Jack the Hedgehog

This Jack the Hedgehog's (Spongebob100) 3rd Story about how Jack turns into Ogre Jack (True Ogre)

(Need a picture of True Ogre from Tekken 3, 5, Tag Tournament 1 & Tag Tournament 2 only Orange)


(Anyone can Join)

Main Heroes

Additional Characters

  • Cream the Rabbit

Knothole Freedom Fighters

  • Rotor
  • Antoine
  • Tails
  • Dulcy


  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Rouge the Bat

Main Villain

  • Ogre / True Ogre (From Tekken)

Villains that helps Ogre / True Ogre

  • Dr. EggPlankton
  • Dr. Eggman


  • Bold = Turns into True Ogre by Ogre (Ogre Forms)

Chapter 1: Jack's New Adventure

Jack: (Relaxes on his Hammock) Ahhhh, what a day

Amy & Patricia: (Relaxes on Jack's Hammock) Yeah

Jack: There's nothing to do

Amy: I should get to Knothole, I have a meeting to get to (Gets up) Come on

Patricia: (Follows Amy) Come on Jack

Jack: Coming (Gets up) (Felt a True Ogre Vision) Oh my

Amy: Come on

Jack: I'm coming

Amy: Are you ok?

Jack: I'm fine, it's just that I felt a Vision inside of me

Patricia: (Hops on her Flying Broom) Come on

Jack & Amy: (Hops on Patricia's Flying Broom)

Patricia: Here we go (Flies her Flying Broom, up, up & away)

(Darkstorm teleports in with a his son in his arms)

Jack: Oh Hi Darkstorm, how's it going?

Darkstorm:I am a father

Jack: Well Congrat...(Has another vision from True Ogre) Ahhhh!

Patricia: What's the matter?

Jack: I had another vision

Amy: About what?

Jack: A Giant Figure that goes by the name Ogre

The Baby:(Giggles at Amy)

Amy: Hello little one, my name is Amy

Patricia: Who is this Ogre?

Jack: I don't know, he's tall & Strong & his name is Ogre

The Baby:(Looks like Kirara with cat like form and the two tails but has Darkstorms powers and wings)*Wants Amy to hold him*

Amy: (Holds the Baby) Awww, he's sooo cute. By the way who's Ogre?

The Baby:(Since he is a Half human and Half Kitten, he nuzzles Amy's fingers)

Jack: I don't know. Darkstorm do you know about Ogre?

Darkstorm: Not much, if to defeat Orge one must have the Devil GenE.

Jack: And that would be who?

Darkstorm: Kazuya or Jin Krusma

Jack: You mean Kazama?

Darkstorm: Right.

The Baby:(Purring to Amy and Patricia)

Amy & Patricia: Awww

Jack: Anyways we gotta get going before were...(has another vision of True Ogre) Ahhhhh, not again!

Patricia: Oh dear, not again

Jack: Don't worry, I think I'm going to be fine

Amy: Come on, we gotta get to Knothole & fast

Jack: Alright (Thought) What's wrong with me today?

Chapter 2: Knothole Village

Patricia: (Lands) Here we are

Jack: Ok, good luck at the Meeting today, Amy

Amy: Thanks see ya later Jack

Jack: Bye Amy

(The Freedom Fighters goes inside HQ for a meeting)

Jack: (Felt another vision about True Ogre) Ow!

Patricia: Are you alright?

Jack: Never better

Patricia: Good

Jack: I...(Felt something odd & falls to the Ground)

Patricia: Jack! Are you alright?

Jack: (Felt his Eyes change from Green to Red)

(At Knothole HQ)

Sally: Attention Freedom Fighters, We the Knothole Freedom Fighters are gonna defeat Eggman & save Planet Mobius from his Descrution

Sonic: Alright, but how?

Sally: All we have to do is...(Hears Jack Screaming) Someone's in Trouble

(The Freedom fighters notices Jack who is gone Crazy)

Amy: Oh my, is he ok?

Tails: What happen to Jack?

