This is a 3rd Story about our Crossover Heroes

(This is a Parody of Sonic & the Black Knight)

Characters been sent by Merlina (Crossovers Only)

  • Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  • Spongebob the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  • Patrick the Echidna (Spongebob100)
  • Squidward the Fox (Spongebob100)
  • Ed the Crocodile (Spongebob100)
  • Edd the Chameleon (Spongebob100)
  • Eddy the Bee (Spongebob100)
  • Total Drama Characters (Spongebob100)
  • The Piraka's (Spongebob100)
  • Mung Daal the Monkey (Spongebob100)
  • Shnitzel the Gorilla (Spongebob100)
  • Mr Krabs the Crab (Spongebob100)
  • Meltdown the Crocodile (Spongebob100)
  • Xplode the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  • Thunder the Echidna (Spongebob100)
  • Corroder the Crab (Spongebob100)
  • Rotor the Fox (Spongebob100)
  • Drilldozer the Echidna (Spongebob100)
  • Jetbug the Bee (Spongebob100)
  • Nitroblast the Gorilla (Spongebob100)
  • Waspix the Wasp (Spongebob100)
  • Raw Jaw the Echidna (Spongebob100)
  • Fangz the Wolf (Spongebob100)
  • Scorpio the Scorpion (Spongebob100)
  • Rocko the Wallaby (Scroundernuts)
  • Heffer the Steer (Scroundernuts)
  • Filburt the Turtle (Scroundernuts)
  • Edward Bighead the Toad (Scroundernuts)
  • Blaze THC
  • Darkstorm the Halfbreed
  • P-body the robot Kangaroo (Scroundernuts) (P-Body & Atlas is from Portal 2)
  • Atlas the Robot Racoon (Scroundernuts)
  • Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)
  • Patra the Jackal (KayumitheWallaby4)


  • Merlina
  • Sir Lancelot (Shadow the Hedgehog)
  • Sir Garwin (Knuckles the Echidna)
  • Sir Percival (Blaze the Cat)
  • Nimue the Lady of the Lake (Amy Rose)
  • Blacksmith (Tails)
  • Sir Sevahkstorm (Darkstorm)
  • Sir Bomonga (Reidak)
  • Sir Norik (Hakann)
  • Sir Gaaki (Vezok)
  • Sir Iruini (Zaktan)
  • Sir Pouks (Avak)
  • Sir Kualus (Thok)
  • Lady Pokemon(Kaytlin Fence the fox)
  • Sir Sky(General Sky Townes)
  • Mistris Rehsiram
  • Sir Zekrom
  • MerEd, MerDouble D & MerEddy (Ed, Edd n Eddy)
  • Sir Crazy Bone(Brandon)(My bother thought of the name)
  • Sir Craig (Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) )
  • Sir Hunter (Nack) (Bunnie)
  • Lady Poison (Nic) (Bunnie)
  • Lady Jewels (Rooch) (Jewel collector) (Bunnie)
  • Princess Raccoon (Opal) (Bunnie)
  • Witch Of Light (Flowlight) (Bunnie)
  • Witch Of Water (June) (Bunnie)
  • Kimilot (Kimiko) (KayumitheWallaby4)
  • Sir William (Butch) (Scrounder)
  • Robin hood (Speedy) (Scroundernuts)
  • King Krabs (Mr. Krabs the Krab)
  • Squidly (Squidward the Fox)
  • The True / Good King Arthur (Sonic)
  • Rockiekins (Rocko the Wallaby)
  • Sir Drenahk (Xenorahk)
  • Witch of Dark (Patricia the Skunk)

Main Villain

  • Planktonimor (Dr. EggPlankton)

Villains that helps Planktonimor

  • Sir Killer the Dark Knight (Kai the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) )
  • Sir Hunter's Squad (Sir Hunter, Lady Poison)
  • Lady Black (Becky) (Bunnie) (Hyponiztied)
  • Lady Jewel the Knight (Ruby) (Scrounder) (Becomes a hero later)

Part 1: The Beggining

Merlina: (Being chased by Planktonimor's Army of Dark Knights)

Dark Knights: (Surrounds Merlina)

Planktonimor: (Appears in front of Merlina) Hello Merlina

Merlina: Planktonimor, I thought your in Jail & your powers are gone

Planktonimor: When Darkstorm came to the Kingdom of King Arthur, he & his new partner Sir Craig nearly destroyed thy, but now I've returned stronger then ever & thou will feed thy hunger

Merlina: Oh yeah? (Prepares a Spell) Iph a'saris y ees sarak. Iph a'saris y ees sarak. O brave knight, swift as the wind, heed my call! (A large Lighting bolt struck up to the Sky leaving a portal)

(We see Jack, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva, Harold, Courtney, Sadie, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Mung Daal, Schnitzel, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor (From Hero Factory), Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Rocko, Heffer, Filburt & Edward fall from the Portal & crashes to the Ground on every Dark Knight, including Planktonimor & Merlina by Accident)


Owen: Ow, my spine!

Spongebob: You can say that again, ouch

Patrick: I'm glad that over

(We can hear Muffled Talking coming from Merlina)

Melina: (Crawled out of Owen) I guess I've use the Spell too much

Eddy: What's going on?

Ed: We've been transported into another Planet in another Galaxy.

Reidak: Uh, that's not what I haven't mind

Xplode: Speaking of another place, where are we?

DJ: I don't know, but this is not cool

Duncan: Whatever, let's just go back & everything will be worth it

Mung: I don't know, I don't remember a place like this

Schnitzel: Rada Rada

Ezekiel: Neither have I

Heather: Well, then where are we then?

Meltdown: I don't know

Merlina: Are you alright?

Edd: We're ok, who are you?

Merlina: We'll explain later

Planktonimor: (Crawls out of Patrick) I should've seen that coming

Spongebob: EggPlankton?! What are you...

Merlina: Who's EggPlankton?

Squidward: Don't tell me you don't know him

Planktonimor: Acculty it's Planktonimor to you

Harold: Then it's time to unleash our Wicked Skills (Charges at Planktonimor)

Merlina: (Stops Harold) Wait you mustn't

Harold: (Fell on his Back) Ow, that hurt.

Noah: Whao

Merlina: (Made a Tornado with her Spell & she & our Crossover Heroes have Dissapeared)

Planktonimor: Rats, they got away. They'll be back, just thou wait. We'll slay them at sight (Leaves)

(But he's been watched by Sir Lancelot (Shadow) Sir Gawain (Knuckles) & Sir Percival (Blaze the Cat) )

Sir Lancelot: Who is this Planktonimor, I've never heard of him

Sir Gawain: Do you think it's time to attack?

Sir Lancelot: No, we'll wait

Sir Gawain: Ok but...

Sir Percival: Without the King we're nothing. We're now Loyalty to the True King Arthur & his friend King Krabs

Sir Gawain: King Krabs?

Sir Lancelot: We'll be going

(As the Knights of the Round Table leave, they been watched by the Piraka Knights)

Sir Norik (Hakann): There the Kinghts of the Round Table

Sir Gaaki (Vezok): Yes, Planktonimor's Orders

Sir Bomonga (Reidak): We must slay them at sight

Sir Kualus (Thok): No, we must attack those New Enemies with Merlina

Sir Pouks (Avak): Ok, after all she is the Sorroceros

Sir Iruini (Zaktan): But she almost destroyed the World, but thanks to Sir Soniic, Knight of the Wind, we're safe once again

Sir Bomongo: Ok, let's get them

Sir Kualus: Ok

(The Piraka Knights left)

Part 2: The Introduction

Spongebob: Why did you stop us, we can take him down Easily?

Merlina: Because he has returned from the Underworld

Patrick: (Scared) Underworld?!

Merlina: Yes, but thanks to Darkstorm & his partner Sir Craig, everyone is safe once again & now he's come back for Revenge

Squidward: Revenge?

Mr Krabs: What do you mean by that?

Ed: I believe he is trying to sprout the wings of a bat and stomp like a zombie while whistling 'Row, Row, Row your Boat' through a car wash.

Eddy: I have no idea what Ed just said

Edd: Try a more reasonable Sentence

Zaktan: Oh brother

Reidak: You can say that agan, sheesh

Jack: Uh ok? Anyways My name is Jack the Hedgehog, the cousin of Sonic the Hedgehog

Merlina: You must be Sonic's Cosuin, my name is Merlina

(Just 3 more Wizards, 1 Green, 1 Orange & 1 Yellow)

MerEd (Ed): Hello

MerDouble D (Edd): Greetings Travelers

MerEddy: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Hello

Sir Sevahkstorm:(Hiding in the Shadows)

Eddy: (To MerEddy) Hello Good looking

Merlina: I forgot to Introduce you to 3 Students of Merlin before he passed away, this is MerEd, MerDouble D & MerEddy

Edd: This must be our Ancestors

Ed: Hello my name is Ed

MerEd: Hello my name is MerEd

Vezok: Oh Brother 1 Ed is bad enough now there's 2 of them. Nice!

LeShawna: I don't even know where are we?

Sir Sevahkstorm:(Unsheathes his broadsword)

Lady Pokemon & Sir Sky:*Hiding*

Jack: Someone's watching us

Spongebob: We betta keep on moving

Duncan: Alright

Sir Crazy Bone:*Hides with Lady Pokemon*

Corroder: Has anyone seen Chris Mclean, Chef Hatchet & Merlina anywhere?

Owen: Their Gone, I wonder where did Chris & Chef run off to?

Sir Sevahkstorm:Dragon strike

Jack: Look Out

(Our Heroes DOdged the Attack)

Jack: Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: Yo.

Jack: What the? Darkstorm how did you get here so fast?

Geoff: Whao, why there's 2 of you, dude?

(Female) Darkstorm: Actually three

DJ: (Screams) (Faints with a Loud Thud)

Duncan: Great, now you made DJ faint

Lady Pokemon & Sir Crazy Bone:*Walk out*

Sir Zekrom:(Cackles)

Edd: There's more

Ezekiel: Whao, like a reunion eh?

Justin: Ok, can someone tell me what's going on here?

Spongebob: We ARE in Medieval Times

Lady Pokemon:Meadieval Times Yes,but I'll live years on End.

Mung: Hey, you look like someone we know

Schnitzel: Rada Rada Rada Rada

Mung: Holy Swish Cheese, it looks like Kaytlin Fence the Fox

Schnitzel: Rada?!

Drilldozer: I don't get it

Jack: Do you think we should get going?

Spongebob: I think so

Ed: MerEd, MerDouble D & MerEddy are gone too

Reidak: Strange

Avak: Like what?

Reidak: Ah never mind

Jack: Let's go find the Others

Spongebob: Ok, but something tells me that we've been watched

(As Our Heroes walked away, the Piraka Knights goes after them without been seen)

Part 3: Chris, Chef & the Hedgecat

Chris: (Gets up) Ow, my head

Chef: Does that look hurt to you?

Chris: No, but we're lost. We need to find the Others

Chef: They could be anywhere

Chris: Like where?

Blaze THC: Hey there

Chris & Chef: AHH!

Chris: (Jumps onto Chef's Arm) Who are you?

Chef: And what are you doing here?

Blaze THC: Don't tell me you've never seen a hedgecat (Purrs)?

Chris: Sorry, haven't seen a Crossbreed before, Na Da.

Chef: Me neither

Blaze THC:(Giggles)

Chris: What's so funny? I haven't seen you around here, not even Chef

Chef: Nope. Anyways, who are you?

Blaze THC: I am Blaze the Hedgecat daughter of Blaze the Cat and Shadow the Hedgehog.

Chris: I'm Chris McLean, the Host of Total Drama & this is my Co-Host Chef Hatchet

Chef Hatchet: It's nice to meet you as the daughter of...whao back up for a minute, did you say your the Daugther of Shadow Hedgehog & Blaze Cat?

Blaze THC: Yeah thats right, your Chef, I like the way you acted like the chains phsyco

Chef: Thank you & I know

Chris: Anyways where are we anyway?

Blaze THC: I am guessing we are in Midevil times

Chris: Nice work Chef

Chef: But that wasn't me

Chris: If it's not you then we are in Medieval Times

Chef: How did that happen?

