Jabez is a brown hedgehog that seems physically fit and is at the average height and weight for a young man. He has his quills styled similar to Shadow's, only the top two are angled identical to a triangle. He has brown bangs that hang over his right eye. He has bright blue eyes.

His attire consist of a plain, white, baggy T- shirt. He wears ratty blue jeans that are too long. His shoes are grey and white striped, and wears black socks. The soul of his shoes are a dark grey.


Jabez has not made many appearances, usually just from Anaxarete's flashbacks, but this is what we could gather. Jabez is a self sacrificing, lovable young man. He is shown to rarely get angry, and is all in all a level headed hedgehog, cool as an ice cube.

He is very charming and to hedgehog standards was very handsome. He was also visibly well in health, and was physically fit to wear he had muscular tones, which shows that he cares about his body. He is also highly intelligent and is very witty.


Jabez' early history is unclear. Anaxarete hinted that he lived in Station Square for most of his life, but at a young age decided that the city life wasn't for him and moved into Sapphira's kingdom. As of how he became a joirnalist or why is unknown, and even Anaxarete seems to not truely know.

How he met Anaxarete is known and the history after that. He had met Anaxarete during his paper route (he was the paper boy and the journalist) when he nearly hit her with his bike. It was as some may say "love at first sight", and they became a loving couple.

Eventually, Anaxarete became pregnant and he became excited to met his son. After Damon was born, the family was soon torn apart and became dysfunctiona. Jabez had been drafted into doing military service, and did not complain, stating that he was willing to serve the Royals if they so pleased, but he wasn't naïve enough to believe that he would come back. Eventually, he was killed in action (it was implied that he was blown by a grenade, and then bleed to death), and left his young wife widowed, and unintentionally drove her to madnes.


The only powers that Jabez seems to possess is some telekinetic abilities, though it was never thoroughly describe, other than he can lift up objects and some people. Other than that, Jabez was a normal youthful man.


Jabez doesn't seem to possess any abilities that mean anything. We can rightly assume that he is able to smell better than average, but that is it.


Being trained in the Army gave him some new skills. He is able to preforn hand to hand combat and was reportedly a good shot, meaning that he can shoot a gun fairly well. He also can preform basic hedgehog maneuvers like the Spindash.


Jabez' character was killed off, so he was unable to fully develop a real personality, let alone weaknesses, though it is implied that he was a bit of a thrill seeker, so he may have gotten into trouble because of that.

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