Rotor: I don't know but GRAB HIM

(The Freedom Fighters including Patricia dogpiles on Jack & traps him in a Cage)

Jack: (Turns back to normal) What happen?

Antonie: Have you gone Stark-Craving Mad?!

Jack: Have I gone what now?

Dulcy: Are you alright?

Jack: Huh? Who?

Amy: We betta get Jack to the Lab, quick!

Sally: Amy's right let's go

(THe Freedom Fighters & Patricia takes Jack to the Lab)

Jack: I don't know what just happen

Patricia: Hang in there Jack, you'll be ok

Sally: NICOLE, scan Jack for something seriously important

NICOLE: Scanning Sally (Scans Jack & notices Dark Green Energy inside of him) I've found Mysterious Dark Green Energy come from the God of Fighting....Ogre

Sally: (Gasps) Oh my gosh

Sonic: Who's Ogre?

Sally: We don't know Sonic, but we gotta resuce him somehow, Ogre's Energy is Controlling his Mind

Amy: (Knocks Jack on the Head with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Sally: Amy what are you doing? We're...(Notices Ogre is not Controlling Jack anymore thanks to Amy's Attack) I hate to say it but, Good thinking

Amy: Thanks

Jack: (Wakes up) Oh Man, what just happen?

Bunnie: You don't remember Sugar?

Jack: No, not even once. I feel sorta Itchy

Amy: Jackikku, what's happening to you?

Jack: (grows Larger) I don't know

Sonic: Whao, either I'm saying things or is he the Tallest Hedgehog in Knothole?

Amy: He's not even a Freedom Fighter, he've grown up to 7 Feet tall

Jack: Make that 10 Feet tall

Patricia: Is it one of your forms?

Jack: No, I guess not. (To Blaze THC) Honey, what's happening to me?

The Baby:(Is curious)

Blaze THC: I don't know

The Baby:(Cuddles Patricia and takes a nap)

Darkstorm:(Near faints on how cute his son is)

Jack: Must...defeat...OGRE! (Goes out of the Door & Flys away)

Patricia: How did Jack do that without his Dragon Wings?

Amy: I don't know but we gotta go after him

Dulcy: I'll go fly up there & stop him Hop on

Sally, Sonic & Bunnie: (Hops on)

Dulcy: (Flys up to Jack) Stop!

Jack: I must defeat Ogre...Alone! (Flys away)

Dulcy: Come back here (Chases Jack)

(Dulcy keeps on Chasing Jack through the Sky)

Jack: (Goes through a Cave & out of it)

Dulcy: I think I'm too big to fit through

Sonic: Look Out

(Dulcy accidently crashed to a Wall)

Dulcy: (Feels dizzy) I'm coming home Ma (Falls down)

Sally: Brace yourself

Jack: (Grabs Dulcy with his Strength) Got ya (Puts them down gently) Like I said, I'll fight him alone (Flys away)

Amy: Are you alright?

Sally: Yeah, but why Jack has to fight Ogre alone?

Patricia: I felt Jack has the Devil Gene inside of him like Kazuya Mishima & Jin Kazama

Amy: This is very strange

Jack: (Comes back feeling wierd) What happen? Sorry about that, it's just that something went Loco in my head like this (Imitates as a CooCoo Clock)

Amy: Oh dear, we need to defeat Ogre & get the Devil Gene out of him

Patricia: I hope we can get the Devil Gene out of Jack

Amy: Me too

Jack: (his Arms grows Muscles)

Patricia: His Muscles have grown

Jack: Well, I'm still just being me. I need some Shut Eye

Sonic: Ok, good night everyone

Tails: Goodnight Sonic

Chapter 3: The Ogre in Midnight

(At Midnight)

Jack: (Fast asleep, looking back to Normal until...)

????: HELP!

Jack: (wakes up with Red Glowing Eyes)

(At Eggman's Base)

(Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton have Captured Patricia, Amy & Cream)

Dr. Eggman: It's time for you girls to be Roboticized !

