"If there's one thing I regret by taking this stupid deal with a vicious sea monster...It's that I didn't get the size upgrade. I mean COME ON. That thing was huge! So why am I still this size?!"
—Jack lamenting his lack of height increase


Gender: Male

Age: 20

Alignment: Chaotic evil


Jack's family can go choke on a chicken bone for all he cares.


Originally, Jack had no powers of his own. He still does not, but he does have powers. Being the chosen of a corrupted Leviathan, he is capable of using Water and Poison. Jack himself is given a slight immunity to these elements, sometimes absorbing them to make sure that the immunity he has wasn't just a temporary thing. Jack is also able to shift his body into one of the two, being able to poison someone from the inside, or drown them.

However, with these abilities, come weaknesses. Jack must be possess every part of his form while in liquid state, elsewhere it will be quite painful when he reforms.


Jack's a fighter. He claims it's to 'help release his aggression', but let's be honest. It only fuels it. His fighting style is a mix between a brawler and a biter, and pretty much any kind of violent fighting style you could probably think of that isn't martial arts or some kind.


A slightly muscular and rather athletic Lionfish, Jack's height is a bit of an illusion. He's barely a fin above the tallest mobian, though this irks him to no end. His muzzle is pale, with a few scars here and there lining it, mainly on the left side of his muzzle. His tail is long in length, and his body is covered in a great deal of dull fins, each laced in a toxic venom that harms upon touch: Two short ones on his head, two long ones on his arms, and one on his back. He also has two horns on his head, though one is a bit damaged. Both are still dangerous however. Jack may come across as a bit of an oddity when it comes to most Lionfish; as his scales are a dirty blue in color, his body covered in various  straight stripes of black and white, with his chest sharing the white coloration. Jack can technically be considered to be bald, as he lacks hair of any kind. The sclera of his eyes are muddy grey, his irises being brick red in color, and his pupils being black. 

Jack wears no upper-clothing of any kind, in order to let his fins be unhampered by clothing of any kind. He instead wears a black pair of pants with a spiked belt. His shoes are meant to provide the illusion that he's taller than he looks, as this irks him to no end.

It should also be noted that Jack possesses a very sharp pair of teeth, something that has often caused people to bleed should he bite them.

Also, Jack's scales were not blue at first. Like most Lionfish, Jack was colored red. However, upon making the contract with Oceus, his scales turned blue.


Jack the Lionfish is an extremely bitter individual, complete with a hairtrigger temper to boot. He easily becomes hostile to anyone who finds it funny to mock him and will lash out with extreme viciousness at anyone and everyone, either for no reason, or any reason. However, this aggressiveness often gets him in trouble when he fights someone stronger, as Jack...isn't all that bright. This also makes him quite easy to manipulate as well, just point him at something and give him a reason, and he'll take it.

Jack also absolutely despises his height, and despises being mocked about it as well.

He's also got one hell of an appetite...


There are some rumors about Jack; namely around his eating habits and his tendency to bite people. This has led some to believe that he not only inherited Oceus' coloring and elemental gifts, but also his choice in cuisine as well...Though most people do not know that he's contracted to an evil sea god.

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