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Jack the Fohuahua
Biographical Information
RelativesJackson Affax Sr. (father)

Maliya Affax (mother)

Addy Affax (older sister)

Donatello Affax (baby brother)

AliasJunior, Jax, Softie (Sephtis)
Romantic InterestsNA
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Fohuahua (Fox/Chihuahua hybrid)
  • Fur: Dark green with curved black stripes and a white muzzle
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Red
  • Light blue t-shirt w/ chibi Knuckles print
  • Dark blue long-sleeved shirt
  • Dark blue cargo shorts
  • Brown sandals
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsTeam Mask/Saturn/Watts ally
WeaponryGloves made of stems and leaves that have retractable stick claws in them
  • Basic combat - hand-to-hand
  • Basic naturakinesis
  • Basic shamanism
Other Information
American V.A.Tia Lynn Ballard
Japanese V.A.Aoi Yuuki
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original Creator
  • Flashfire212


A short kid with wide red eyes, Jack is a fox-chihuahua hybrid with dark-green black-striped fur, along with a white muzzle. He has short black hair on his head, a trait he seems proud of.


When not learning the ways of a shaman, Jack wears a light-blue t-shirt with a chibi Knuckles the Echidna printed on the front, over the top of a dark blue long-sleeved shirt, plus dark blue cargo shorts and brown sandals


A Spiritual Start

Jackson Meyer Affax Jr. was born to Jackson Meyer Affax Sr. and Maliya Affax a whopping six months early in a barn near The Elemental Clans - specifically The Nature Clan. (When Jack would ask about this several years later, his parents avoided telling him the whole story). Jack lived a half-normal half-extremely strange childhood - on one hand, he was a pretty normal baby, sleeping, eating, needing diaper changes... but on the other, his parents' influence caused things to get a little wacky. Jack Sr. was a shaman, one who contacted spirits or all kinds and telling other people's future, and making a good living off of it. Meanwhile, his mother was a priest, banishing demons and praising angels and leading church services and all of the like.

Jack never thought that he was living a tough life, though - despite their honestly weird jobs, they managed to raise him well whenever they were able too. Jack loved his parents, and his parents loved him - everything was all nice and cheery.

Until Jack met his first "imaginary" friend.

For the longest time, Jack thought that he didn't have any powers. He merely thought that he happened to not get so lucky in the gene pool, but it didn't matter to him so much. It all changed, however, when he was 7 and had just finished hanging out with some of his buds on a playdate. He was calling his mom with their phone... but this old, scraggly voice kept speaking in his head, saying the name "Luna" over and over again. After Jack somehow was able to ignore it long enough to make the call, he hurried outside.

He fell onto the ground in person, but his eyes had gone all white, and he felt the world around him change to a purple, fiery, gooey pit of despair. There, he saw a grew eagle with a devil's tail with the same voice he was hearing in his head, and Jack asked who exactly he was curious to why he was exactly hearing his voice. The eagle seemed surprised that the boy could see him, and he tried grabbing Jack only to phase through him. The eagle asked if he was a shaman, but Jack replied that only his father was. The eagle decided to tell Jack a story - a story of a purple alien who was one of the worst people on the planet. He told Jack to give him to her if he ever found her, and that she was a very bad person who deserved death. While Jack was iffy on it, he began to awake in the physical realm.... in the hospital.

The nurses revealed to him that his friend's parents saw him hunched over and talking gibberish, so they called the ambulance. After lots of work was done to make sure he was okay, Jack Sr. and Maliya came to see him, and Jack gave them a big hug. With a huge smile on his face, he revealed the truth to them - "I HAVE SPIRIT POWERS!"


Jack has some rudimentary skills in both naturakinesis and hand-to-hand fighting, although limited. However, he is currently learning from his father the arts of shamanism, otherwise known as the skills of a witchdoctor. Part of this training is learning how to conjure up the embodiments of various landmarks and locations, as well as talk to the dead in order to perform certain acts. However, Jack hasn't yet the ability to fully control these beings, instead only being able to summon and talk to them.

However, due to his young age, his weaknesses are not known due to a lack of combat experience.