Dr. EggPlankton: Hold it right there, I'm in charge here & that's Robotnik Prime's Line you know that

(We can see a Giant Shadow with Red Glowing Eyes appear from the Shadows & stomps up to both Eggman & EggPlankton behind them)

Dr. Eggman: Alright fine, it's time to exterminate those...

????: (Roars)

Dr. Eggman: Hedgehogs?

(Both Eggman & EggPlankton turns to see...)

Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton: AHHHHHHHHH !!! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?!?!

(It was Ogre Jack)

Ogre Jack: (Roars at Eggman & EggPlankton very loud)

Patricia: What the heck is that thing?

Amy: I don't know, but he's scary

Dr. Eggman: YOU SHALL NOT PASS! (Summons his Eggbots)

(The Eggbots made a wall out of themselves)

Ogre Jack: (Grabs all of the Eggbots & Crushes them)

Dr. EggPlankton: Jack-4 Robots attack

(Jack-4 Robots are about to attack Ogre Jack, but Ogre Jack Crushes every single one easily)

Dr. Eggman: What?!

Ogre Jack: (Roars) (Grabs Eggman & EggPlankton & throws them away)

Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton: AHHHH! (Crashes to a Wall)


Dr. EggPlankton: He's too strong

Patricia: Did you see that? That Monster attacked Eggman & EggPlankton

Cream; Let's hope he didn't want to eat us

Amy: We gotta get outta here

Ogre Jack: (Walks closer to Patricia, Amy & Cream)

Amy, Patricia & Cream: (Feeling Scared)

Ogre Jack: (Breaks free Patricia, Amy & Cream, carries the Girls & Flys away while holding Amy & Cream)

Cream: Thanks for saving us, m m m m m m Mr. Monster

Ogre Jack: Call me Ogre Jack (Lands & puts Patricia, Amy & Cream down gently)

Amy: Now where have I heard that before?

Ogre Jack: (Flys away)

Patricia: Girls, I think we gotta go after him

Amy: Maybe next time Patricia, let's get some sleep

Cream: Ok (Yawns) I'm getting tired

Patricia: Good night

(Amy, Cream & Patricia went back to their Houses to go back to sleep)

Chapter 4: A Strange Feeling

(In the Morning)

Jack: (Wakes up looking back to normal) (Yawns) What a night. (Gets out of Bed & make his bed) I had a crazy dream of me turning into a Great Big Beast, with Sharp Teeth, Large Horns, a Snake arm for a Right Arm & Sharp Claws from the Left Arm (Brushes his teeth & heads to the Kitchen & Makes Pancakes) Man, I have a rough Dream. Oh well, it's just a dream anyway (Eats his Pancakes) Mmm Delicious

(Jack Goes outside & it was a beautiful Sunny Morning)

Jack: (breathes in & breathes out) What a beautiful day, beautiful sky, beautiful plants, beautiful Flickies, beautiful...uhhh? Ah you know. Same old, same old.


Jack: Huh? Who's there?

Amy & Patricia: (Appears) Hi Jack

Jack: Hi, I just want to know that where is that Growling coming from

Amy: I don't know

Patricia: I think we should get going to Station Square

Jack: Ok Patricia

Cream: (Appears) Hi Amy & Patricia

Amy: Hi Cream

Cream: It's nice to see you again, by the way, we want to know who is Ogre Jack?

Jack: (Heard of what Cream said) (Thought) Ogre Jack? I don't know what got into me

Patricia: He still roaming through the City in Night Time in the Shadows

The Baby:(Nuzzles Patricia)

Patricia: (Picks up Patricia) Hello little one

Jack: So if he is here, then that means Darkstorm is already here

Cream: But where is he?

Amy: I don't know.

Jack: Maybe we need some help

Amy: Maybe Shadow & Rouge, maybe they'll know what to do

Patricia: Ok let's walk

Jack: Ok

Chapter 5: At G.U.N.

Jack: (Feels the Ogre inside of him)

Shadow: (Notices Jack, Amy, Cream & Patricia) I wonder what they want

Rouge: I don't know Shadow, but I bet this is gonna be Juicy

Amy: Shadow, Rouge, we have a big problem

Jack: (His Muscles Grows & he's 10 feet tall)

Rouge: Now that's Juicy

Shadow: What happen to him?