Mistris Fulicia: What the???

Chris & Chef: AHH! (Chris jumps onto Chef's Arms)

Chris: There's 2 of you?

Blaze THC: Odd

Mistris Fulicia: Sir Craig!!

Sir Craig: What is it, Mistris Fulicia?

Blaze THC: Jack?

Mistris Fulicia: Who is Jack, Star honey you can come out now

Sir Craig: Come on, don't be shy, come on

Star:(Teleports to her father)

Sir Craig: Hello there Star, how's our Daughter doing today?

Chris: Um Chef?

Chef: Yes, Chris?

Chris: Do you know when's the time to find the others?

Chef: Yeah & it's right now

P-body & Atlas: (Randomly falls from the sky)

Chris: What the heck are they?

Chef: I don't know, but let's find out

Stardust:(Chaos controlls to her mother)

Mistris Fulicia: Sir Craig, doesn't the young girl look like our Star?

Atlas: No GaLDOs, i'm just fine (Faints)

Star:(Looks at Stardust)

P-Body: Atlas? You can talk?! (Gasps) And so can i!

Atlas: (Gets up) P-body is that you?

Sir Craig: She sure is our Star, Mistris Fulicia

Chris: Mistris?

Robin Hood (Speedy): (Hiding in the bushes)

Chef: What's a Mistris?

Chris: I don't know, but we betta find them before they go off to far. Mrs. Blaze Hedgecat, I guess your coming with us I guess

Robin Hood: Wait!

Chef: Alright! Who's there? I'm not afraid of you

Robin Hood: You do know i have a staff AND a bow don't you?

Chef: (Grabs Robin Hood by the Coller) Listen up preaty boy, you betta ask us where are the others or I gonna have to...

Chris: Whao, hold it Chef. (Grabs a chair & some popcorn & sits down on the Chair) Ok continue

Chef: As I was saying, you betta find the others before I mess you up

Robin Hood: Hold it, Hold it! Ive got a wife, 6 kids. & I have to take care of all of those kids! How would you like it if i got killed and my kids would be crying all the time. Huh?

Chef: (Growls loudly at Robin Hood)

Chris: Chef, put the nice man down. That's enough

Chef: Fine (Puts Robin Hood) But I'm keeping an eye on you

Sir Craig: I don't even what's going on here, but your friend is complely Psychotic

Chris: Yeah & it's awesome

Sir Craig: Anyways, I'm keeping an eye on you Uhhhh?

Chef: Chef Hatchet

Sir Craig: Whatever, just don't mess up Robin Hood, ok?

Chef: (Gets close to Sir Craig) You wanna say that again

Chris: Ok, Chef that's enough

Chef: Sorry, I'm just saying that to Robin Hood because he needs to Man Up like a Soilder

Robin Hood: Hey! I once killed a man. & i'm not Joking. Also, the thing i said before was only A joke. you know when i talked about me kids. ALSO i'm a hero!

P-body: Also you DON'T have kids!

Chris: (To P-Body) Who are you?

P-Body: I'm P-Body & this is Atlas.

Chris: I'm Chris McLean & this is Chef Hatchet

Chef: Greetings

P-Body: Nice to meet cha!

Chris: Anyways, let's go.

Chef: Are you sure, we can find them?

Chris: Sure, I'm sure, let's go

Mistris Fulicia:(Picks up Stardust)

Sir Craig: Are you sure, they need our help Mistris Fulicia?

Star: She looks like me daddy.

Sir Craig: Well what do thou know, your right little one, she is just like thou (You)

Darkstorm and Sir Sevahk:(Teleports in)

Darkstorm: Sir Craig, Mistris Fulicia!!!

Mistris Fulicia: Sir Darkstorm

Sir Craig: Darkstorm, it's so good to see you again

Chris: Wait if he's here, then where are the Others?

Sir Sevahkstorm: Whast thou think the Gods art our allies?

Darkstorm: I see you met Stardust and Blaze the Hedgecat

Chef: Wait a minute, if your here then where are the Others

(Our Crossover Heroes have arrived)

Jack: You we're saying?

Chef: Never mind

Spongebob: Here we are!

Eddy: Looks like everyone is here

Patrick: But why are we been summoned here?

Edd: Merlina said that we should stop the Evil Wizard Planktonimor & save Camalot

Ed: It's like in my Comic Book once called "Attack of the Evil Dark Dracula!"

Reidak: Akward

Zaktan: I guess so, but we need Weapons. Our Weapons are turned into Medieval ones.

Owen: I don't know.

Spongebob: Are you sure we need some help

Sir Craig: Prehaps King Krabs & Good King Arthur can help

Edd: Wait a minute, Sonic said that King Arthur is evil when Sonic arrived in this world

Sir Craig: True, but there's a New King Arthur & he's Pure Good this time

Eddy: Oh yeah, where can we find this King Arthur?

Sir Craig: Inside that Castle over there (Points to King Krabs' Castle)

Hakann: Wow, that was easy

Vezok: Are you sure?

Hakann: Yes I'm sure

Gwen: Well then, let's try to go in & find out

Heather: Fine

LeShawna: What are we waiting for, let's go!

Thunder: Ok!

Beth: I hope the King is nice

Lindsay: I hope so too

Ezekiel: Well then let's find out eh?

Noah: Fine, let's not be hasty ok? Ok

Justin: I know, but look at my complexion, it's really good see? Check it out

Katie: Very nice

Sadie: Really nice

Justin: I know

Squidward: Let's just go

Spongebob: I wonder who is King Krabs

Jack: We'll find out soon

Sir Craig: Say, you look like me

Jack: Thanks

Part 4: King Krabs' Castle

Sir Craig: Here it is, King Krabs' Castle

Tyler: Ok, let's go

Guard #1: Halt!

Guard #2: State your name please?

Sir Craig: Sir Craig, the Orange Knight & my Wife & I found these Strangers & they like to see King Krabs gentleman

Guard #1: Very well

Guard #2: Entrance is Granted

(Everyone went into the Palace)

Harold: It's much better when I'm at Medieval Steve's Medieval Camp

Ed: Who?

(We can hear clarinet playing. Someone with a medieval outfit is playing the clarinet)

Squidly (Squidward): Oh, blast this confounded instrument. If I never play with ease, may my own great-great-great-great-great-great- great grandson be cursed ten-fold.

Squidward: Hey, that looks like me

Jack: Squidward?

Squidly: (looks around confused) Does thou talketh to me?

SpongeBob: (laughs) Good one, Squidward. (imitates Squidly) Does thou talketh to me?

Squidly: Scoth not, young squire. Thou hath mistaken me for another. I am Squidly, the king's royal fool. Or at least I was until I royally messed up.

Owen: Wow, what'd you do?

Squidly: I'll show you. (Sings) "I was the king's favorite fool I made merry mirth and laughter Then I told one bad joke And the king had a stroke And now I hang from ye ol' rafter"

Patrick: (stomach growls) What does a guy have to do get some mutton around here? I’m starving!

Reidak: Me too, I'm hungry

Owen: Is it finally Lunch Time?

DJ: Don't worry, we'll have lunch soon

Owen: I hope so, I'm starving

Izzy: Wow, it's like I attack a Shark once & I caught one with my own Bare hands

Courtney: Ok, let's not talk about that ok?

Izzy: Ok.

(Meanwhile in the Throne Room)

King Krabs (Mr. Krabs): Woe is me. Woe is me. Woe is me. What to do? What to do?

Good King Arthur (Sonic): (he appears in his Golden Knight Armor w/ Red Cape) What's wrong King Krabs?

King Krabs: Oh, just the same ol’ thing King Arthur. It’s that evil Planktonimor. His insidious dragon’s destroyed half the kingdom. Soon, there’ll be no citizens to tax. Not one of me best knights have been able to defeat him. (has a stroke)

Good King Arthur: Your highness, remember your blood pressure

Henchman: Your highness, Sir Craig has brought Guests into your castle.

King Krabs: Well don’t just stand there, send ‘em in.

Henchman: Sure thing, your highness.

Sir Craig: Greetings King Krabs, these are the Guests I've found in the Forest

Jack: There's 2 Mr. Krabs'?

Mr Krabs: (Shrugs) Heh, heh, runs in the family

Patricia: I guess so

Cody: Hey Mr Krabs

King Krabs: How dare you bark in that tone, knave. I am the feared ruler of this kingdom and will be addressed as such.

Cody: (Scared) Sorry?

Good King Arthur: My apologies, he's having a Stroke. I'm the True King Arthur, I was been captured by an Imposter along with Merlina. She's trying to revive her Father, but she has turned evil

Squidward: Don't ask please?

MerEd, MerDouble D & MerEddy: (Appears)

MerDouble D: It's true, but thanks to Sir Sonic, Knight of the Wind, he saved us & we've notice that he is the Ture King Arthur

Jack: Wait, then that means...

Good King Arthur: (Removes his Golden Helmet to reveal he's just like Sonic)

Jack: Sonic the Hedgehog?

Good King Arthur: No, Sonic is back at his own World, I am the True King Arthur.

Spongebob: Ok?

Patricia: What's going on here guys?

Good King Arthur: It's them, these Strangers are just like the ones in the Prophecy.

King Krabs: What prophecy?

Good King Arthur: The one above your head.

(We see the Prophecy about the Mysterious Knights)

King Krabs: How long has that been there?

Good King Arthur: The story tells of these Mysterious brave knights who fall from the sky. And are sent by the king to rid the lamenting town of the evil dragon controlled by the one-eyed wizard. King Krabs, don’t you get it? It’s them. These strangers have come to rescue us, like in the prophecy.

King Krabs: Then that means...(sun shines on Jack, Blaze THC, Darkstorm, Patricia & our Crossover Heroes) You guys, my apologies. (kisses their feet) Most noble and valiant warriors.

Ed: I guess this is what you call the royal treatment.

Meltdown: Oh right

Good King Arthur: May Neptune grant you safety on your perilous journey to the evil wizard’s castle to which no one has escaped alive.

Patricia: We’re going on a perilous journey?

King Krabs: Well, of course, you’re the chosen ones.

Lady Pokemon:If it's Dangerous as thou think,Then Sir Sky and I Go on thou trip aswell.

King Krabs: Ok, so good luck on your journey

Spongebob: Say no more, your Majesty, we'll be ok. Come on guys

Patrick: Look out, Trouble!

(So Our Heroes goes out on an Adventure)

Squidly: Well, so much for their company. (plays clarinet)

King Krabs: On second thought, you better go with ‘em. They could use the entertainment.

Squidly: Have it your way.

King Krabs: Good luck strange ones!

Good King Arthur: Good luck on your journey!

Part 5: Blacksmith

SpongeBob: I know we’re a prophecy and all, but I don’t think we can stop the dragon with our bare hands.

Jack: I think we need Weapons

Squidly: Perhaps yonder blacksmith can provide some arms for your battle.

SpongeBob: At last, an honest man of the soil. Observe, as a I effortlessly commingle with this brutish native. (enters blacksmith shop) Greetings, iron man. I am Sir SpongeBob of...(Notices someone he knows) whao

BlackSmith (Tails): Can I help you, young Traveller?

Jack: Tails?

Spongebob: We're just here to buy some Weapons & some Armor.

Blacksmith: (Notices our Heroes) Whao, looks like I got a big Order today. I've got just the Armor for you guys (Gives our Heroes some Armor)

Patricia: Wow (Puts on Armor)

Harold: Awesome! (Puts on Armor)

(Everyone puts on their Armor)

Jack: Hey Spongebob.

SpongeBob: (walks out standing on metal legs and wearing a big protective helmet)

Jack: Whoa, SpongeBob you look incredible.

Thok: Now all is left is the Weapons

Blacksmith: Ok, you can count on me (Making weapons for our Heroes)

Sir Sky:Like I need thou Weapons,I'll Use thou Psysic*Laughs)

Lady Pokemon:*Hits Sir Sky*

Sir Sky:*Coughs up a Lunar Wing*

BlackSmith: Finished (Gives our heroes one sword each)

Spongebob: This thing is heavy

BlackSmith: Not to worry, here's Lightweight Sword. It's a similarity of Sir Percival's Sword

Spongebob: Sir Percival?

