadzia was later used as a test subject for the scientist's interdimensional time machine. She was sent to Silver the Hedgehog's time, a post-apocalyptic era.

Jadzia Ki-ra, terrified at what had occurred, hid in an old metal bunker for two days before being forced to come out due to lack of a clean water supply. The Hedgehog scavenged a nearby decimated city for supplies, but found little. She soon left the city in search of other people who may be able to help her return home.

Jadzia Ki-ra appears in the canonical role play Chronological Chaos, owned by Nitrogen218.


Jadzia Ki-ra was a bit of a lone wolf in her youth, and disapproved of things such as peer pressure, conformity, etc. Jadzia also was rather obsessed with the Sonic Archie comics and was Dr. Finitevus' and Nicole the Holo-Lynx's number one fan. However, when Jadzia Ki-ra was sent to Silver's time and turned into a Mobian, she became much more secluded and preferred to do things her own way. She dislikes it when people get in her way all the time, but Jadzia will be helpful to those in need.


Jadzia Ki-ra has an unusual ability for acrobatics and can perform any number of feats, including feats that other Mobians are unable to accomplish. She also has an aptitude for science, able to explain many things ranging from the planet's core to the origins of the black hole in great detail. Jadzia is also able to calculate complex algebraic equations, and can do it fairly quickly as well.

Jadzia's cybernetic arm has a few helpful abilities, such as phobiakinesis, allowing her to channel her fear of heights and use it to amplify other people's fears to a very high level.


Jadzia Ki-ra has claustrophobia, meaning she's afraid of tight spaces. Jadzia can usually be seen paralyzed by the fear of being trapped in a tight space, a weakness that can mean life or death. She also has limited mathematical ability, meaning that there is a point where she is unable to do certain types of complex math. Jadzia also is a little too curious about her surroundings, which constantly gets her into trouble.

She is also sometimes very nervous, making it harder for her to complete a task.


Physical Appearance as a Human

Jadzia had short black hair and dark brown eyes. She also had light tan skin and no cybernetic arm. She stood taller as a human than as a Hedgehog. Jadzia also had a scar above her right eye and it is currently unknown how she got it.

Physical Appearance as a Hedgehog

Jadzia Ki-ra is a brown furred Hedgehog with green eyes and short hair with highlights of three different colours- pink, brown, and light orange. She has two purple frontal spikes similar to that of an Echidna's and her right arm is cybernetic. Her quills are shaped similar to that of Silver's, only slightly more diagonal. Her ears are larger than normal and are surprisingly very fuzzy, much like a husky's ears.


One of Jadzia's outfits consists of a yellow shirt and shorts with a purple belt, as well as leg-straps of the same colour attached to it. Her glove (which is on her left hand) is violet, and her boots are gold with teal lining.

Additional Quotes

"Do'h! Can I try that a second time?" - Jadzia Ki-ra disappointed with a failure

"Aw, come on! What's a life without mystery?" - Jadzia stating her love for mystery

"Boooored!" - Jadzia not impressed with something

"No wonder 'Doc Creepy Von Evil' hates the world so much." - Jadzia commenting on Mobius's conditions



  • Jadzia Ki-ra is named for both Jadzia Dax and Kira Nerys from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
  • As a tribute to both the Asian and Bajoran way of writing people's names, Jadzia is actually Jadzia Ki-ra's last name and Ki-ra is her first name.
  • Jadzia Ki-ra often quotes both Inspector Gadget from the Inspector Gadget cartoon and Homer Simpson from The Simpsons
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