Sonic: He's turning into a Big Beast

Sally: That's why he's acting wierd

Bunnie: And he's Larger than ever before

Jack: Well, I'm still me. Does anyone have Meat because I'm hungry for meat

Amy: And he's been turning into a Meat Eater, known as a Carnivor

The Baby:(Cawing to his father)

???:Freeze (Has Desert Eagle trained on Jack)!!!!

Jack: What the heck is going on?

Naval Trooper: Hands where I can see them demon

Jack: Demon? Where?

Naval Trooper:(About to shoot)

Jack: Oh it's me?

Amy: I'm afraid so

Jack: Oh Milk me (Runs away) RUN AWAY !

Naval Trooper:(Shoots)

Rouge Raptor:(Attacks)

Jack: (Dodges) Get away from me. I didn;t do nothing

Amy: Run Jack, run like the Wind

Raptor:(Attacks Naval Trooper)

The Baby:(Caws get louder)

Jack: I'm OUTTA HERE (runs away)

Amy: We betta check on him

Patricia: Ok

Sonic: Alright

Sally: Let's go get Jack

Bunnie: Ok, maybe he could be in big trouble, that poor thing

Patricia: Then let's go

(Sonic, Amy, Patricia, Sally & Bunnie goes out to find Jack)

Chapter 6: Halfway to True Ogre

Jack: (Hiding in an Alley Way) (His Quills grows Longer & Longer, so he makes a Pony Tail with his Quills on his head) There

Amy: We found him, whao

Sonic: He's getting more like Ogre

Jack: Sorry

Sally: We need to stop Ogre's reign of terror

Jack: What do you think it wants

Bunnie: He's properly at his big ol Temple just outside of Town, it's was in the Jungle

Darkstorm: (Heard his sons Caws and Roars an answer)

The Baby:(Teleports to Bunnies head and follows the echo of his fathers roar)

Jack: (His eyes turn Red) I must defeat Ogre to save everyone on Mobius

Darkstorm:(Tackles Jack)

The Baby:(Fur turns spiky)

Jack: What did you do that for?

Darkstorm:You still have the devils gene?

The Baby:(Hisses a warning)

Darkstorm;(Helps Jack up) sorry bout that

Jack: That's ok

Patricia: This is strange

The Baby:(Screaches like a Xenomorph)

Jack: (Deep Voice) Ow, that hurt. Hey, what happen to my voice?

Amy: I guess your Voice does sound like Ogre to me

Jack: (His eyes turn Red again) I must destroy Ogre (Flys away)

Amy & Patricia: He's getting away (Goes after Jack)

Sonic, Sally & Bunnie: (Follows Jack as well)

Darkstorm:(Picks up his Son and Runs at 998.9 Mph)

Jack: (Notices Everyone is following him) Please, you'll be in danger by the time you get there, I must defeat Ogre (Flys Faster)

Patricia: (Hops on her Flying Broom & Picks Amy up & puts her on her Broom) Amy & I are going to follow Jack while the Rest of you go find some help for us

Sonic: Ok, Patricia, you 2 Girls be careful

Amy: Don't worry Sonic, we won't be long

Patricia: (Flys her Broom with Amy to go after Jack)

Blaze THC:(She doesn't know of the Dark Angel wings appearing and she flys to keep up with jack)

Sonic: Did you see that?

Sally: I hope their ok

Chapter 7: At Ogre's Temple

Jack: (Lands) (Grows Sharp Teeth & his Feet grows 2x Larger) Must defeat Ogre

(Meanwhile with Amy & Patricia)

Patricia: (Spots Jack) There he is

Jack: Stay out of my way, please?

Amy: (Notices Patricia's Broom has Engine Problems) Uh Patricia?

Patricia: Yes Amy?

Amy: I think we have some Problems

Patricia: (Notices her Broom is having Engine Problems) Oh dear, I think it's time to land (Lands her Broom)

Amy: (Hops off) We'd betta check the Engines

Patricia: (Hops off) Ok (Checks the Broom's Engines) Oh dear, the Engine are broken !