Courtney: Who's she?

BlackSmith: She's one of the Knights of the Round Table

Duncan: Ok, look out enemies, here comes Duncan

Reidak: (Notices a Chainsaw Sword, a Fire Sword, a Harpoon Sword, a 3 bladed Sword, an Earth Sword & an Ice Sword) Who's weapons are those?

Blacksmith: They belong to the Piraka Knights, be careful, they are very hard to beat

Squidward: Oh great

Zaktan: Ok (Pays for the Armor & Weapons) Thanks

Blacksmith: Thank you, come again

P-Body & Atlas: (Appears) Wait!!

Rocko: And who are you guys?

P-body: I'm a girl!

Rocko: Well excusse me Princess!

P-Body: (Growls)

Rocko: Ummm S-sorry!

P-Body: You better be sorry!

Rocko: (Gulps)

P-Body: Anyways, i'm P-Body!

Atlas: And i'm Atlas!

Mistris Reshiram: BLACKSMITH!!!

P-Body: (Confused)

Mistris Reshiram: Hello there young one

P-Body: I am not a child! But my name is P-Body & i'm a GIRL.

lady Pokemon;*Gets on to Sir Sky*

Atlas: And i am Atlas, the boy Robot.

Squidly: We have a long journey ahead of us

Spongebob: Well it's a good thing we brought delicious Krabby Patties

Patrick: Mmmmm

Ed: Let us go on an adventure

Eddy: Alright, the faster we go & the quicker this adventure is

Sir Craig: Wait! But first you had to be true knights, all you have to do is to see Nimue the Lady of the Lake

Edd: Ok

Eddy: Fine, let's go

Jack: Ok, I hope she's nice

Rocko: Yeah... (Stares romanticley at P-Body)

Duncan: Let's go Romeo (Grabs Rocko & follows our Heroes)

Part 6: Sir Norik

(Someone is right behind our Heroes)

Sir Norik: Halt !

Hakann: Hey, that looks like me only with Armor

Rocko: (Still staring at P-Body)

Filburt: Rocko!!

Ezekiel: (Slaps Rocko) Snap out of it, eh?

Sir Norik: Doubt not, Knaves, for I'm Sir Norik, the Piraka Knight of Fire

P-Body: What do ya want?! Huh?

Sir Norik: To challenge one of you to a duel, for Planktonimor or course

Spongebob: Planktonimor?!

Patrick: Rocko is still staring at P-Body, who's gonna Volenteer?

Xplode: Alright I'll Volenteer

Sir Norik: State your name

Xplode: Xplode, Xplode the Hedgehog

Sir Norik: Ok Xplode the Hedgehog, It's time to battle

P-Body: Good luck (Winks eye)

Rocko: Grrr!

Sir Drenahk: Sir Norik!!!

Sir Norik: What is it now, can't you see I'm busy

Sir Drenahk: The North Wall has been breached!!!

Sir Norik: What by whom?

???:(Deep Growling) By Me

Rocko: Huh?

Predalien: Rouges attack!!!

(Rouges Xenomorphs attack)

Sir Norik: How did those Creatures end up here?

Spongebob: That's it, I had enough (Slashes every single Rouge Xenomorphs)

Predalien:Acid Blast!!!

Xplode: (Stabs Predalien before he preforms it)

Predalien:(His acid blood runs down to Xplodes arm)

(Spongebob100: Stop killing my Characters!)

(It won't make it)

(Spongebob100: Oh right)

Xplode: It's over for you. NOW!

Harold: (Slashes Predalien)

Zaktan: (Slashes Predalien)

Eddy: (Slashes Predalien)

Sir Norik & Spongebob: (Slashes Predalien)

Rocko: (Slashes Predalien)

Mung & Schnitzel: (Slashes Predalien)

Spongebob: How did he get into the World of King Arthur?

Rocko; I don't know!

Eddy: He's not suppose to be here

Reidak: But how did that happen?

Spongebob: At least we've defeated him thanks to Xplode

Xplode: Now where were we?

Sir Norik: I was about to battle you in a Duel, but your skills seem to destroy the evil Predalien

Predalien:(Still alive but disintgrating to escape) Heh heh heh

Xplode: I guess the Battle is already over?

Sir Norik: But not the war. (Gives Xplode his Fire Sword) Here

Xplode: I got this, didn't I?

Sir Norik: I will join you later

Rocko: Okay.

P-Body: See ya!

Spongebob: We gotta keep on going

Patrick: Wow, Spongebob, I never seen you slash every single enemy like that

Spongebob: Why thanks Patrick. Onward to the Lady of the Lake

Ed: Here we go

Edd: Be careful gentleman

Thok: I sense that someone else is here

Avak: Let's go already

Part 7: Sir Gaaki

(30 Minutes later)

Harold: Do you know, how much longer?

Rocko: I'm pretty sure We're almost there.

Sir Gaaki: Halt! Your in territory of Sir Gaaki, the Piraka Knight of Water

Vezok: He looks like me!

Mung: Someone has to battle him

Schnitzel: Rada Rada

Sir Gaaki: State you name

Schnitzel: Rada Rada Rada

Mung: He say's that his name is Schnitzel

Sir Gaaki: It's time for Battle (Pulls out his Harpoon Sword)

P-Body: Good luck!....Again.

Mung: We know P-Body

Sir Gaaki & Schnitzel: (Starts fighting each other with Swords)

P-body: ....

Schnitzel: (Slashes Sir Gaaki)

Sir Gaaki: (Blocks the attack) You've must been a worthy Knight, but it's over now (Charges at Schnitzel)

Schnitzel: (Dodges & slashes Sir Gaaki)

Sir Gaaki: Whao, your strong, but no good enough (Slashes Schnitzel back)

Schnitzel: (Dodges every attack that Sir Gaaki throws at him)

Sir Gaaki: Hold Still

P-Body: (Thinking in her mind) I hope i can fight the next Knight! Girls can be a Knight too!

(An Arrow zooms Past Sir Gaaki)

Sir Gaaki & Schnitzel: (Dodges)

Sir Gaaki: An Arrow?

Mung: What's an Arrow doing here?

(Three more arrows zoom past)

Spongebob: Look out!

(Our Heroes dodges out of the way)

Sir Gaaki: Archers?

Patricia: But who would fire Arrows like that?

(A two tailed cat with a Dragon skin dress comes out of the trees with a loaded Cross Bow)

Jack: Whao, who are you?

???: I am Mistris Sinivahx the two tailed Cat.

Sir Sevahkstorm: My wife, she is a dragon hunter

Reidak: Please to meet you, by the way you look like someone we know when me & my Piraka pals first got here on Mobius.

Zaktan: Wait a minute, Vitani?

Mistris Sinivahx:(Upper cuts Zaktan) Does she have two tails?

Zaktan: Not really. Ouch!

Thok: Wait, we'd betta rethink that, who do we know who has 2 Tails & it's a women?

Avak: Sorry, nothing in my mind


Avak: Who are you?

Kirara: The female with two tails!!!

Avak: Ohhhhhhh, nah never seen you before

Zaktan: Ow, that Uppercut is really strong

Kirara:(Grabs Avaks arm and Twists it)

Avak: Yeouch! That really hurt, ok cut it out

Duncan: Guys, we've wasted enough time. Let's just go to Nimue, Defeat Planktonimor & get this over with

Kirara and Sinivahx:(Hisses angerily)

Geoff: Whao, it's cool. It's cool

Avak & Zaktan: Sorry

Spongebob: Let's not get angry ok, Planktonimor is back & he wants revenge

Sir Gaaki: (Gives Schnitzel his Sword) Here, take my sword. You & your friends earned it, I'll catch up with you later

Patrick: Ok Bye!

Mr Krabs: First Sir Norik, then Sir Gaaki. What's going on here

Owen: We'd betta keep on moving. We don't want any more distractions right?

Reidak: Alright, let's go.

Part 8: Sir Lancelot

Eddy: Wow, what a long path

Edd: We'll be there in about 10 more minutes

Sir Lancelot: (Appears) State your name.

Sir Craig: Sir Lancelot. I've found these Strangers who have fallen from the sky

Sir Lancelot: For those who don't know me, for I'm Sir Lancelot, one of the Knights of the Round Table, the Knight of the Lake

Jack: Shadow?

Spongebob: He does look like Shadow

Sir Lancelot: Sir Craig, who's that Knave with you

Sir Craig: This is Jack the Hedgehog

Jack: He looks like me

Sir Lancelot: Hmm, interesting. Would you like to battle me in a Duel to see your worthy of the Challenge?

Jack: I was born Ready.

Patricia: Be careful Jack

Sir Sky:*Lands*

Lady Pokemon:Hold on.A Duel?

Robin Hood (Speedy); Wait! Is 'P-Body" here?

P-Body: why yes! And that is me!

Robin hood: Sir william, He wants to battle you!

P-Body: (Grabs Rocko's sword) Okay!

Mistris Fulicia and Blaze THC:(A strange Dark Red mark glows)

Sir Lancelot: I challenge one of you to a Duel.

Jack: This is gonna be fun

Sir Lancelot: Then prepare for battle

Jack: Ok!

Sir Lancelot & Jack: (Battles each other with swords)

Mistris Fulicia and Blaze THC:(Dark Angel Armor appears)

Sir Lancelot: You've been a worthy advorsary Jack the Hedgehog, but I'm afraid it's over now (Tries to slash Jack, but he keeps on dodging)

Jack: (Slashes Sir Lancelot) How do you like me now?

Sir Lancelot: I've never face this much power before. He's a strong Knave

Sir William: (Appears) Is P-body here?

Darkstorm:(Dark Angel Armor Appears)

Sir Sevahkstorm: The DARK ANGEL KNIGHTS!!!!!

Sir Lancelot: What?

Jack: I don't get it

Edd: Yet another Duel being disturb

Dark Angel Knight Darkstorm:What the

Reidak: Why does every battle being disturb?

P-Body: Yeah!!

Dark Angel Knight Darkstorm: Give Me a second (Beats the crud out of Sir Sevahkstorm) Go on to your battle

P-Body: Thank you.

Jack: (Slashes Sir Lancelot)

Sir Lancelot: (Slashes Jack) Your very strong for a knave

Jack: Thank you (slashes Sir Lancelot)

P-Body: I'll fight Sir William okay?

Rocko: Okay! Be safe!

Dark Angel Knight Fulicia: Hey Blaze wanna fight

Dark Angel Knight Blaze: Sure

Sir William: (Slashes P-Body)

D.A.K Fulicia:(Speed Slashes Blaze)

D.A.K Blaze:(Dodges)

P-Body: (Slashes William)

Sir William: (Stabs P-Body but fails)

Stardust and Star:(Resting on Sir Craigs lap)

Jack: (Slashes Sir Lancelot)

Sir Hunter: *Takes out sword*

Sir Lancelot: Your strong even for me. But you win this time

Jack: Huh?

Sir Lancelot: I don't have time for this, I've gotta defeat those Dark Knights of Planktonimor. (Runs off)

Sir Hunter: I gotta stop him! *Runs after Lancelot*

P-Body: (Slashes William)

Sir William: Not bad, Not bad at All!

Sir Sky:*Picks up Sir Hunter with her physic & Throws him*

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Mediatating to help sense higher power levels)

Spongebob: Oh no you don't

Reidak: Forget it, we gotta find the Lady of the Lake

Spongebob: Right

Patricia: Ok, let's go

Part 9: Nimue the Lady of the Lake

Owen: I'm (panting) so (Pant) Tierd Whoo.

Harold: Owen, we're here.

Duncan: Yeah, so let's go see her already

Justin: Ok, let's go see her.

Spongebob: Where is she?

Nimue (Amy Rose): (Appears) (Calm) I've been waiting for you Knights from other worlds

Jack: Amy?

Patrick: Whao. I didn't see that coming

Edd: Let's bow our heads in respect

Eddy: Alright alright

(Our Heroes bow their heads in respect for Nimue)

Nimue: It is a great hounor that you found me, tell me the story of what you did.

Spongebob: Ok it goes like this.

