"Father, I don't care if Sonic was not interested in my sister, the truth he told Amy in Toad Town in the Mushroom Kingdom is still very hurtful. I sure wish Amy returns to the Sonic Team Games but with a better mate than Sonic."
—Jade Rose in Amy Rose: the Movie (TK2 Edition)
NC Jade Rose by ToonKing2

Jacob "Jade" Rose from Amy Rose: the Comic

Jacob Lewis "Jade" Rose is a Porcupine who happens to be Amy's under-aged twin brother born in the Kingdom of Mercia. He even made an appearance in Mario & Sonic Brawlers.


He's green, like his dad Willy and cousin Rob O' the Hedge, but wears red boots like Amy Rose, he has sky blue eyes like his mother Daria. He used to be the same age and birth date as Amy Rose until Amy's wish granted by the ring of the Acorns has happened. He also has a black vest and a gray shirt with sky blue short sleeves and black fingerless gloves.


He has the same personality as Abraham Tower, though unlike the G.U.N. Commander he doesn't have a heart of stone, but he does try everything he can to be overprotective of his sister.


Since his parents fell victim for the roboticizer, he told his old friend Sonic that Jade's sister was kidnapped by Dr. Robotnik, which is why Sonic had to save Amy's pink butt in the first place.


  • Jade Thunder (Thor's Gauntlet Required)
  • Jade Piko Tsunami  (25 Rings/Coins Required)
  • Ultra Jade (7 Chaos Emeralds Required)
  • Dark Jade (Artificial Emerald Required)


  • Jade Quillshot
  • Jade Tail Slap 
  • Jade Punch
  • Jade Kick
  • Jade Headbutt


He learned ninja techniques and Martial arts as learned from Rosemary Prower's Father. 


His weaknesses are the same as Sonic's. He sometimes falls when he gets hit by Badniks, Egg Robots, Bosses and even spikes without carrying any rings. And he also falls when he falls into the Bottomless Pit or drowns underwater.


Dr. Daria Amethyst Rose = Mother

Detective Willy O' the Hedge = Father

Amy Rose = Overaged twin sister

Andre O' the Hedge = Uncle

Rob O' the Hedge = Cousin

Mari-An the Echidna = Cousin In-Law

Voice Actor

I prefer that Daniel Radcliff would make a great voice, because they both have a British accent.

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