The New Game

Jabok The Echidna!


After a few months Sonic and his friends were captured by Eggman and locked up in prison, luckily, Jabok The Echinda was not captured by Eggman because he hid behind a bush, Jabok now has to go save Sonic and his friends, with the help of his friends, Desly The Flying Hedgehog and Spikes The Fox, Jabok can save Sonic and his friends, but Eggman has a new helper called Mr. Metal, Jabok must defeat Mr. Metal and save the world!

Characters / Playables

1. Jabok

2. Desly

3. Spikes

4. Power Jabok (when collecting all 7 Fire Emeralds and having 50 rings to transform)

5. Sonic (when you finish the game)

6. Tails (when you finish the game)

7. Knuckles (when you finish the game)

8. Super Sonic (after getting the real good ending and having 50 rings to transform)


1. Green Grounds Zone

2. Chememical Castle Zone

3. Space Speedway Zone

4. Iced Iceland Zone

5. Deadly Desert Zone

6. Fire Fortress Zone

7. Metallic Mech Zone

8. Prison Zone


1. Green Metal Mech

2. Chemical Robot

3. Space Speed Bot

4. Iced Ice Mech

5. Deadly Desertly Mech

6. Fire Flight Mech

7. Metal Sonic (race)

8. Metal Sonic (battle + race)

9. Eggman and Mr. Metal (Death Egg Mech with new attacks)

Special Stages

The Specail Stages are 3D like Sonic CD and you have to run around the whole course getting all of the rings, but each Specail Stage has a different amount of rings to collect, for example: Specail Stage 1: Collect 20 rings (get all 20 and you get extra time to collect the next amount of rings, your ring counter also goes to zero by that time) then collect 30 and last collect 35 rings.

Fire Emeralds

Instead of Jabok collecting the Chaos Emeralds, he collects the Fire Emeralds to transform into Power Jabok, Power Jabok has a red sheild around him that can kill any enemy he hits (same as Super Sonic) and can shoot fire balls by getting a 5-10-15 enemy hit combo he also can fly by using the Fire Power weapon.

Dead Echidna

If you get a game over, Jabok falls on the ground and gets damaged and Eggman and Mr. Metal succeed in the plan to rule the world.

Heated Battle

After beating Death Egg Mech again, Metal Sonic comes and transforms into Super Metal Sonic (not mentioned in Bosses list) and you transform into Power Jabok (only when you have all 7 Fire Emeralds) and heat up the battle in space.

Great Heroes

After completing the game, you can play it again as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles through Jabok's levels and fight Eggman instead of Mr. Metal.

Team Power

When you team up together (only when you finish the game as Sonic) you can do many things! Sonic will be with Jabok, Tails will be with Desly and Knuckles will be with Spikes.

Awsome Ending

Clearing the whole game 100% will ensure a real good ending unlike the bad one where they do not give up, in the real good ending Sonic and Jabok destroy Mr. Metal (since he is made out of metal) Eggman runs and forgets the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic grabs them, and next you can play as Super Sonic if you have 50 rings.

Normal Ending

If you get the good ending you can play as team Sonic but you cannot play as Super Sonic yet so get the real good ending.

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