(After 30 Minutes of Spongebob telling the story to Nimue

Spongebob: And that's how we got here

Nimue: You must've defeated SIr Norik & Sir Gaaki & claim their Swords. They must've been controlled by Planktonimor.

Ed: (Gulps) Yeah & the battles kept being interupted by Predalien

D.A.K Fulicia: Nimue (Bowing)

Lady Pokemon;*Bows to nmue*

Sir Sky:*Dosen't Bow*

D.A.K Fulicia: Hey Stepma

Lady Pokemon:Hello Stepdaughter.

Sir Craig: (Bows to Nimue) It's very nice to meet you

Sir Sky:*Looks Away*


Lady Pokemon:*Picks up her Granddaughter*

Nimue: It's very nice to meet you all

D.A.K Darkstorm:(His armor is more blacker then Blaze THC and Mistirs Fulicia)

Nimue: I had 3 Tasks for those Knights (Points to our Crossover Heroes)

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Goes into a meditative state)

Nimue: Would you like to hear them?

Zaktan: Ok.

Nimue: 1. Free the Townspeople from Planktonimor's Deception, 2. Give passion to those in need & 3. Defeat Planktonimor's Dark Knight from the Underworld. You have 3 days, good luck (Dissapears)

D.A.K Blaze:(Summon her Velociraptor mount)

Owen: Only 3 Days?

Eva: Then let's get going

Cody: Sure, how hard can it be?

Noah: Really Hard. How are we gonna finish all 3 Tasks in 3 days?

Harold: We'll just had to ddo our best

Corroder: He's right, let's go

D.A.K Blaze: Hiya (Her mount Runs at 99 mph)

Jack: Hey, wait for us

(Our Heroes goes after Blaze THC)

Part 10: The 3 Tasks

Task 1: Free the Townspeople

Squildy: The Townspeople are in Prison

Thok: Then we betta free them all

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Power Jumps to a tree)

Jack: (Notices that Darkstorm & Blaze THC has familliar markings that looks like Planktonimor) Hmmm?

Spongebob: Come on

(Our Heroes sneaks inside of Prison)

Eddy: Ok Ed, attack the Dark Knights

Ed: ATTACK THE DARK KNIGHTS! (Charges through the Dark Knights)

Squidward: Attack!

Owen: (Slashes a Dark Knight)

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Heads to the cage)

Patrick: Don't worry, we'll save you (Brakes the Cage open)

Mr Krabs: Nice work Patrick

Sir Craig: Follow us, we know the Way Out, come on! (Leads the Townspeople out of Prison)




Lady Poison: Sir Hunter they are escaping!

Star and Stardust:(Backflips) Star Dust Blast!!!

Rocko: (Slashes sir Hunter & runs)

D.A.K Fulicia: Star!!!

D.A.K Blaze: Stardust!!!!

Witch Of Light: Where do you think your going? *Reflect their Stardust attack*

Jack: (Blocks the Attack) Owen, get us outta here

Owen; You got it

Star and Stardust:(Screaming)

Owen: (Burst through the Doors) WHOO HOO! Yes! FREEDOM! Now Everybody out!

(Our Heroes escape Prison with the Prisonors)

D.A.K Darkstorm:(His mark begins to burn)

Atlas: (Finds some stolen gold) Atlas gots a suprise! (Throws out the gold)

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Getting a bad feeling)

Witch Of Water: Hello! I need your help!

D.A.K Darkstorm:What the!!!

Sir Hunter: She escaped huh?

Lady Poison: Yep! *Catches Witch Of Water*

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Attacks Sir Hunter)

Owen: Guys, let's get outta here (Grabs Lady Poison & throws her at Sir Hunter) Sorry

Jack: Let's go (Slashes Sir Hunter)

Owen: (Carries Witch of Water)

(Our Heroes escapes prison)

Task 2: Give Passion to those in need

Harold: Wow, that was close

Ezekiel: Their like sitting ducks eh?

Zaktan: You can say that again, but all they do is "Quack Quack"

Spongebob: Our next Task is to give passion to those in need

Ed: Like helping the Townspeople?

Edd: That's it. We can help the Townspeople.

D.A.K Fulicia:Sir Craig.

Sir Craig: Yes Mistriss Fulicia?

D.A.K Fulicia: (Shows her Husband that she is a Dark Angel Knight)

Sir Craig: Your...a Dark Angel Knight?!

D.A.K Fulicia: Yes.

Reidak: Oh my, I did not expect that

Eddy: Let's go help the townspeople

(Our Heroes helps the Townspeople by doing good deeds)

Task #3: Defeat Planktonimor's Dark Knights

(After a whole day of Good Deeds, every townspeople has no problems)

Hakann: Whew, what hard work

Spongebob: And we have only 1 HOUR LEFT?!?!

Patrick: How are we suppose to finish Task #3 in under an Hour

Ed: (Hears someone Crying) I think I hear someone & he's sad

Edd: I think he is a she

Eddy: Hubba wha?!

Jack: We gotta help her (Walks up to the Little Girl with Spongebob) What's the Matter?

Spongebob: Is somethign wrong?

Little Girl: (Crying) That Big Scary Dragon took my Mommy & my Daddy & everyone in my town & they are all trapped in that cave over there (points to a Mountain where the Dragon is)

Jack: Don't worry, we'll help you get your Family back

Sir Craig: But what about Nimue's Tasks

Jack: They had to wait because we got the Townspeople to save

Spongebob: Let's go!

Duncan: This is gonna be fun

Gwen: Alright

Heather: Fine

Katie & Sadie: Okey Dokey!

Sir Craig: Oh brother

(Our Heroes sets out to the Dragon Cave)

Part 11: Sir Pouks

Justin: This is really good. The Grassy Fields are nice

Tyler: Ok, I hope we're not in danger

Sir Pouks: (Appears) Stop right there!

Avak: Hey, you look like me

Sir Pouks: I'm Sir Pouks, the Piraka Knight of Stone

Owen: Another one?! Par-tay!

Sir Pouks: Silence!

Owen: I'm thinking that's a no

Geoff: Whao, it's cool Sir Pouks, it's cool

Trent: Um Guys, I think he wants to have a 1 one 1 Duel

DJ: Yeah, but who?

Sir Pouks: (Points to Owen) Him

Owen: Who?

Sir Pouks: You, Big Guy

Owen: Me?

Sir Pouks: Yes you, what's your name?

Owen: I'm Owen

Sir Pouks: Ok Owen, it's time you face the Piraka Knight of Stone (Pulls out his Earth Sword)

Owen: Ok. GAME ON!

Owen & Sir Pouks: (Charges at each other, but Owen is too big, so he accidently crushed Sir Pouks)

Owen: Sorry

Rahaga Iruni: (Hiding)

Rahaga Norik:Hmmm

Owen & Sir Pouks: (Fighting each other with Swords)

Jack: Owen, be careful

Rahaga Norik:(Walks Towards Jack)

Owen: Don't worry I will & by the way, who's that behind you?

Jack: Huh? (Turns to see Rahaga Norik) Who are you?

Rahaga Norik: I am Rahaga Norik, Origonaly I was a Toa Haga

Jack: Wait you have the Same name as the Red Piraka Knight, Sir Norik

Rahaga Norik: Well that is strange

Eddy: And Owen is fighting against Sir Pouks, the Piraka Knight of Stone

Owen: I'm so tierd (Falls on Sir Pouks)

Sir Pouks: Get offa me, please?

Owen: (Gets up) Sorry

Sir Pouks: Man your heavy. What did you weigh, 300 Pounds?

Owen: I'm only 296

Rahaga Norik: Piraka?

Jack: Yes, Piraka.

Rahaga Norik: Age makes me load as well as wise but I have never heard of Piraka

Zaktan: I'm a Piraka

Reidak: Me too

Hakann: So am I

Vezok: I'm a Piraka too

Avak: Me too

Thok: So am I

Rahaga Iruni:Pfft ha ha ha ha

Zaktan: What's so funny?

Izzy: (Laughing)

Heather: Izzy!

(By the Way Gaaki is a girl)

Rahaga Gaaki: Norik I heard something

Rahaga Norik: Iruni!!! (To Gaaki) Visorak?

Ezekiel: It must've been Planktonimor who have sent these wierd Spider Creatures over there (Points to the Dragon Cave)

Noah: Ok, the cave is really lacking lately

Owen: (Slashes Sir Pouks)

Sir Pouks: (Falls to the Ground) I've been defeated, you win Sir Owen

All: Sir Owen?!

Owen: Whoo Hoo! Yes!

Sir Pouks: (Gets up & gives Owen his Earth Sword) Here, take my sword, I'll meet with you later

Owen: Ok, we got people to save!

(Our Heroes sets out for the Dragon's Cave)

Sir Pouks: Farewell

Part 12: Sir Kualus

Zaktan: Is someone there

Sir Kualus: (Appears) Stop right there

Thok: I sence you look like me

Sir Kualus: I'm Sir Kualus, the Piraka Knight of Ice (Pulls out his Ice Sword) You've entered my Territory filled with Snow

Zaktan: We need to stop the Dragon & free the Townspeople

Sir Kualus: I'm afraid your just have to fight me in a duel

Zaktan: Fine, I'll do it.

Rahaga Kualus: I am sorry Norik I coudn't stop him

Rahaga Norik: It is ok brother you tried

P-Body: No fair! I get to do nothing!

Rahaga Norik: Calm yourself P-body you'll get your chance

Zaktan & Sir Kualus: (Fighting each other with Swords)

Sir Kualus: You fight well

Zaktan: I am Zaktan, the Leader of the Piraka

Sir Kualus: (Slashes Zaktan

Zaktan: (Dodges & slashes Sir Kualus)

Sir Kualus: (Got hit) Hmm, it appears that thou a Strong Opponent (Slashes Zaktan)

Zaktan: (Blocks the Attack & slashes Sir Kualus)

P-Body: The next knight better pick me!

Zaktan: (Slashes Sir Kualus) Nothing will ever disturb our duel

Sir Kualus: Nothing at all

Rahaga Kualus:(Summons a Gukku Birds)

Harold: Wicked, what are those?

Rahaga Kualus: Flying Rahi

Harold: Awesome

Sir Kualus: I apoligise, you win this time, but I sence you'll be back (Gives Zaktan his Ice Sword & walks away)

Zaktan: Wierd

Spongebob: I wonder what's going on here?

Patrick: I'm kinda Hungry

Spongebob: (Gives Patrick a Krabby Patty) Here you go

Patrick: Thanks (Eats a Krabby Patty)

Rahaga Gaaki:(She hear stuttling)

Edd: Are you ok?

Rahaga Gaaki: VISORAHK!!!

Rahaga Norik: Don't worry those are blind, I think

DJ: Are you sure? Because their heading right for US !!!

(We see 100 Visorahks coming after our Heroes)

Gwen: Whao, now this is gonna be good


???: STOP!!!

(The Visorahk halt)

Heather: Now what?

Ezekiel: Who's that eh? (Points to ???)

Rahaga Norik: It is Vakama

Patrick: Who?

Jack: Never mind, let's stop these Visorahk

Eddy: Ok!

Rahaga Norik: NO NO wait, Toa Vakama controlls the Horde

Vakama: Norik , good to see you again

Eddy: Ok, I'm getting confused here

Owen: I did not expect that either.

Harold: Sorry, we didn't know, we thought that those creatures have been controlled by Planktonimor

Visorak Keelorahk:(Hisses at Planktonimors name)

DJ: (Jumps onto Xplode's Arms) What's up with the Visorahk?

Xplode: I don't know (Puts DJ down)

Meltdown: Ok, we gotta save the Townspeople from an Evil Dragon in his own Dragon Lair

Sir Craig: Then let us forge on

Squidly: (Gulps)

Part 13: Sir Gawain

Sir Craig: We're almost there

Sir Gawain: (Appears) Stop right there Knaves

Sir Craig: Sir Gawain

Jack: Knuckles?

Patrick: Who?

Patricia: Your looked like Knuckles

Sir Gawain: I'm Sir Gawain, one of the Knights of the Round Table, the Knight of the Sun

Jack: I'm Jack the Hedgehog & the others you'll know they're names soon

Patricia: I'm Patricia the Skunk, the Leader of the Witch Sisters and...

