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Jade Island is the fan name for the main setting of SRB2's famous level pack, The Mystic Realm. Originally created by Mystic, his level pack is available here. It was named Jade Island after the first zone's name "Jade Coast". On the large island, there are 6 zones. Jade Coast, Tempest Valley, Verdant Forest, Flame Rift, Midnight Freeze, and Sunken Plant. High above the latter, is another zone in the sky: Aerial Garden.

Smash and Co.'s Roleplay series

Jade Island is a large island far to the north-east of the mainland. The population is fairly small for its size, as many zones are completely uninhabited. The island is split into two regions: the Jade Region, and the Cobalt Region.

Jade Region

The Jade Region is best known for its warm and tropical climate, and holds the majority of the islands inhabitants. There are four main zones here.

Jade coast is a peaceful beach, with lots to explore. There are many different paths leading further into the island, and there are mountainous walls of dirt and stone right there near the water. There is a small fishing town by the name of Jade Village. Small as it is, it is the biggest settlement on the island. With its tropical beach and small grasslands, it is a rather popular vacation spot as well. Somewhere in the area is an area full of thick and gooey mud pools, aptly named Mudhole Karst. It is a fairly dangerous area as the mud is surprisingly deep, and is almost like quicksand. Hidden in this area is a strange structure, called a 'Mystic Temple'.

Tempest Valley is a dark, polluted area with pools and rivers of toxic purple slime. It is a dead zone, and every denizen of Jade Island is weary of this ruined valley. The fumes are harmful to inhale, so staying long is not advised. It is unknown what happened to this area, as long ago it used to be part of a thriving kingdom. Now all that remains are the ruins of the ancient city and the dark, abandoned castle deep within the valley. Rumors say that the ghosts of the townsfolk still roam the castletown.

Verdant Forest, also known as Labyrinth Woods and the Forest of No Return, is a very thick and maze-like woods just past Tempest Valley. It is very easy to get lost; many paths look the same, which ultimately result in leading one in circles. There is one path that leads high up into the trees, which ironically gives one a better view of the jungle like area. It's said that the wildlife here is wild and hostile; even tame creatures such as Flickies will dive down and attack if disturbed.

Flame Rift is a blazing hot area with streams and lakes full of lava; the source of such being the large volcano nearby. it is a very dangerous area with no real road forward. Most paths made in the past have already been overrun with lava. The inhabitants of this area are mainly reptiles and pyrokinetics. There is no known civilization in the area; the residents all live alone. There is a large factory inside the volcano that seems to process the lava for unknown reasons. It also serves as shortcut to the other side, where the Topaz Border lies.

Topaz Border

The Topaz Border is what separates the Jade and Cobalt Regions. As the two regions are near opposites of each other, there are a few guards stationed at the border, making sure travelers are properly equipped to proceed into either side. There is a checkpoint building with a few small shops and an inn inside.

Cobalt Region

The Cobalt Region is a very chilly, rough and rugged region that's difficult to traverse. There aren't many people living out this way. The Cobalt Region has three main zones.

Midnight Freeze is a dark, frigid canyon full of snow. It snows all year long, and has frigid cold lakes with severed ice platforms floating about. There are even some paths across the water made of sheets of ice. Because of how deep the canyon goes, it is perpetually dark even in the daytime. The only time the sun reaches down there is at noon. Deep in the mountainous paths, there is a big cabin called Frosty Outpost, which serves as a rest stop for weary travelers.

Sunken Plant is actually an abandoned base belonging to Dr. Eggman. He flooded the whole building to trap Sonic on one of his adventures. There is one sector of the plant on the highest floor that isn't filled with water. Instead there's pools of deadly green acid.

Sky Peak is a large, cold mountain that reaches the clouds. Rough, rocky and rugged near the bottom, the mountain is full of snow and ice about halfway up. It is the only known entrance to the fabled Aerial Garden.

Aerial Garden is almost exactly what it sounds like. A grassy, flowery garden in the sky. But it's not as friendly as it sounds, as getting around almost requires death-defying stunts for the average person. As the floating platforms are usually separated pretty far, and there are little to no guard rails or fencing anywhere, one wrong step will have you plummeting back down to the earth. Starlight Palace, a huge structure located at the heart of Aerial Garden, houses the Dimensional Gate at the top of its tower in the center. It can only be opened once all seven Mystic Temples have been activated.
Aerial Garden is hidden in the clouds, and normally completely inaccessible. The only way to open the path to it is to unlock the six Mystic Temples on the island, which will reveal the garden in the sky.

The Mystic Temples and the Dimensional Gate

Jade Island is a mysterious place with a strong connection to an alternate, parallel dimension. Hidden in almost every zone on the island is a strange, ancient altar-type structure called a "Mystic Temple". These altars are used as keys to unlock the path to the Dimensional Gate. To trigger them, one must bring a Chaos Emerald to the center of the altar, which will either lock or unlock the temple. The same chaos emerald used to unlock one temple cannot be used on another until the 'link' is broken.

There are a total of six Mystic Temples hidden on Jade Island. One lies within a peninsula on Jade Coast, one hidden in a small cave in Tempest Valley, one deep within the Verdant Forest, one high in the canyons of Flame Rift, one deep within the rifts of Midnight Freeze, and finally, one at the heart of Sky Peak. Unlocking all six of these Mystic Temples will reveal the mythical Aerial Garden, high above the island. Sky Peak holds another altar at the summit, which instead of unlocking a seal like the Mystic Temples, acts as a teleporter leading to Aerial Garden. It only works once all the Mystic Temples are unlocked.

Aerial Garden itself holds one last Mystic Temple, which is used to open the Dimensional Gate at the highest point of the garden. The Dimensional Gate leads to a realm between worlds, called Prismatic Angel. It consists of a rainbow path in the midst of a strange space, hence its alternative name, the Dimensional Road. It is unknown exactly how far and wide this road branches out, but all of the roads lead to one area: Prismatic Palace. It is a massive, grand, ancient structure consisting of the same transparent rainbow floors and ancient stone walls. It is home to another Dimensional Gate, that leads to a place called "The Mystic Realm". Much like the previous gate, this one also needs to be unlocked. There are four Mystic Temples within the palace, each one hidden on a different floor. Unlocking these will activate the Mystic Realm's gate.

However, post Season 2 of the series, the Mystic Realm lies inaccessible. The portal to Prismatic Angel has been destroyed, and the Mystic Temples have been resealed.

It is unknown if there is any other way to re-enter the Mystic Realm.
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