Amy: We'd betta fix it

The Baby:(Teleports to Amy)

Amy: What are you doing here, I thought your gonna go get help with Sonikku, Sally & Bunnie

Darkstorm: Bakuustorm

Baby Bakuustorm:(Fur gets spike for his father to look up)

Darkstorm:(Gets attacked by a Xenomorph Guard)

Amy: What's that?

Patricia: I don't know, but I need more time to fix my Broom's Engines (Fixing her Broom's Engines)

Xenomorph Guard:(Shrieks)

Amy: Is that a Xenomorph?!

Patricia: It sure looks like one.

Darkstorm: Rorin

Xenomorph Guard:(Snarls)

Patricia: Done, let's get outta here.

(Patricia & Amy hops on Patricia's Flying Broom & flys away)

Jack: (Going inside the Temple)

Amy: Wait! Ogre is trying to trick you

Patricia: Be careful he's trying to drain your Power

Jack: But why?

Xenomorph Guards: (Appear but then they ignite on fire)

Jack: What are Xenomorph Guards doing here?

Angel Blaze THC: Who cares Jacky, all we know is that I have part of the Devils gene

Jack: But Ogre Possessed me, does that what I look like this? (His Right arm turns into a Snake Arm & His Horns grows & his Claws as well, his Hair gone Shaggy & their are Pointier then before & his Fur is more Thicker then ever like a Fur Coat) My Transformation is almost complete

Angel Blaze THC: Then one of us should have the other half of the devils gene

Jack: Ok, but how? (Turns into Ogre Jack with an Orange Flash)

Ogre Jack: OGRE JACK!

Angel Blaze THC:Jacky try to take controll

Ogre Jack: (Tries really Hard) I need some help!

Amy: Oh dear, Jack is in Trouble

Patricia: We gotta help him

Angel Blaze THC: Your yo own master Jacky!!!

Ogre Jack (Has sucessfully controlls his Ogre Form) I've done it !

Angel Blaze THC:(Hugs her Jack)

Ogre Jack: (Hugs his Blaze THC)

Patricia: (Hears Large Stomping) Guys, what was that?

Amy: It's....OGRE!!!

Ogre: (Appears) Hello, Jack the Hedgehog

Chapter 8: Ogre Jack vs Ogre

Ogre Jack: Ogre, I see you've been revived after that last battle from Jin Kazama

Ogre: Yes & now I've returned stronger than ever

Angel Blaze:Oye.

Ogre: (Turns to Angel Blaze THC) And who are you?

Angel Blaze: Jacks Fience (Is this when they are getting married or are they married?)

Ogre: Then prepare to die!

Ogre Jack: If you want my Blaze the Hedgecat, then you gotta have to get through me to get her

Ogre: Then prepare to defend yourself Hedgehog (gets ready to fight)

Ogre Jack (gets ready to fight) Oh I will

Amy: Go get him Jack

Patricia: You can do it

Ogre Jack & Ogre: (Charges at each other & starts fighting each other)

Sonic: We got more Freedom Fighters to help us

Sally: Where's Jack?

Ogre Jack: (Pushes Ogre away & goes in front of Sally)

Sally: OH MY GOSH !

Ogre Jack: No, it's me Jack in my Ogre Form

Ogre: (Tackles Ogre Jack)

Bunnie: You mean that Orange Beast is acculty Jack

Sonic: I think so

Amy: He's in Danger

Patricia: We gotta help him, but it's Jack's Battle

Ogre Jack: (punches Ogre at the Face)

Ogre: (Punches back at Ogre Jack)

Amy: Looks like he's in serious pain

Patricia: Don't worry, he'll be ok

Angel Blaze:You've messed with the DARK ANGEL!!!

Ogre: OUT OF MY WAY! (Swats Angel Blaze THC away)

Ogre Jack: Leave my Girlfriend alone (Slams Ogre to the Ground) There, now your toast

Ogre: Oh yeah (Gets up) I need to asorb the Body I choose normally it was either Heihachi or Jin Kazama.