Sir Gawain: A Witch?! You've define me you Evil Witch, this place...(pulls out both of his Double-Swords, Ganatine)...shall be your grave!

Patricia: You don't understand, I'm a Good Guy. I guess I had to fight you anyways to tell you the Truth (Pulls out her Sword)

Lady Pokemon:Your thou Witch.

Sir Sky:And I thou Dream Sorcerer!

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Unsheaths Hell Blade)

Sir Gawain: No, I'm challenging her to a duel (Points to Patricia)

Patricia: I guess this is my Duel

Sir Gawain & Patricia: (Fighting each other with their Swords)

The Hell Blade:(The Jeweled eyes glow, not enough to interrupt the battle)

Patricia: (Slashes Sir Gawain)

Sir Gawain: (Got hit) Your good for a Witch (Slashes Patricia)

Patricia: (Dodges & slashes Sir Gawain)

Sir Gawain: (Blocks the Attack)

Atlas: I'm still waiting for my turn, I'm always ready for adventure!

Harold: Paitence

Patricia & Sir Gawain: (Keeps on fighting each other with Swords)

Sir Gawain: You seem tierd, prepare for your death Evil Witch! (About to slash Patricia)

Patricia: (Jumps over Sir Gawain)

Sir Gawain: What the...?!

Patricia: (kicks Sir Gawain at his back)

Sir Gawain: (Fell to the ground)

P-Body: I told you girls can be Knights!

Atlas: No!

Sir Gawain: To lose to a mere female apprentice....I have been disgraced! Only death can remove this stain upon my honor

Patricia: Wait! Why would kill yourself?

Sir Gawain: Silence! Silence, I say! A knight that fails their king in unfit to live!

DJ: Don't worry, you'll be ok, you just needed some practice & you'll be a better knight

Sir Gawain: I guess your right, Sir DJ. I guess I have misjudged you from the very beggining

Patricia: That's ok

Atlas: Too much chit chat! Let's move!

Eddy: He's right, we're wasting time, let's get moving

(Our Heroes goes off to the Dragon's Lair)

Sir Gawain: Good luck, your gonna need it (Leaves)

D.A.K Darkstorm:(The arm holding the Hell Blade veins are popping out)

Part 14: The Dragon's Lair & a Mysterious Dark Knight

Part 14A: Meet Sir Killer

Atlas: So who's the next Knight?

Edward: HOW WOULD WE KNOW?!?!?!?!

Sir Killer (Kai): (dark male voice) Halt, who goes there?

Squidly: Doth my eyes betray me? Tis the nefarious Sir Killer the dark knight. (Sings) "Oh dark knight Spare us please, Don't cut off our heads Or boil our knees. Pray take these two and let me go free And will give to thee some...cheese!" (cow makes sounds)

SpongeBob & Patrick: Dark knight?!

Dark Knight: (dark male voice) I asketh once more. Before I rip thee limb from limb, reveal thyself.

Jack: Excuse me, but we had to stop the Evil Dragon & free the townspeople

Atlas: Bring it on!

D.A.K Darkstorm:Pffft

Rocko: E-excuse me. WE"RE ABOUT TO GET KILLED!!!

Kirara: The Dark Angel Knight is taking over

Atlas: Just let me defeat this Knight!!

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Growls)

Atlas: Please?

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Emotional and regular power level sky rockets)

Atlas: (Dodges)

Sir Killer: Then Atlas, prepare to fight like a Knight

D.A.K Fulicia:Sir Criag help restrain Sir Darkstorm

Sir Craig: Yes, Mistriss Fulicia (To Darkstorm) I'm here to help

Atlas: (Slashes Sir Killer)

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Turns to look at Sir Craig and sir Craig see Darkstorms eye Demonic and Yellow)

Rocko: Good luck.

Sir Killer: (Got hit) What do thou call that, it kinda tickled (slashes Atlas)

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Breaks free and Runs north)

Atlas: (Dodges)

Jack: Where are you going, Darkstorm?

Atlas: (Slashes Sir Killer again)

Mistris Sinivahx: Lets follow

Jack: Who?

Kirara: She is my ansestor

Jack: But we had to save the townspeople from an Evil Dragon

Atlas: (Spots a Bucket of Water) Say, you look kinda sweaty! Let me help you (Throws the Bucket of Water on Sir Killer's Head)

Sir Killer: (Slashes the Bucket of Water in half before the bucket hit him in the head, even the water is been cut in half) Is that the best you got, Knave?

Atlas: (Slashes Sir Killer)

D.A.K Blaze:A team will go defeat the dragon, the rest will go figh, if necessary, Darkstorm

Jack: Ok, how about Spongebob & his Crossover Friends can battle the Dragon, while the rest can go find Darkstorm

Patricia: It's a deal, let's go

(So Jack, Patricia, Blaze THC, Kirara, Mistriss Sinivahk, Sir Craig & Mistriss Fulicia go out to find Darkstorm, while the Crossovers battle the Dragon)

Atlas: (Slashes Sir Killer)

Sir Sevahkstorm: Your Funeral, Sir Atlas

Atlas: I'm a Robot! I can be rebuilt!

Sir Sevahkstorm:(Teleports to his wifes postition)

Spongebob: Let's go

Part 14B: Find Darkstorm

Jack: Where did Darkstorm, run off to?

D.A.K Blaze:All of the Dark Angel Knights can sense each others power level

Patricia: Dark angels?

D.A.K Darkstorm: Hell Strike

Jack: There he is. What is he doing?

Sir Craig: I don't know

D.A.K Fulicia: I am guessing he is Demonic

Patricia: Demonic? What are we gonna do?

Kirara: We Fight him!!!

Jack: (Notices a mark of Planktonimor on Darkstorm's Arm) Planktonimor's controlling him

D.A.K Blaze: There has to be a Heavens blade

Patricia: (Spots a Heavens Blade) Isn't that the Heavens blade over there?

The Heavens Blade:(Floats towards Patricia)

Patricia: Hello?

D.A.K Darkstorm: (Eyes Flash Red)

Hell Blade: Reurn to Planktonimor

Jack: Darkstorm, snap out of it.

Patricia: Planktonimor's Controling him, we gotta do something

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Teleports to the Dark Castle)\

Sir Craig: He's gone.

Jack: We'd betta report this back to the others

(Our Heroes went back to our Crossover Heroes)

Part 14C: Fighting the Dragon & Sir Killer

Spongebob: Be careful Atlas, he's very Powerful

Atlas: I know! (Slashes Sir Killer)

Sir Killer: (Slashes Atlas) Give me your best shot

Atlas: (Slashes Sir Killer very badly)

Sir Killer: You don't even have the guts to defeat me, Knave

Atlas: Me? A knave? (Slashes Sir Kill so badly that it makes him bleed ALOT)

Sir Killer: Haha! My Metal proof armor defies your Sword Slashes

Atlas: nomore swords!!! i'm using my fists!!

Sir Killer: In Medieval, you fight & only fight only with your Swords

Atlas: Okay. (Slashes him, then kicks him)

Sir Killer: (Falls to the Ground) By the hammer of Odin, this be a new fighting style my eyes have not yet seen.

Atlas: (Shocked that he won)

Spongebob: You've won


Ed: Guys, what was that?

Reidak: Didn't the little girl said that there's a Dragon?

Hakann: Yep

Atlas: I aint scared!

Dragon: (Roars at our Heroes)

Patrick: This one is really scary

Atlas: Oh c'mon! It's just a giant Spyro the Dragon ..THAT WILL KILL US ALL!!

Zaktan: If it's a Giant Spyro, would that Dragon be Red insted of Purple

Dragon: (Roars)

Meltdown; Yep, that's a real Dragon

Atlas: (Gulps) Hey! Why am i scared?

Avak: Because the Dragon is Gigantic!

Spongebob: Let's go defeat that giant thing

Atlas: Yeah! All it is is a red Godzilla with wings.


(They try to defeat the Dragon, but it's too powerful)

Mung: He's too Strong

Spongebob: (Notices the Pillars) That's it (Chopping down the Pillars)

Squidward: What is he doing?

Spongebob: (Chops the Pillars down)

(The Pillars lands on the Dragon causing him to be Knocked Out)

Patrick: Nice Job Buddy

Spongebob: Thanks Patrick

Ed: (Frees the Townspeople) Let's get outta here

(The Townspeople got out of the Cage & goes back to their Village)

Vezok: We've done it

Izzy: Yeah, me go loco (Laughing)

Bridgette: Wow, I guess there's nothing to be afraid of

Spongebob: Come on guys, let's go tell the Girl that her Family & her Townspeople are safe

Edd: Ok

(As our Heroes left, Sir Killer gets up)

Sir Killer: (Goes back to Planktonimor's Dark Castle) They'll be back, just thou wait

Part 15: Spongebob, the True Chosen One?!

Reidak: I don't we're gonna make it in time

Geoff: Don't worry dude, at least we have each other

Spongebob: Hi there, little girl, just wanted to know that your family & your townspeople are safe

Little Girl: Oh thank you very much & sorry for tricking you

Squidward: Oh that's ok and...what are you saying?

(The Little Girl changed back into...)

All: Nimue?!

Patrick: Who?

Nimue: Congratulations, your the True Knights, but their could be 1 Chosen One

Jack: So, who is the Chosen One

Nimue: Him (Points to Spongebob)

All: Spongebob Squarepants?

Nimue: That's right. He is the True Chosen One

Sir Hunter: They're she is!! Planktonimor will be happy if we get her!!

Spongebob: Then these 4 Swords we've won are the Piraka Swords?

Nimue: Yes & you have defeated Sir Lancelot & Sir Gawain. The Last 2 Piraka Knights are Sir Iruini & Sir Bomonga. Be careful Sir Bomonga is the Strongest out of the Piraka Knights & the 3rd & Final Knight of the Round Table is Sir Percival

Lady Poison: We have two of the Magic Ones! Lets get the last!

Spongebob: Don't worry, we'll be ready for Planktonimor & defeat him

Sir Hunter: *Strikes at Spongebob*

Sir Spongebob: (Dodges & Slashes at Sir Hunter) You again?

Lady Poison: *Jumps on top of Sir Spongebob and hits him*

Spongebob: (Dodges) Get off of me (Gets up & makes Lady Poison fall to the ground)

Patrick: Look Out ! (Slashes Lady Poison before she takes the hit)

Eddy: What are you doing here?

Sir Hunter: *Hits Eddy*

Eddy: (Dodges) That was close

Ed: Quick, Nimue. Run away

Nimue: (Dissapears into Thin Air)

Witch Of Light: Help!! Nimue is one of the Magic Ones!!

Vezok: The what?

???: *runs towards them swinging a wooden sword* Take this and that!!!

Jack: Kimiko? Is that you?

Kimilot: *falls* Ow!! *gets back up* No Its Kimilot. You might be mistaken me for someone else.

Rocko: It's nice to meet you!

Kimilot: Nice to meet you too.

Raw Jaw: I'm getting confused right now (Slashes Sir Hunter)

Kimilot: Hey! Quit hurting my freinds!!!'

Fangz: But Sir Hunter & Lady Poison are like henchmen to that Evil Lord Planktonimor

Kimilot: I don't care!

Lady Poison: Wait what this!? Kimilot is one of the Cursed Ones!?

Reidak: The What now?

Eddy: Never mind, let's defeat Planktonimor's Henchmen & gave them the Slip

Owen: (Knocks out Sir Hunter & Lady Poison) There, I've knocked them out, let's go

Patrick: Ok, let's go

(So our Heroes escapes from Planktonimor's Henchmen)

Sir Hunter: Follow them!

(But they we're already gone)


Witch Of Light Voice: Help me please!! They going to use my powers for evil!!

(Our Heroes are hiding in the Bushes)

Spongebob: It sounds like someone's in Trouble (Follows the Sound of the Witch Of Light Voice)

Nimue: (Reappears) Good Luck Knights from other worlds.