Nature Abilities

  • Poison Powder - Jack releases purple fumes that slowly do damage to the opponent over time.
  • Sleep Powder - Jack releases a pink fume that, if the opponent is in it long enough, will force the enemy to sleep.
  • Leaf Blade - Jack makes a sharp, curled leaf that he can use as a boomerang or as a sword.
  • Leaf Whirl - Jack creates a storm of Leaf Blade, causing them to circle around the opponent randomly and furiously.
  • Leaf Rain - Jack fires Leaf Blades from above the opponent.
  • Wood Cage - Jack makes trees grow out of the ground like a pyramid, trapping the opponent.
  • Timber! - Jack makes a large tree that sprouts out of the earth before sending it to fall on the opponent.
  • Zipvine - Jack makes a vine appear from his hand, and he can use it like a rope of a grappling hook.

Shaman Abilities

  • Ancestral Calling: While it is not an attack, Jack's eyes go completely white as he allows a spirit of his choice to partially possess his body, which could help boost his bodily strength or his amount of skill in something.
  • Hello! (from the Other Side): When there is water nearby, Jack can look at spirits and souls through it, allowing him to contact with the dead.


Jack Affax Jr. the Fohuahua is a little boy with a big heart. He's always been the energetic kind, and he likes doing a lot of fun things. In fact, having fun is what motivates him - he looks at his parents and the world around him, and after meeting some specific people, he finds out that the world isn't as blank as it seems. While to some that may be horrifying, for this tenacious ten-year-old, it's no problemo!

Jack is still extremely naive with his perception of the world, especially now that he's surrounded by people who are mostly a good deal older than him. This can also come into play when he meets villains - he won't get their motivation, or he won't even think that they're villains in the first place! While he isn't a pacifist, he doesn't go looking for flaws in people, and mostly just sees the good in everyone.

Also, while he usually isn't saddened by the death of others since he can communicate with them through shamanism, he is extremely scared of doing things like that by himself, since he knows most of his friends can't connect to the spiritual realm. This could make it seem like he doesn't care about the lives of others, but he does - he just knows that he'll still be able to discuss with them.

Jack is also easily impressed by the slightest cool thing, despite the fact that he can literally talk to ghosts. This is shown by his Knuckles the Echidna chibi T-shirt - he hasn't even met the guardian, but just hearing of his exciting and awesome job and journeys is enough to make Jack a huge fan of him.



Mac is Jack's idol, and Jack is one one Mac's biggest fans. When Alexia and Terra introduced him to the gang, Mac displayed an easygoing and joker-like spirit that quickly managed to charm Jack into thinking that the tiger was cool, and it didn't slow down in growth after he found out that Mac was also a gunslinger electrokinetic mercenary.... with a sword. Jack likes Mac because he never had any type of brother before, being the middle child with two sisters, and Mac's spirit, though devious and not the most honest, was one Jack really looked up to.

Jack and Alexia are really close, part of it being that they are some of the younger members of the cast. When Jack first met her and Terra at the Wild Wind Village, Jack had a large crush on Alexia, who was really sweet to him, and although she was quiet, she was a good secondary leader to the village (with the primary one being Terra). Jack likes how Aqua is willing to put her foot down when pushed far enough, but is easygoing enough to not get all her knots into a twist when the slightest thing happens.

Alexia isn't aware that Jack likes her, viewing him like a younger brother (which is mysteriously a lot like the relationship Alexia has with Terra). Jack knows the age difference probably means that there's no chance of it happening, but he still will be there for Aqua if she needs help, and that's something that Alexia can admire about the boy.


Jack and Sephtis are both extremely similar and extremely opposite, which is one of the things that make it hard to determine whether they are enemies or the bestest of best friends. On one hand, they like each other's qualities to always keep smiling along with keeping an optimistic attitude, but while Jack is far more peaceful, Sephtis is a daredevil who isn't afraid of death. There is also the fact that Jack is a shaman-in-training, one who contacts the dead, while Sephtis is an assassin-in-training, one who makes people dead, which Jack doesn't approve of.

However, they are still able to enjoy each other's company whenever they hang around each other, even though the two youngsters are still very competitive towards one another. The two may have their differences, but Jack knows that he'll have Sephtis' back forever, and Sephtis knows that he will definitely do the same for the little boy.



  • Jack is my first adopted character to live in Mac's universe in the Lamak Zone.



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