Ogre Jack You wouldn't dare

Blaze THC:(Turns into Devil Blaze to show that she has the Devils gene)

Ogre: That's Impossible, but how did you...

Ogre Jack: (To Blaze THC) You have the Devil Gene?!

Blaze THC: Yes

Ogre Jack: But why did you get the Devil Gene inside of you?

Ogre: (Relieses someone else who has the Devil Gene) Jin Kazama

Darkstorm:Energy Blast!!!

Ogre: (DOdges & grabs Darkstorm by the Neck) It's no use Darkstorm. Your Perfect! (Asorbing Darkstorm)

Ogre Jack: Darkstorm!

Darkstorm:(Tries to break free)

Ogre: There's no escape, Darkstorm. There's NO escape! (Asorbs Darkstorm & turns into True Ogre)

Chapter 9: True Ogre!!!

True Ogre: (Roars)

Ogre Jack: Whao, this must be True Ogre

True Ogre: Yes, it's time for you to be eliminated !

Ogre Jack: Me & My wife are in this together, right Blaze?

Devil Blaze: Sure (Feels a rush of heat)

True Ogre: Then prepare to Die! (Charges at Ogre Jack & Devil Blaze)

Ogre Jack: (Charges at True Ogre)

Ogre Jack & True Ogre: (Fighting each other)

Ogre Jack: Give up yet?

True Ogre: I'm just warming up, this is only the Beggining

Ogre Jack: Ok then (The 2 start fighting each other again)

True Ogre: What?! Our Attacks are even?!?!

Ogre Jack: Wierd

Darkstorm:(Begins eating Ogres insides)

True Ogre: Ahhh! Get off of me (Swats Devil Blaze away from him)

Ogre Jack: Blaze are you ok?

Darkstorm:(Roars Screams trying to stop Ogres heart)

True Ogre: It's no use, Darkstorm, you can't stop me

Ogre Jack: (Punches True Ogre)

True Ogre: Oh yeah? I'm going full power on my next move

Ogre Jack: So am I

True Ogre & Ogre Jack: (Tries to punch each other, but their Hands touched each other & their Hands got completly Stuck making an Energy Feed Back)

Ogre Jack: What's happening?

True Ogre: It's making an Energy Feedback!

(Both True Ogre & Ogre Jack tries to pull apart, but it's no use)

True Ogre: (Accidently turns Black & has red eyes a similar form from "Tekken Tag Tournament 2")

Amy: No chance of confusing them now!

Patricia: Now we're all trapped

Sonic: Look at True Ogre's Left Arm, it now has Multiple Snake Arms for a Left Arm. We gotta stop him

Ogre Jack: We can't pull apart

True Ogre: I hope one of us can manage to Die!

Ogre Jack: And It's you! (Punches True Ogre at the Face)

True Ogre: Ow!

Devil Blaze: Hell FIRE!!!

True Ogre: (teleported behind Blaze THC)

Ogre Jack: Look out Blaze!

True Ogre: (Punches Blaze THC really hard)

Darkstorm:(His rage becomes to unstable even for True Orge to hold back)

True Ogre: (asorbs Darkstorm's Rage) Thanks for your Rage, it tastes Delicious

Ogre Jack: He's becoming even more powerful, the only thing to stop is...(Thoughts of an Idea) is an Energy Feedback...that's it !

Amy & Patricia: Huh?

Ogre Jack: It's our only chance, you girls betta distract Ogre until I found the right spot to make a Feedback

Sonic: But it's too dangerous

Ogre Jack: There's no time to explain

Amy: Got it (bonks True Ogre on the Head with her Piko Piko Hammer) Yoo Hoo, Mr. Ogre! Catch us if you can

True Ogre: Grrrrr!

Amy & Patricia: (Runs around True Ogre with Amy going one way & Patricia going the other way, making True Ogre dizzy)

True Ogre: Your making me dizzy

Ogre Jack: (Spots True Ogre's Chest) There! (Touchs True Ogre's Chest with his Right Hand, making an Energy Feedback)

Darkstorm:(Goes to True Ogres Lungs and chopps them)

True Ogre: AHHHH!