Part 16: Sir Iruini & The Witches

Sir Hunter: *Stuffs the Witches in a cage*

Spongebob: There. It's Sir Hunter & Lady Poison again

Eddy: I do not like those Guys. We need a plan

Duncan: I still remember the Technic from my first visit to Juive, it's called "Crush the New Guy". Here's how it works (Whispers to our Heroes) Ok let's move

Lady Poison: Sir Iruini we are leaving you in charge!

Sir Iruini: Yes madam

Reidak: Isn't that you?

Zaktan: He looks like me. He must be my Counterpart

Spongebob: Ok, let's do Duncan's Decision right Eddy? Eddy? Where'd he go?

Eddy: (On top of the Cage) Hey!

Sir Iruini: What the? Who Dares?

Eddy: I'm Eddy, now leave those Witches alone

Sir Iruini: Fine, then let's battle

Eddy: Ok, you asked for it (Jumps off the Cage & lands in front of Sir Iruini)

Eddy & Sir Iruini: (Fighting each other with Swords)

Witch Of Water: Help! They used theyre abitiles to drain my powers!

Patricia: Don't worry my fellow witches, we're gonna get you out in a giffi. This lock is hard to unlock

Harold: Let me try. I'm good at unlocking Locks (Trying really hard to unlock the Lock)

Ezekiel: We need more time eh?

Sir Iruini: (Slashes Eddy)

Eddy: (Dodges) Whoops (Dodges) Missed me, start again (Dodges) Missed me, try harder

Sir Iruini: Grrrr Hold still

Eddy: (Slashes Sir Iruini)

Witch Of Light: I hope they dont have Nimue!

Harold: I need more time. I almost got it

Eddy: (Slashes Sir Iruini)

Sir Iruini: Your tougher than I thought (Slashes Eddy)

Eddy: (Ducks his head) Phew, that was close

Harold: (Unlocks the Cage) Got it (Opens the Cage) Your now free

Kimilot: What does that person mean I'm the "Cursed" one?

Thok: I don't know

Kimilot: *thinks about it* Hmmmm....*shrugs* Got nothing, oh well I'll find out sooner or later.

Rahaga Iruni:Hmmm

Witch Of Water: *Runs Out* Theyre is three cursed one. Kimilot is one of them

Patricia: Then we gotta free Kimilot from her Curse

Eddy: (Slashes Sir Iruini) Yeah right, we gotta free her Curse

Sir Iruini: Curse? Did you say Curse?

Eddy: Yes we did why?

Sir Iruini: I gotta stop the Curse before Sir Hunter & Lady Poison comes back

Spongebob: Why?

Sir Iruini: I don't know (To Kimilot) You gotta stop your own Curse

Kimilot: What?!

Jack: Your one of the 3 Cursed Ones that the Witch of Water is trying to tell us about

Kimilot: *get worried*

Spongebob: Don't worry we're here to help

Sir Iruini: Eddy, take my sword (gives Eddy his 3 Bladed Sword & leaves)

???: (Hiding in the bushes)

Spongebob: Don't worry Witch of Water & Witch of Light, as long as these pants are Square & this Sponge is Bob, I won't let you down

???: Halt!

Courtney: Aw, What Now?

???: (Points to Rocko) Thou!

Rocko: Me?

???: Yes, thou!

Spongebob: Who are you?

Harold: And what are you doing here?

???: (Steps out of the Bushes) I am Lady Jewel the Knight & i challenge this Wallaby to a knight's fight!

Justin: Good Luck Rocko

KImilot: Yeah, good luck.

(Hey spongebob, is it okay if i make a new part called Lady Jewel?)


Part 17: Rocko vs Lady Jewel

Rahaga Iruni:Jack Isn't it weird that all of the Piraka Knights are named after the Rahaga

Jack: We know.

Rahaga Norik: But we need to Find Darkstorm why are you stalling?

Lady Jewel: (Pulls out her golden Sword)

Reidak: Whao, Her sword is gold

Zaktan: You can say that again, but don't

Rocko: Let's fight! (Slashes Lady Jewel)

Lady Jewel: (Slashes Rocko) Ha! That slash Did NOT hurt me a bit!

Corroder: Rocko are you alright?

Rocko: Yeah! (Slashes Lady Jewel)

Thunder: Ok?

Lady Jewel: (Slashes Rocko)

Edd: Oh dear, do you think Rocko will win because that sword is very powerful

Eddy: Relax will ya, we'll find out

Ed: You can do it Rocko!

Rocko: (Falls bcause his Sword is heavy)

Lady Jewel: (Has her Sword by Rocko's Neck) Say goodbye because i'm-

P-Body: Slashes Lady Jewel from behind)

Harold: (Trips & falls on Lady Jewel) Ow. Duncan, what was that for?

Duncan: I'm kinda boerd

Rahaga Norik: Not very honorable

Duncan: I heard that

Kimilot: *cheering for Rocko*

Lady Jewel: (Slashes P-Body)

P-Body: (Falls to the ground)

Rocko: P-BODY!!! (Slashes Lady Jewel REALLY hard)

Kimilot: Whoah!!

Noah: Didn't see that coming

Lady Jewel: You won........ (Gives her Golden sword to Rocko)

LeShawna: Harold are you alright?

Harold: I'm fine

Duncan: Great now we're behind

Rocko: It's mine now?

Lady Jewel: Yes Sir Rocko.

Rocko: Sir Rocko?

Kimilot: Yeah, since you defeated a great sordsperson you get to be called that or that what I think.

P-Body: (Gets up) Thanks for saving me Rocko.

Rahaga Bomunga: Hmmm

Part 18: Sir Bomonga

????: WHo dares to enter my territory

Kimilot: Hm? *ears perk up*

Edward: Oh not again!!

????: (Appears out of the bushes really fast & slashes Edward)

Rocko: Are you okay Mr. Bighead?

Reidak: Hey that knight looks like me

Kimilot: Only meaner!!

Edward: Alright i'll fight this Guy!

Kimilot: I don't think your much of a swordperson.

Sir Bomonga: I am Sir Bomonga, the Piraka Knight of Earth & I'm here to challenge him (Points to Patrick)

Heffer: Good luck Patrick!

Patrick: Good luck to who now?

Sir Bomonga: (Pulls out his Chainsaw Sword)

Filbert: (In a bad way) Oh boy.

Kimilot: Thats going to be tough to defeat.

Duncan: (Facepalm) Good night Patrick

Sir Bomonga & Patrick: (fighting each other with swords)

P-Body: Do you think he'll be okay?

Rocko: I'm sure he will!

Patrick: What am I suppose to do with this again (waving his sword around, but he didn't know he kept slashing Sir Bomonga)

Rahaga Bomonga: Norik!!!!

Kimilot: *takes out her wooden sword and runs toward Bomonga, about to slash it at him* YAAAA!!!!!!!

Rahaga Norik: Kimilot!!

Kimilot: *about to slash Bomonga* TAKE THIS!!!!!!

Sir Bomonga: (Slashes Kimilot) Stay out of my way!

Kimilot: AHH!!!! *hits the ground* Owww..

Patrick: I wonder what this do? (Slashes Sir Bomonga)

Rahaga Norik and Bomonga:(Carries Kimilot out of the way)

Sir Bomonga: Getting tierd?

Patrick: Phew, I'm getting tierd

Sir Bomonga: I'm the Strongest of all the Piraka Knights

Kimilot: *gets up and trys to gain her balance* Oh yeah well I'm one of the three cursed ones..Oh wait thats a bad thing, right?

Jack: That's what Sir Iruini is trying to tell us, that we had to destroy the Evil Curse

Kimilot: Evil?! No one told me it was evil! I don't even know what is even for!

Sir Bomonga: That Curse is really evil & I sence it's coming from Planktonimor

Kimilot: I wonder who the other two are.

Rahaga Norik: Are you Alright

Sir Bomonga: (Gives Patrick his Sword) Here take it, I'll join with you later (Leaves)

Rahaga Norik: Jack Need I remind you that Darkstorm is still under Planktonimors controll

Jack: Oh right, we betta find Darkstorm & stop Planktonimor controlling him

Kimilot: And lift this evil curse!

Vitani: Kirara is gone

Jack: (notices that Kirara) Planktonimor, we gotta look for her & Darkstorm

Rahaga Iruni: then there is no time to waste

Zaktan: He's right we betta keep on moving

(Our Heroes make haste & sets out to find Darkstorm & Kirara)

Part 19: Planktonimor's Dark Castle (Villains Only)

Lord Planktonimor: (looking through a crystal ball) This be the legendary prophecy? (laughs) Oh, that be-eth a wretch. T’would almost insult me would it not be so funny.

D.A.K Darkstorm: (Dragging Kirara behind him and Throwing her in a cell)

Lord Planktonimor: Nice job, Darkstorm, you may have defeated me before, but now I possessed you

Lady Jewel: (Panting) I have failed you.

Lord Planktonimor: Ohh those Chosen ones are more powerful than I imagine, but where are those Piraka Knights?

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Grabs lady Jewels Throat and Unsheathes his sword)

Lord Planktonimor: (Looks through the Crystal Ball to see the Piraka Knights gathering around) Hmm? I wonder what they're up to

D.A.K Darkstorm: She lead them here!!!!

Lord Planktonimor: WHo lead them here?

D.A.K Darkstorm: Lady Jewel, I can smell it, she can't be trusted

Lord Planktonimor: Lady Jewel, we have to find that Traitor

Lady Jewel: I'm here! And Robin hood will come for me!

Lord Planktonimor: Then we'll set a trap for Robin Hood. By the way, My Dragon is killed because of Darkstorm & Sir Craig, but since I have you Darkstorm, I shall rule ALL OVER CAMALOT!!! (Evil Laughter) (Coughing)

(mabe we should put in another part?)

Part 20: Sir Percival

Spongebob: COme on guys, we gotta keep on looking for Darkstorm

Squidly: Oh brother

Squidward: Whatever

Robin Hood: I'm coming with Thy!

Edd: Caution, remember Caution Eddward

Eddy: Come on, where are we?

Ed: This must be Lava Falls

Reidak: How did you know that?

Ed: I found a sign over there (Points to a sign that says "Lava Falls"

Kimilot: *sniff* *sniff* And I can smell the lava from here too.

Dark Riders:(Surrounds them)

Hakann: Looks like we have a battle in our hands

????: (Slashes every single Dark Rider super fast)

Reidak: Whao, she saved us

????: I am Sir Percival, Knight of the Grail, state your name & master sir

Spongebob: My name is Spongebob & we don't have any masters.

Sir Percival: Alright, Spongebob, Knight of the Water, prepare for Battle

Spongebob: I'm Ready

Spongebob & Sir Percival: (fighting each other with Swords)

Ring Wraiths and Dark Riders are watching from a distance

Spongebob: (Notices she looks like Blaze) Medieval Blaze!

Sir Percival: I'll teach you to not face the Knight of the Grail ! (Charges at Spongebob in High Speed)

Spongebob: Jumping Jellyfish! (Dodges out of the way) Whao, she's super fast

Kimilot: *hides behind a rock thats near the lava and gets the tip of her tail gets burned* OWWW!!!!!

Thok: Let me help you with that (Blows Kimilot's Tail & it cooled down easily) There, all better now

Kimilot: Thank you.

D.A.K Fulicia: Mom.

Spongebob: Mom, where? (Panting) I don't see...(pants) any...Whoo. Too tierd

Sir Percival: Do you give up?

Spongebob: I only got 1 move & it's THIS! (Karate Chops Sir Percival)

Sir Percival: (Got hit & lands on the Ground) Ow!

D.A.K Fulicia:MOM (Teleports to Sir Percival)

Kimilot: *confused*

Patrick: I don't get it

Spongebob: Huh?

Xplode: What's the matter?


Blaze THC: Think Blaze the Cat is my mother in our time, then that means Sir Percival is...

Vitani: Mistris Fulicia's Mother!!!

Spongebob: I did not expect that

Sir Percival: You've won, Sir Spongebob (accidently falls off the Cliff)

Spongebob: Sir Percival ! (Grabs Sir Pecival with his Left Arm & grabs the Ledge with his Right Hand) Gotcha!

