The Jackal Pack are a group of Mobian black-backed jackals who, like the Red Fox Pack, were nomadic until the Alliance found them a home nearby. Unlike the Jackal Squad, the Pack are more neutral. They debut in the story After the Blackout, and play a slightly larger role in Shadow of Darkness and Shadow of the Storm, as part of the Refugees living in the jungle outside Hedgehog Village on Bygone Island; additionally, many of their members are named in the aforementioned stories aside from their leader Dennis.


Current Members

Leader: Dennis; Large stocky male

Deputy: Manolo; Lean male

Healer: Sam; Male


  • Quentin; Large male
  • Dustin; Smallish male with a white belly
  • Thundertail; Male with unusually yellow fur and an unusually long tail
  • Bugsy; Short but stout male with green eyes
  • Fern; Female with green eyes
  • Cinder; Female with a grayish hue on the fur on her back
  • Oliver; Male


  • Stuart; Male

Queens(expecting or nursing mothers):

  • Anne; Pretty female
  • Rain; Female with blue eyes


  • Summer; Female with reddish fur(Quentin and Anne's daughter)
  • April; Small female(Quentin and Anne's daughter)
  • Stormy; Small male with blue eyes(Thundertail and Rain's son)
  • Tidal; Small male(Thundertail and Rain's son)

Former Members

  • Clover; Pretty young female, taking care of Eli
  • Eli; Young, mischevious male cub


  • Turner; Stocky male with a badly scarred face and clouded, sightless eyes
  • Humphrey; Old male
  • Avery; Pretty female with badly scarred shoulders and flanks
  • Kate; Old female
  • Tobi; Lean male with a badly scarred throat and chest and low, raspy voice(due to vocal cord damage)
  • Alex; Young male with a scar on his face, one on his flank, and a stab wound scar on his chest.


Like the Red Fox Pack, the Jackal Pack function similarly to the Clans of the Warriors series.


Like most Mobians seen in The Legend of Fox the Brave, the Jackal Pack believe strongly in the Spirits in the Stars.


Much like the Red Fox Pack prior to settling down outside Albion, the Jackal Pack were initially very nomadic, traveling around and constantly being driven from their home due to the Worlds' mistrust of jackals.


The Pack's entire history is unknown, but Clover, a young warrior who left to join the Storm Fighters(out of a crush on Alex), mentioned that their Pack traveled for many years, essentially making them nomads. They were found by the Alliance when the Coyote Pack accused the jackals of trespassing, leading to a hostile confrontation between coyote leader Charlie and jackal leader Dennis. The jackals are taken to the Base and given a new home on the Storm Moor, close enough to Lamarkie Village to visit but also far enough away to stay out of trouble. Clover moved to join the Storm Fighters along with her mischevious, trouble-making charge Eli. The Pack would later be forced from their home when King Shadow tried to capture the Red Foxes from Lamarkie Forest. The jackals helped the foxes escape, with the white-bellied warrior Dustin rushing after Austin when the big deputy attacks Shadow, and the two Packs become apart of the Refugees, with Rain and Jackson finding camps for their respective Packs, which they stay in until the end of the Battle of the Storm, after which they return to their camp on the Storm Moor. However, when Dark Enerjak returns, the Pack are stuck in their home. After the Base is conquered by Enerjak and Austin and Fox are driven away and go their separate ways, Dennis offers the big deputy shelter, but Austin doesn't want to get them wrapped up in the Alliance's struggle, so he refuses.


Due to their friendship with the Alliance, the Jackal Pack do not like Infinite, despite being the same species as him.

Of all the Packs and Clans of the Tribes shown in the series, the Jackal Pack are the only group to have a smaller group break off and form their own community(which would become Alex's Family).

  • This is because of their initially nomadic nature, and the spin-off group's desire to have a permanent home. The Red Foxes were also nomadic for quite some time, though no spin-off group broke away to find a permanent home, and their rapidly shrinking numbers because of their clashes with the Dark Legion after settling first in Albion then on Angel Island alongside the Echidnas.
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