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Jackhammer the Echidna

Age 23
Gender Male
Species Echidna
  • Fur: Dark Green
  • Eyes: Dark Blue
  • Yellow chain that resembles as the "cent" symbol (¢)
  • Orange checkers with yellow arrow gloves
  • Blue, light blue, forest green with red stripe sneakers
  • Black with grey cap with the red #7 logo
  • Unnamed Mom and Dad
  • Sledgehammer the Echidna (brother)
Affiliations Team Underground Elite Breakdancer and Rapper
  • Elite Breakdancer/Rapper
  • Strivin' on a journey is where I step it up, yo.
Romantic Interests None
Weaponry Boombox
  • His boombox can easily amplify his current music track he is playing (whether he wants to or not), thus giving him more strength
  • Shadow Claw (can dig through anything, not just soft terrains)
  • Uses his breakdancing techniques as combat
  • Uses his cap as a boomerang to deflect weapons away from enemies
  • Super Jackslammer transformation
  • His boombox can also release a high pitch frequency against foes, thus becoming immobile (does not affect people)
  • Can glide and increase altitude
Super Formation
  • Jamming Jackhammer

Jackhammer the Echidna is a dark green, anthropomorphic echidna from a different universe. He is 23 and he is currently both a rapper and a breakdancer from Team Underground Elite Breakdancer and Rapper. In his echidna form, he weights just like Knuckles. In his human form, he is 6' 4 and is 230 lbs.


On Earth, he is one of the best breakdancers and rappers inside an underground parking lot, who, along with his brother Sledgehammer, is renowned the best breakdancer and rapper in the universe. The next day, however, just when he and his brother are about to arrive in an underground parking lot for a competition, both he and Sledgehammer dissapears without a trace and he becomes separated from his brother, Sledgehammer. He wakes up, and realizes that he is on another universe, just outside of Mystic Ruins. Another thing he realized that his brother was missing. However, despite being worried about his brother, he starts his journey on his search for his brother.

He stumbles upon Red Mountain (a stage from Sonic Adventure) and that he feels the ground shaking violently. He spots a volcano that is becoming unstable and is about to erupt. Before he can escape, he senses a rare item underneath the ground, and reveals a bright ring. He grabs it, which causes him to glide a lot faster than before. After a bad mishap after visiting Red Mountain, he then starts an adventure on a search for his brother.


Jackhammer is a serious, but otherwise a kind, heroic, and cool echidna and he likes adventures, with his brother, Sledgehammer, by his side. He is also an undisputed breakdancer and rapper, especially for Sledgehammer. He plays a role of a hero, since his powers can prove deadly against his foes nearby. Jackhammer loves ramen, along with his brother, and other certain foods he can eat, and the same goes for Sledgehammer. Unlike Knuckles, he guards his career of being a rapper and a breakdancer, since his techniques has earned him his reputation, alongside with Sledgehammer. He can make his boombox dissapear and reapper within his arsenal. He even enjoys listening to Knuckles' music track.


Like Knuckles, he can glide, but not lose altitude. He can even gain altitudes when he needs to reach higher places, such as foes. While Knuckles can use Shovel Claw to dig through dirt and aquatic enemies, Jackhammer can use his Shadow Claw that can dig through anything (though special care should be taken by not digging through anything too deep), including enemies. Jackhammer can use his breakdancing techniques as combat to battle against unarmed foes, and that he can also release his special ability known as Fists of Fury, where his hands burns on fire and that he can burn down foes in his way by punching them (whilst his fists are on fire), even when outnumbered. His second special ability is known as the Hammerhead Slam, where his aura becomes white and that he can plow through walls, buildings and foes head on with his head, most likely since his head has been hardened enough so that he can break through walls and foes without inflicting any harm to his head. His third and last ability is known as Bling Brigade (accompanied by Sledgehammer); using both chain necklaces, he and Sledgehammer takes them off and uses them as a lasso and by swinging at metal-like foes, this slices foes in half at the same time, with their chain necklaces still intact. He uses his hat as a boomerang which allows it to disarm armed enemies by force, and after it takes down opposing foes, his hat is right back in its place. Here are his well known moves:

  • Breakdance Combat
  • Shadow Claw
  • Boombox EMP (immobilizes enemies)
  • Fists of Fury (only when he gains confidence)
  • Hammerhead Slam
  • Bling Brigade (accompanied by Sledgehammer)
  • Can swim on or underwater


If Jackhammer gains altitude too often, the air will soon lack oxygen and Jackhammer would fatally suffocate, and that he must glide down to get some air. By suffocating due to lack of oxygen, his powes and strength is halved, thus not being able to defeat enemies if not able to breathe through oxygen.

Likes and Disikes

  • Likes: His brother, ramen, listening music, breakdancing, searching for rare items, making friends
  • Dislikes: Playing sports (since he is terrible at it), foes using surprise attacks on him, not being able to tell time, some people mistake him for Knuckles, drive vehicles (he is not good at commandeerign vehicles)

Relationship With Other Characters


Unnamed Mom and Dad
Sledgehammer the Echidna (brother)


J the Hedgehog (great friend/ally)
Enigma the Firefox (great friend/ally)
Paladin the Hedgehog (good friend; Sonic's cousin)
Nemo the Fox (good friend)


Knuckles the Echidna (rival/ally)
Silver the Hedgehog (great rival)


Dr. Eggman

Theme Songs

Kick the Rock! for Wild Canyon from Sonic Adventure 2
Deeper for Death Chamber from Sonic Adventure 2
Remember Me? M.F.M for Iron Gate from Sonic Adventure 2
Dive Into The Mellow for Aquatic Mine from Sonic Adventure 2
A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup for Pumpkin Hill from Sonic Adventure 2
Unknown from M.E. from Sonic Adventure
A New Day from Sonic Rush
Right There, Ride On from Sonic Rush



"Yo this is why they call me the elite breakdacer, dog!" After getting A rank

"These enemies are all sho' and no go!" After getting B rank

"At least I made out alive, dog." After getting C rank

"Yo this is'nt exactly as planned." After getting D rank

"Man this is NOT how it happened, playa!" After getting E rank

"Fo sho'! These fools ain't got nothin' on me!" After being selected

"I'ma show you the true meaning of a total beatdown, fool!" Before a battle

"Man you are too easy, fool! Go back and take your vitamins next time, dog!" After winning a battle

"Aw heck no... *collapses to the ground" After losing a battle


  • Knuckles and Jackhammer are the same species, but with great difference
    • Knuckles can glide, but not gain altitude; Jackhammer can glide and gain altitude
    • Knuckles' fur is red; Jackhammer's fur is dark green
    • Knuckles protects his Master Emerald; Jackhammer protects both his brother and the city he visits
    • Knuckles rarely wears accessories; Jackhammer wears his accessories (such as his chain necklace and his hat)
  • Knuckles and Jackhammer has different abilities:
    • Knuckles can climb walls; Jackhammer can run up walls
    • Knuckles can use combat against enemies; Jackhammer uses breakdancing combat moves against enemies
    • Knuckles sometimes gets mad at Sonic; Jackhammer rarely gets mad at his friends (including J)
    • Knuckles uses his Shovel Claw to dig through dirt and aquatic enemies; Jackhammer can use his Shadow Claw to dig through anything, even metallic foes




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