Sir Percival: But...Why did you..?

Spongebob: I don't wanna see you get killed is all

Sir Percival: (Blushes) Thank you

Spongebob: Your welcome but I can't pull us up

Rotor (Hero Factory): I got this (Pulls Spongebob & Sir Percival to safety) There

Ring Wraiths:(Attacks)

KImilot: WATCH OUT!!!!!

A whistle is heard and calls back the Ring Wraiths and Dark Riders

Spongebob: (Slashes Ring Wraiths) Phew, that was close

Heather: Those aren't real, right?

LeShawna: They ARE real

Patricia: (To Ring Wraiths & Dark Riders) Stop right there! (Uses her Magic wand to crush the Ring Wraiths & Dark Riders)

Anubis Warrior: Man Patricia your hot

Ring Wraiths:You shall not make us talk the lord base

Kimilot: Lord base?

Vitani: Darkstorms location

Patricia: Thanks Anubis (To Ring Wraiths) Alright, now tell us where he is or you'll be sorry

Anu: What she said.

Ring Wraith:Never

Patricia: (Uses her Magic to carry the Ring Wraiths in Thin Air & carries them to a Lava Pit 1000 Feet Down) How about now?

Ring Wraith: We don't not fear death

Patricia: Ok! (Lets them go for a little bit & carries them back up again with her Magic) This isn't working (Puts them down gently)

Jack: We gotta get more info on where Darkstorm could be hiding

Ring Wraith:(Screeches)

Harold: I've watched lots of Medieval Movies & the prisonors always been held by the Evil Overlord's Castle which is...(Points to Planktonimor's Castle) over there

(The Ring Wraiths and Dark Riders dissappeared)

DJ: Did those evil guys, dissapeared?

Eva: It already does that, so let's go

Noah: Alright, I guess we can work together or something

Justin: But we can't go alone

Anu:(Summons the Anubis army)

Patricia: Thank you Anu.

Sir Percival: You have spared my life kind & noble Sponge, for the Knights of the Round Table will help you on your quest to defeat Planktonimor

Anu:(In Arabic) March my brothers, MARCH TO WAAAAAARRRRRR *Roars*!!!!

(about 1,000,000 Dark Knights of Planktonimor surrounded)

Ezekiel: Um, your roar maybe attracted to those Dark Knights of Planktonimor eh?

(The Anubis army charges and Attacks)

(Dark Knights slashes the Anubis Army & knocked them all out)

Anu:(Roars and Causes a sandstorm)

Spongebob: How did they know every move Anu throw at him?

????: Isn't not obvious (Appears to be Sir Killer)

All: Sir Killer?!

Sir Killer: I'm back for my Revenge

Dachande:(Throughs Shuriken)

Sir Killer: (Catches it with no problem & crushes it) Those metal aren't even in this Medieval Period (Slashes Dachande & Anu)

Patricia: ANU!

???:(Playing His World rock version)

Anu:(Gets up)

(The Anubis Army arises again)

Part 21: Patra in Medieval

A fimiliar black jackal with a big, poofy tail waves at Jack and Patricia

???: Hi Jack! Hi Patricia!

Jack: Patra?

Patricia: Is that you?

Patra: Well, of course its me!

Anu:(Barely standing)

Patricia: (Carries Anu) Don't worry Anu, you'll be fine

Spongebob: Uh, we got some dark knights to defeat

Gwen: We betta defeat them all

Kimiklot: YEAH!!

Patra: *gulps* Well...We better get going.

Anu: Patra your a Jackle right?

Patra: Yeah.

Anu: Your a sister warrior then

Edd: Let us move forward

Anu: (His Feet melding in the ground)

Ed: I think I swallowed a bug

Patrick: Me too

Heather: I wonder where did those 6 Knights run off to?

Geoff: You mean Piraka Knights?

Heather: Whatever

Kimilot: We gotta stop 'em right?!

Reidak: Wait, did you hear something?

Anu:(Unsheathes sword)

Zaktan: What did you hear?

Reidak: I think I hear...rattling in the Bushes

Anu:Bunkai (His sword turns into a big black Shuriken)

Courtney: Um, what is that?

Patra: It's a shuriken.

Harold: For Ninja Attacks

Anu: Lets go I wanna free Lord Darkstorm

Mung: Alright, let's go

(As the Heroes continues on their Quest to defeat Planktonimor, 6 Piraka Knights watches as they set out to defeat the Evil Wizard)

Part 22: The 6 Piraka Knights

Sir Iruini: There they go

Rahaga Iruni: Are you sure it is wise to not aiding them?

Sir Bomonga: What the? Your one of those Rahaga, what are you doing here & where are the others?

Rahaga Norik: We are here

Sir Pouks: I guess that answers our Questions & I got 1 more question, why did Lady Jewel gather all of us at once?

Rahaga Norik: I don't know

Sir Norik: This is strange, we should find Lady Jewel & ask her why

Rahaga Norik: We shall seperate into teams of two, Rahaga and Knight Counter parts

Sir Kualus: Right, let's go

Sir Gaaki: Alright

Rahaga Gaaki:(Goes with Sir Gaaki)

SIr Norik: (Goes with Rahaga Norik)

Sir Bomonga: (Goes with Rahaga Bomonga)

Rahaga Norik:Hmmmm

Sir Kualus: (Goes with Rahaga Kualas)

Sir Iruini: (Goes with Rahaga Iruini)

Sir Pouks: (Goes with Rahaga Pouks)

Rahaga Norik: Remember meet back her with Lady Jewel\

Sir Bomonga: On it

Lady Jewel: what do you mean?!

Rahaga Norik: That was Quick, now tell us why you called us

Sir Iruini: Why did you call all of us here for Lady Jewel?

D.A.K. Darkstorm:(Growling and Steps into veiw)

Sir Norik: Is that what I think it is, is it?

WolfBat: (Watching them)

D.A.K Darkstorm: Dark Cage (Seals all of the Piraka Knights and Rahaga in a Dark Jail cell)

Sir Kualas: Hey, let us out you fiend

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Cackles)

WolfBat: (Squeezes inside the cage)

Sir Bomonga: (Notices WolfBat) Who are you?

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Creates a Barrier around the Cage so that they can't escape)

Sir Iruini: We're trapped, Lady Jewel needs our help

Sir Gaaki: We gotta get outta here or we'll never been seen ever again

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Summons the Demon Grendel)

Sir Norik: What are you gonna do to us?

DAK Darkstorm: to state the obvious Lady Jewel lead your Friends here

Sir Pouks: She wanted you to be captured, but why would you, Lady Jewel, Sir Hunter & Lady Poison to capture the Witch of Water & the Witch of Light for?

D.A.K Darkstorm:( Walks to Planktonimor) Lady Jewel lets go

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Witch of Dark: (Watches the 6 Piraka Knights & 6 Rahagas been captured by D.A.K Darkstorm & Lady Jewel) Oh dear, I gotta get some help (Goes to see Witch of Water & Witch of Light) Witch of Water & Witch of Light! I notice the Piraka Knights & the Rahaga been captured by D.A.K. Darkstorm & Lady Jewel

WolfBat: Lady Jewel has nothing to do with this. I plan to kill them...

Witch of Dark: We need some help & I notice Witch of Water & Witch of Light been saved by those mysterious Knights who have fallen from the Sky

WolfBat: Look! I was the one who gathered them all at once! I will kill them you just wait and see Skunk girl!

Witch of Dark: Ok, but who are you?

WolfBat: I have no name. (Turns into a Dragon) But i'm not gonna be stopped!

Witch of Dark: You don't understand, Planktonimor is very powerful, you can't stop him alone

Dragon: I'm not gonna stop him! I'm going to destory the town! I'm a villain!

Witch of Dark: Planktonimor is the most evil villian of all of Camolot

Dragon: (Ingores her & heads for the city)

Witch of Dark: (To Witch of Water & Witch of Light) Oh dear, Planktonimor will absorb his power, we need some help Girls

Dragon: One!: I'm a girl. And Two!: I'm a villian! V-I-L-LA-I-N

Witch of Dark: You don't know who your dealing with

Dragon: Ha! I can crush you with my foot! (Sees that she's a witch) You're a- (Gasps)

Witch of Dark: That's right, me & my 2 Friends are Witches

(Spongebob100: We should wait for BunnieRabbot123 because she controls Witch of Water & Witch of Light)

Witch Of Light: Hello Dragon nice to see you again! *Laughs*

Dragon: Ummm (Turns into her WolfBat form)

Witch Of Water: She thought you were the beast that kinda killed Sir Danger (Luke)

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Turns into the Feared Dark Dragon)

Lady Jewels: Why hello!

Dark Dragon Darkstorm:(Growls)

Sir Bomonga: Oh that's great, but can you Witches do 1 thing from us. CAN YOU GET US OUT OF THIS CAGE?!

Witch of Dark: Our pleasure

(The Witches free the Rahaga & the Piraka Knights from their Cage)

Sir Kualus: Much abolige

Witch of Dark: Come on, we gotta get to Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, maybe she can help us

Sir Norik: Ok. Let's go

(So the Piraka Knights, Rahaga & the Witches goes off to find Nimue)

Part 23: Planktonimor's Evil Castle

Spongebob: There it is, guys. Planktonimor's Evil Castle

Dark Dragon Darkstorm:(Roars)

Squidly: That be the Roar of the Dark Dragon Darkstorm (sings) Hark the Dragon, he guards in the tower, By the sound of his shrieks, This is his final hour.

Jack: Then we're running out of time, Planktonimor is gonna take over Camalot

Geoff: Unless we make a plan dude

Eddy: Like what?

SpongeBob: We must stop Planktonimor at any costs

Dark Dragon Darkstorm: Leave now or Parish

Patra: No we came this far so we won't give up you scaly freak!!

Kimilot: Yeah! So back off!!! *pokes Dark Dragon Darkstorm with her wooden sword*

Dark Dragon Darkstorm:(Roars and Bares his fangs)

SpongeBob: We face the Dragon before & we won, it's time to defeat it again

(Then 6 Piraka Knights came in & Slashes Darkstorm very fast)

Sir Bomonga: We're here to help

Dark Dragon Darkstorm:(Flies up high and Battle Roars)

SpongeBob: Let's do it, to it (Jumps up high & slashes Dark Dragon Darkstorm)

Dark Dragon Darkstorm:(Roars and Prepares Fire Breath)

Patrick: Oh no you don't (Slashes Darkstorm's Mouth) Take that

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Slashes Darkstorm's Wings)

Edd: Without Wings he won't be able to fly

Dark Dragon Darkstorm: (His Wings reheal and his scale beome heavily armored)

Eddy: Oh come on, how did he get heavy Armor

Ed: (Knocks on it) Yep, this one is hard as steel

Reidak: Great now what

Zaktan: Only the chosen one can break the Heavy Armor

(Everyone turned to SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: What?

Gwen: Your the only one who can break the Armor

SpongeBob: Ok I'll try (Breaks through Darkstorm's Armor with his Sword)

Dark Dragon Darkstorm:Planktonimor!!!!

Planktonimor: What is it now? (Gasps) (notices SpongeBob is breaking through Dark Dragon Darkstorm's Armor) No!

Dark Dragon Darkstorm: (Breathes black Flames)

(Everyone dodges)

Planktonimor: Yes, sicketh them boy! (Dragon chases them)

Squidly: Perhaps a soothing lyric will calm thee. (Sings) There once was a dragon So handsome and smart, He let me go free For he had a big heart. (dragon zaps him) Everyone be-eth a critic.

Duncan: (Slashes Darkstorm) We gotta defeat this thing

Dark Dragon Darkstorm:(Smells Calimary and Snaps out of Plantonimor Controll) What the, Why do I fell like I just got my tail snaped in 10,000 different Directions?

