The Jackal Squad are a group of mercenaries commonly referred to as rogues. They first debuted in the Sonic Forces prequel comics, but became major antagonists in The Legend of Fox the Brave: The Phantom Storm. While technically neutral, they frequently antagonize others.

Raiding Eggman's base


  • Leader: Infinite(formerly)
  • Several Unnamed Members,


The policies of the Jackal Squad are unknown, but their leader seems to be quite greedy, as he frequently raids places and kidnaps children to ransom for a profit.




The Jackal Squad's exact habitat is unknown, given that they've been seen all over Mobius. For some time after their first problem with theWandering Wolf Pack, they hid in Windy Moor Village.


The earliest known trouble the Jackal Squad caused was for the Wandering Wolf Pack, when their leader infiltrated the Pack and had his Squad take over. When the jackal leader killed Ingram, he drew the ire of the Pack, and Samson the Wolf fought back after receiving a dream from Ingram and Locke, taking the leader's sword and slashing him over the face and leaving a nasty scar over his right eye. The Squad would later conquer Windy Moor Village, keeping Noah and Arrow as hostages whenever they came by, to keep the villagers from revolting. An unknown time later, they began harassing a family of jackals living in Downunda, later splitting them apart and chasing the youngest cub. During all this, they frequently captured various children and held them for ransom, even taking Ash the Wolf from the Wandering Wolf Pack, though he later escaped with the young pup Vernon the Wolf, during which they were employed by Eggman. It was under Eggman that they were used to force Wilson the Wolf to work under Eggman. When they captured Digger the DogPixie the Dog, and Markus the Hedgehog, it was their final mission, as Fire Fox broke the leader's sword, and they were annihilated by Shadow the Hedgehog (Archie) when he raided Eggman's Mystic Jungle lab. The leader was the only known survivor, and he would later become the infamous Infinite.

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