Jack the Hedgehog (RPG Fan Game) Is a Fan Game that stars Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)


(Only add 3 Characters)

Playable Characters

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

He is the Main Character who battles Dr. EggPlankton & he is the only one who can save Cream & Cheese from Dr. EggPlankton

Super Jack (Spongebob100)

He's only Playable in the Final Level


Patricia the Skunk (Main Helpers)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Main Helpers)

Amy Rose (Main Helpers)



Vector the Crocodile



Blaze the Cat


Non-Playable Characters


Cream the Rabbit

She is a Rabbit who got captured by Dr. EggPlankton


Dr. EggPlankton

He is the Main Villain who captures Cream.


Armored Jack-4 Robot (Level 1)

He has 1000 Health Points & he can only be stoped when you Attack him it'll only cause a small amount of Damage, but if you attack before it can preform an Attack on you, you can stun him & cause much damage as you can before he can get back up again.

Damage: 30 Points

Damage (When Armor Jack-4 is stunned): 90 Points

Chum Eagle (Level 2)

It's a Robot Eagle that has 1500 Health Points & he can only be stopped when you attack him from Above him, when he had his Guard up, it only caused a small amount of Damage, but if you attack him when his guard is down before he can preform an Attack on you, it causes a large amount of damage.

Damage (When his Guard is up): 50 Points

Damage (When his Guard is down): 120 Points

Chum Digger (Level 3)

It's a Robot Digger that has 2000 Health Points & he can only be defeated when you attack him when the Robot digger emerges from the Ground. Don't attack the Drill, you might get hurt. When you attack him when the Robot Digger emerges, it'll cause large amount of Damage.

Damage (When it Emerges from the Ground) 200

Chum Gorilla (Level 4)

It's a Robot Gorilla that has 2500 Health Points & he can only be defeated when you traveled in Trees & knock him on the Head. Don't attack while you are on the ground, he'll smash you when he lands on the Ground. When you attack him while traveled in the Trees, it'll cause Medium Damage, but on the Head will cause Large amount of damage.

Damage: (On different Body Parts): 100

Damage: (On the Head) 400

Chum Wolf (Level 5)

It's a Robot Wolf that has 3000 Health Points & he has great speed. Don't charge him back, you'll get hurt. The only way to attack it, is to dodge out of the way & Smash him at his Back. When you attack the Wolf's Back it'll cause large amount of damage, but if you attack it at the Head, it'll cause double the amount damage than from the Back

Damage: (On his Back) 250

Damage: (On his Head) 500

Chum Yeti (Level 6)

It's a Robot Yeti that has 3500 Health Points & he has great Strength. He can use his Long Arms to swat you with incredible strength & uses his strength to make Giant Snowballs & throws them at you. The only way to defeat the Robot Yeti is dodge the Giant Snowball Attack & when he's ready for the Giant Snowball Attack, you can attack his arms to make the Robot Yeti looses his grip on the Giant Snowball & the Giant Snowball will fall on the Robot Yeti. When he's dizzy from his own Arm Swat Attack, attack him at the Head, it causes more damage than at the Chest.

Damage: (On his Arms) 500

Damage: (On his Chest) 300

Damage: (On his Head) 700

Chum Viper (Level 7)

It's a Robot Viper that has 4000 Health Points & has a great Agility when he's slithering on the Ground. It can use his Fangs to snap at you for a Surprize Attack when he's covered up in sand. It's similar to the Chum Digger, but with a Vemon Fang Attack that is much faster than the Chum Digger. The only way to defeat the Chum Viper is to destroy it's Robotic Fangs so it can't attack & then attack it's Head for great Damage, but you can only attack the Chum Viper in a Short amount of time before it's Fangs are regenerated back again. Repeat the Same tatic all over again until the Chum Viper is defeated.

Damage: (On his Fangs) 600

Damage: (On his Tail) 300

Damage: (On his Body) 400

Damage: (On his Head) 800

Chum Octopus (Level 8)

It's a Robot Ocotpus that has 4500 Health Points & has Agility within all 8 Ocotpus Arms. It'll attack you with 8 Arms, but in a pattern. Find a Safe Spot from a Pattern & attack one of the arms to destroy one of the Robot Octopus' Arms. Do it again in the same way you did before, but it gets trickier when the Octopus Arms goes faster so watch out. When you destory all 8 Robot Octopus Arms, attack at it's head to defeat the Robot.

Damage: (On his Arms) 500

Damage: (On his Head) 750

Metal Jack (Level 9)

(It's the same as Classic Metal Sonic in Sonic Generations only with Metal Jack has Stronger Attacks & has only 5000 Health Points)

He is the Robotic Metal Version of Jack the Hedgehog & he has 5000 Health Points & has fast agility just like Metal Sonic & has the same attacks like Classic Metal Sonic in Sonic Generations only stronger when you attack him. The more you attack him, the more power in Metal Jack's Attacks. Just like Classic Metal Sonic, every time he attacks, he short circuted giving you the time to attack Metal Jack. When he is low on health points, he does a super charge attack on you. All you have to do to avoid this attack is to keep on dodging the attack until he short circuted once more, giving you the chance to defeat the Metal Imposter.

Damage: 500

Giant Jack-4 Bot (Level 10)

He is a Giant version of a Jack-4 Bot & he has 10000 Health Points & has massive strength. And since Jack is in his Super Form his attacks are more powerful than his original form. The Giant Jack-4 Bot can swat at you with it's giant arms & hands. All you have to do is to dodge the attacks & try your best. When you dodged the attacks, you can either charge & attack at it's Chest or at the arms or run along on the Giant Jack-Bot's arms & attack at it's head, either way it's still the same damage. When the Giant Jack-4 Bot's health is halfway, your attacks are twice as powerful as ever & when the Giant Jack-4 Bot is low on health, you'll be charging at the Giant Jack-4 Bot at full speed at it's chest for a final attack, destroying a giant monstrous machine.

Damage: (Phase 1) 1000

Damage: (Phase 2) 2000

User:max the hedgehog   (Level ?)

(The fight takes place in a pitch black area,the same pallete of giygas's fight background)

Max is a secret boss that wishes to fight Jack,the player must defeat him in order to get 100% of the game done,and also to obtain 3 new attacks for Jack,PK fire PK freeze and PK Rockin

He uses a mixture of poisonus sword beams and psi attacks,aswell as summoning black cloaked knights to attack,he has 66666 hp{It appears as ? hp in-battle}



(Stages in Level Order)

  • Green Hill Zone (Level 1) (Amy's & Patricia's Level)
  • Seaside Hill (Level 2) (Sonic's & Tails' Level)
  • Angel Island (Level 3) (Amy's & Knuckles' Level)
  • Jungle Zone (Level 4) (Patricia's & Vector's Level)
  • Casino Park (Level 5) (Amy's & Rouge's Level)
  • Snowy Land (Level 6) (Patricia's & Sonic's Level)
  • Desert Zone (Level 7) (Shadow's & Sonic's Level)
  • Labyrinth Zone (Level 8) (Blaze's & Silver's Level)
  • EggPlankton's Base (Level 9) (Amy's, Sonic's & Patricia's Level)
  • Golden Zone (Final Level) (Super Jack Only)
  • Unknown arena (? level) (any character can be selected)
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