SpongeBob: You must've smell the goodness of a Krabby Patty, that's why it snaps you out of Planktonimor's Controll

Patrick: (Show Darkstrom a Krabby Patty) Like this, this is the Krabby Patty

Darkstorm: No I think it was fried squid

Squidly: Because thou zapped me

Owen: Thanks Squidly

Squidly: I really glad I got hit by lighting by Darkstorm

Planktonimor: Grrrr, that's it (goes back inside his Dark Castle)

Eva: He went back inside his Dark Castle

Sir Lancelot: How about we assist you in battle

Sir Gawain: We'll be ready for Planktonimor

Sir Percival: If we need to defeat him, we need a plan

Nimue: (Appears) She's right, all we have to do is to make a stronger Barrier by using the Sacred Swords

Sir Bomonga: Since there's 6 of us & 3 Knights in the Knights of the Round Table, I think it's time to put this plan into action

Chef: What's he talking about?

Chris: Eh? (Shrugs)

Red Drag (The same one they seen earlier): (Roars)

Dark Dragon Darkstorm:(Roars and Drops his Soul Edge Katana) Percival Take my sword, It is a sacred Soul Blade (Removes his Crucifix and turns unholy)

SpongeBob: (Grabs Darkstorm's Sword) Let's go

Jack: Let's make a Barrier

(So The Knights of the Round Table, The Piraka Knights & SpongeBob heads out to 10 Different Places)

Part 23B: With Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot: (Notices a Big Stone) There it is (Places his Sword on the Stone) I hope the others make it in time

Part 23C: With Sir Gawain

Sir Gawain: (Notices a Big Stone) I found it, for Camalot (places his Dual swords on the Stone) Good luck to others, I hope you make it

Part 23D: With Sir Percival

Sir Percival: (Notices a Stone) Aha, I found it, at last (places her sword on the Stone) I've done it. Spongebob, good luck

Part 23E: With Sir Norik

Sir Norik: (Places his Sword on the Stone) Done

Part 23F: With Sir Gaaki

Sir Gaaki: (Places his Sword on the Stone) Done it

Part 23G: With Sir Pouks

Sir Pouks: (Places his Sword on the Stone) Got it

Part 23H: With Sir Kualus

Sir Kualus: (Places his Sword on the Stone) I sence, I've placed it mine

Part 23I: With Sir Iruini

Sir Iruini: (Places his Sword on the Stone) Phew

Part 23J: With Sir Bomonga

Sir Bomonga: (Places his Sword on the Stone) I got it in the Stone

Part 23K: With SpongeBob

SpongeBob: There it is (Places Darkstorm's & His sword on the Stone) Done & Done

Soul edge Katana's Eye opens and shoots a gold beam towards Darkstorm

Part 23L: Back with the Others

SpongeBob: Guys, we've done it

(10 Sacred Swords makes a Barrier out of Energy)

Owen: Is it over?

Planktonimor: A barrier, eh? I can-eth fix that. (Conjures a Dark Spell) Coreja, torga, zeeza atoga, ABOLGA! (Uses his Dark Magic to drain his Dark Knights of the Underworld & into his own, making him grow larger & larger up to 100FT turning into Evil Giant Dark King Planktonimor who is skin turn from Green to Purple/Black, his eye is now Fully Red, grows 4 Strong Arms to make 6 Strong arms & strong Legs & his King Clothes are Black/Purple & has a Blue Firery Aura around him)

Nimue: Oh no! The Barrier is too weak!

Evil Giant Dark King Planktonimor: Yes! The Power, the Absaloute Power!

Owen: I'm thinking that's a no

EGDK Planktonimor: (Swats Darkstorm away) I'm stronger than any evil being from the Underworld

SpongeBob: Planktonimor! (hears Screaming from the 3 Witches) The 3 Witches. I must fulfill the prophecy Darkstorm, while you help Patrick, the royal doophus & the Others

Squidly: That be royal fool.

SpongeBob: (running up the stairs followed by the rest of the group) Hang on Witch of Dark, Water & Light, we're coming to resuce you & Resuce Camalot (panting) Freedom is at hand (panting) We’re a-comin. Almost there. Oh, dear Neptune

(Meanwhile on the Top Floor)

EGDK Planktonimor: (Evil chuckles) Soon the Witches' Powers will be Mine, mine, Mine!

Witch of Dark: You'll never get away with this Planktonimor

EGDK Planktonimor: Oh I will, when I take over Camalot, I'll make the Citizens my Slaves FOREVER!

(Just then our Heroes have arrived)

SpongeBob: (panting out of breath) Unhand them, you fiend!!

Witch of Dark: It's the Chosen Ones from the Other World

SpongeBob: We’re here to rescue you, Witches. Whew! Can I get a glass of water?

EGDK Planktonimor: Sparkling or regular? Sike it!

SpongeBob: (gasps) You truly are the nastiest wizard in all of Camalot. Prepare to be vanquished !

EGDK Planktonimor: Bring it oneth, nave.

Part 24: The Final Battle: Spongebob vs Planktonimor

Unholy Darkstorm:(Enhances the Barrier

Lady Jewel: (Points to Rocko) Your sword, It has a strong power. A very strong power.

Unholy Darkstorm:(Roars)

EGDK Darkstorm: (Swats Darkstorm away with his Giant Swords)

Unholy Darkstorm:(Seams to get stronger for every strike)

EGDK Planktonimor: (Drains Darkstorm's Power) Never mess with Evil Giant Dark King Planktonimor!

Duncan: They got Darkstorm!

Unholy Darkstorm: My Unholy power is unstable for those who try to take it

(Spongebob100: Excuse me, but SpongeBob the Hedgehog is the TRUE Chosen one, not Darkstorm)

Lady Jewel: Sir Rocko, give your Golden sword to Sir Spongebob. It has the power.

Sir Lancelot: We must give our Sacred Swords to SpongeBob, he's the True Chosen One

Sir Gawain: Right

Sir Percival: To Camalot !

Piraka Knights: To Camalot!

Rocko: (Gives his sword to Spongebob)

SpongeBob: Huh, but why Rocko?

Patrick: Don't you mean us

All: (Gave SpongeBob their Swords to him)

Good King Arthur: Here take mine as well (gives SpongeBob Excalibur)

SpongeBob: Thanks

Rocko: With all of our swords, you can defeat Planktonimor.

SpongeBob: Ok (Notices Darkstorm is in big Trouble) Darkstorm is in big trouble

Dragon: (Roars)

Soul Edge Katana:(Wedges itself free of the Stone and flies toward Darkstorm)

SpongeBob: Darkstorm, wait, I think the Soul Edge Katana is trying to tell me something

Soul Edge Katana: Strike Darkstorms Chest It will Knock him out

SpongeBob: Ok, alright. Here I Go! (Strikes Darkstorm's Chest, knocking him out)

EGDK Darkstorm: What the?!

Patrick: Yeah. Hey, can we eat those krabby patties now?

SpongeBob: Sure, buddy.

(SpongeBob takes the patties out)

Patrick: Yay! (dragon takes the krabby patty, sniffs it, and eats it) Hey!

SpongeBob: Patrick look! He’s eating the krabby patties.

Owen & Patrick: Huh? No! No! No-o-o! The horror. The horror.

SpongeBob: No, Patrick & Owen, it’s a good thing.

Patrick: It is?

Sir Gawain: Wait a minute, he?

Knights of the Round Table & Piraka Knights: The Dragon Likes the Krabby Patty?!

SpongeBob: Sure it is. Just listen to him purr. He loves that krabby patty.

Ezekiel: Now that something you don't see everyday eh?

SpongeBob: You Free the Witches I'll handle Planktonimor (as he does that, the Others free the Witches)

Witch of Dark: We're free!

SpongeBob: That was fast

Rocko: I think that dragon is a she.

Mistriss Fulicia:(Stabs Anthronite in the Stone)

SpongeBob: Huh?

Dragon: (Turns into her WolfBat form)

SpongeBob: Who are you?

Witch of Dark: WolfBat!

Sir Grin:Sandstorm!!!!

WolfBat: Thank you for the snack, but i must go.

Squidward: Excuse me, but Darkstorm is in big Trouble for Crying out loud!

SpongeBob: Oh right (Clears throat) By the powers of light, we'll defeat Planktonimor together...AS A TEAM! (Golden Aura surrounds Spongebob & Golden Armor starts appearing out of nowhere & starts attaching onto Spongebob & all of the Sacred Swords are combined into 1 making a Large Golden Sword & Spongebob transforms into Excalibur-Spongebob)


EGDK Planktonimor: (Gasps) No it can't be!

Nimue: It's the Power of Excalibur

WolfBat: Hmph..

Good King Arthur: He's just like Sonic

Patrick: Yeah, only Yellow

Excalibur-SpongeBob: Alright, Planktonimor prepare to be vanquish by the power of Light!

EGDK Planktonimor: Bring in oneth, knave

Excalibur-SpongeBob: (Slashes EGDK Planktonimor with his Large Golden Sword)

EGDK Planktonimor: (Got hit really badly) AHHHHHHHH! What power, the power of light is too powerful

Nimue: The Prophercy has been fufilled

Excalibur-SpongeBob: It's time for you Planktonimor to dissapear! (Charges at EGDK Planktonimor) FEEL THE POWER OF LIGHT ! (Slashes EGDK Planktonimor super hard)

EGDK Planktonimor: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! BUT HOW? HOW? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (his dark form Explodes)


(Planktonimor is been turned back to normal & he's been black covered)

Planktonimor: Curses, you win

D.A.K Darkstorm: Not yet, I need to remove all of Planktonimors Dark Abilities

Excalibur-SpongeBob: But who will do that?

Patricia: Yeah, who?

WolfBat: I will use all my powers to remove them. .... Even if it does kill me.

D.A.K Darkstorm:(Holds out his hand toward Planktonimor and his hand glows black)

Kimilot: Umm..?!

Patra: Hm?

Excalibur-SpongeBob: Excuse me, but what are you doing Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:(Removes all of Planktonimors Dark Abilities causing his Dark Angel Knight to Shatter)

Excalibur-SpongeBob: Now Planktonimor's Powers are gone, it's time to head back to the castle (Turns back to normal)

Good King Arthur: You've done well, Sir SpongeBob, Knight of the Water, You'll be King Krabs' & my Bodyguard for all of Camalot

Sir Gawain: You mean, he...

All (except SpongeBob & Good King Arthur): He's the True Bodyguard of King Krabs & King Arthur?!

SpongeBob: Me? I guess this calls for a Celebration before we can go home

Jack: Your right, maybe it is time for a Celebration

SpongeBob: To Camalot ! (raises his Sword up high)

All: (Raises their Swords up high) To Camalot !

(Nimue watched in happiness)

Nimue: Thank you, Sir SpongeBob, you & your friends have saved Camalot

SpongeBob: Your welcome

(At King Krabs' Castle)

Squidly: (everyone is at a celebration) Make way. Thy king’s heroes cometh through. (Sings) "Hark! Ring the bell Tis all ended well The dragon is vanquished The princess returned And only a few of us got badly burned!"

King Krabs: Order up! (flips burger so dragon catches it and eats it) Hmmm, I doth wonder if I could sell these, uhh, krabby patties. (laughs)

SpongeBob: Well I guess it's time to go

MerEdd: Thanks for all your help

MerEd: Without your help, Planktonimor would capture all of us

MerEddy: Well, thanks

SpongeBob: Glad that we can help

Patricia: (makes a portal with her Magic) Come on, let's go home

(Jack, Blaze THC, Darkstorm, Patricia & Our Crossover Heroes enters through the Portal back home)


(Our Heroes have fallen out of the Portal & crashed to the Ground)

Eddy: Ow!

Edd: That hurt

Ed: Ed is scratched

Amy: (Appears) Are you guys ok? What happen?

SpongeBob: Well we're in the world of King Arthur and...

Amy: Oh boy, Sonic already told me his lamest excuse ever

Squidward: He did?

Zaktan: Don't tell me, I know, he forget your date

Amy: Yeah & I already told you, it's just in your Imagination

Reidak: Well how do you like that? First we've end up in Medieval & got back home & what do we get? Amy still didn't believe that Medieval Story

Owen: Oh well, that was some dream huh guys?

Spongebob: Yeah it sure is right Patrick? Patrick?

Patrick: Try telling that to Squidly. [Patrick squished Squidly into an accordion]

(Meanwhile a stranger watches them form a magic Orb, but disappears in a flash of light. This stranger was NiGHTs)

The End

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