Ogre Jack: It's working!

True Ogre: (Fixing his Lungs)

Ogre Jack: Darkstorm, only the Devil Gene can stop Ogre

Devil Blaze:(Attacks)

True Ogre: ARGH!

Ogre Jack: I'm making an Energy Feedback, I need more help

Devil Blaze: Hell Blast!!

True Ogre: (Tooken half of the Damage)

Ogre Jack: Wait a minute, it only tooken half the Damage because you had 1 half of the Devil Gene, if we combine our Powers we can defeat it together

Blaze THC: (Her devil form collapses)

Ogre Jack: Ok, that would be a problem. I'm coming to get you out (Grabs Darkstorm's Hand & pulls him out of True Ogre's Body) I got ya, are you ok?

Darkstorm:(Gasps fresh air)

Ogre Jack: I;ll take as a Yes (Notices Ogre is still True Ogre) OH COME ON NOW!!!

True Ogre: I'm still powerful. I've already tooken down your wife's Devil Form

Ogre Jack: You betta tell the difference between a Hedgehog & an Evil Spirit like you. A certain someone taught me that

True Ogre: Then prepare to die! (Breathes fire at Ogre Jack)

Ogre Jack: (Teleports behind True Ogre)

True Ogre: WHAT?!?!

Ogre Jack: I've learned teleportation thanks to you. Oh & by the way, Adios Ogre (Breathes Huge amounts of Fire at True Ogre)

True Ogre: (burning) I'm Burning!

Darkstorm:(Extends blades)

Ogre Jack: Wait look!

True Ogre: (Turning into Stone)

Ogre Jack: It's over now (goes Blaze THC) Are you ok, Blaze THC? (Turns back to normal)

Blaze THC:(This is where she is pregnant with Stardust) Jacky I am.... well (Whispers into Jacks ear and puts his hand to her bell and movement is felt *Remember this is when Blaze THC is pregnanat with Stardust*)

Jack: Great Canadian Chesse! Your having a Baby?

(The baby kicks)

Jack: I'll take that as a Yes, say since we're not married yet, let's get married, my beautiful Kitten

Blaze THC:(Hugs her fience)

Jack: (Hugs Blaze THC)

Amy: Aww, that's sweet

Sonic: Yeah, but let's get outta here, the place is started to crumble

(The Temple is started to crumble down)

Jack: Let's get outta here

(Our Heroes gets out of the Temple before it crumbles down with Ogre)

Darkstorm:(Still trying to regain his energy)

Jack: Is everyone ok?

Patricia: We're ok

Amy: Yep, everyone is ok

Blaze THC: Definatly Jacky *Purrs*

Jack: Phew, I'm glad that's over

Blaze THC:(Hugs Jack)

Jack: I'm so glad I resuced you from Ogre

Blaze THC:(Meowing and licks Jacks cheek like a cat)

Jack: (Hugs Blaze THC) Aw, your making me blush

Amy: Come on, let's go home

Blaze THC:(Summons her mothers picture album from her time for when she was a Hedgekitten) It is said though

Jack: Aw, your so cute

Blaze THC: Thanks

Jack: (Carries Blaze THC) Do you mind if I carry you home?

Blaze THC: Sure

Jack: Thank you, my beautiful Kitten (Kisses Blaze THC & walks home while carrying Blaze THC)

Blaze THC:(Purr)

(As Jack & Blaze THC went back home, Amy & Patricia watched them as they go)

Amy: (Sighs) Love is in the air

Patricia: Yeah, I wish I had my Boyfriend

Amy: Don't worry, you'll get one, in the mean time, I got a date with Sonic (Turns to see that Sonic dissapeared already) Where'd he go?

Sonic: (Running away from Amy)

Amy: Hey! Sonic, you get back here! (Chases Sonic)

Patricia: See you later


Jack: Here we are, Home Sweet Home (Puts down Blaze THC)

Blaze THC:(Meowing)

Jack: (Opens the Door) Ladies First

Blaze THC:(Walks in while giggling) *Mind if we go on ahead to their wedding?*

Jack: Sure thing, my beautiful flower

Blaze THC:(Purring)

(At the Wedding)

Jack: (Waiting for Blaze THC in his Tuxedo)

Blaze THC:(Coming down the Isle Escorted by her father Shadow)*Smiles*

Jack: (Smiles)

Preacher: Dearly beloved we are gathered here to day to join Jack the Hedgehog and Blaze the Hedgecat in Holy Metromony

Amy & Patricia: (Sheding Happy Tears)

Darkstorm:(Hanging from the ceiling)

Preacher: Do you Jack take Blaze a your wife in sickness and in health till death do you part?

Jack: I do

Preacher: Do you Blaze THC take Jack the Hedgehog as your Husband?

Blaze THC: I do

Prechear: then I now pronounce you Man and Wife, you Jack the Hedgehog my kiss the bride

Jack: (Kisses Blaze THC)

Preacher: Now can we hurry I got another wedding to do and it is with the Bride named Amy Rose and the groom named Sonic the hedgehog

Amy: EEE, I can't wait

Sonic: (Blushes)

Jack: (TO Blaze THC) Come on, it's time to go home, my sweet kitten

Blaze THC:(Purring)

(So Jack & Blaze went home inside a car with a sign at the back saying "Just Married")

(At Jack & Blaze THC's House)

Jack: We're here

Blaze THC:(Gets out of the car)

Jack: (Gets out of the car) (To Driver) Thanks for the ride

Driver: No problem (Drives away)

Jack: (Opens the door for Blaze THC) After you

Blaze THC:(Kisses Jacks cheek)

Jack: (Blushes) Aww, thank you, my beautiful kitten

Blaze THC: Aren't ya carry me.

Jack: Oh right (Carries Blaze THC into their home) Home Sweet Home

(4 to 6 months later at the Hospitle)

Jack: (Waiting in the waiting room)

Blaze THC:(Screaming because she is giving birth)

Jack: (Whistling a tune)

Yautjan Nurse: Paya Jack?

Jack: Yes?

Yautja Nurse: Your Mate is ready and need I say your baby is beautiful

Jack: Ok coming (Goes inside) Blaze? I am here

Yautjan Doctors: Your baby is adorable.

Blaze THC: It is a girl Jacky, a girl Hedgehog (Giggles)

Jack: (Looks at the Newborn Baby Girl) Awww, she is adorable like a shining Star

The Newborn:(Sneezes and Stardust is seen)

Jack: (Sniffs) Is that...Stardust?

Blaze THC: Stardust thats gonna be her name

Jack: Her name is Perfect

Stardust: (Giggles and star dust appears)

Jack: Aww, your so cute

Darkstorm: (Appears) You summon Blaze?

Jack: It's ok, it's just that, my wife gave birth to a healthy baby Girl Hedgehog

Predator Elder: Congradulations Paya.

Jack: That's Jack the Hedgehog & thanks

Stardust:(Grabs the Elders finger)

Predator Elder:(Chuckles)

Jack: Stardust is like an Angel (Hears the Phone ringing) I'll get it (picks up the phone) Hello?

Patricia: (In phone) It's Patricia, Dr. EggPlankton is up to no good, we need your help

Jack: I'm on my way. (Hangs up the Phone) I gotta go, Dr. EggPlankton is up to no good, see you later

Predator Elder: I am coming with ya, I need the excirsize

Blaze THC: I'll stay at Darkstorms, I don't think Stardust is Ready to see you Work Jacky

Jack: Ok, Blaze, keep an eye on our little baby Girl, while I got EggPlankton to defeat (Goes out of the Hospital) See you later (Turns into Ogre Jack)

Ogre Jack: OGRE JACK! (Flys to Station Square) Let's do it, to it !

(So Jack flys to Station Square to defeat Dr. EggPlankton once again)

(XD XD XD Friggin Halarious)

The End

"More Coming Soon"

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